Clinical and Radiation Oncology

The Department of Clinical and Radiation Oncology offers state-of-the-art services and highly-skilled medical care from a team of radiation oncologists, medical physicists, qualified nurses and radiation therapists, all working together to ensure the most effective treatment to destroy cancer cells at the same time using new technologies aiming to protect the surrounding healthy tissues.

Facilities & Services

SKMCH&RC’s team of Consultant Radiation Oncologists treat various types of cancers according to subspecialties such as head and neck, brain, prostate, lung breast, and gynaecological cancers. They are also well-equipped to provide brachytherapy services, a form of radiation therapy that involves placing radioactive material inside the body. These highly-qualified health care professionals bring cutting-edge technology from across the world and innovative research and treatment methods to the people of Pakistan. Several research articles from this department have been published and presented in the internationally-acclaimed medical journals and conferences.

A team of medical physicists and dosimetrists, who is a member of the clinical and radiation oncology team that has the knowledge to generate radiation doses, works closely with our Consultant Radiation Oncologists to optimise each individual treatment plan. Radiation fields and dose calculations are customised specifically for the type and extent of the disease under treatment. The strict weekly, monthly and annual quality control procedures are administered with the latest technology and equipment to ensure the safe delivery of radiation therapy.

Available Treatments

External Beam Radiation Therapy

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy and Conformal Radiation Therapy: The Department of Clinical and Radiation Oncology uses Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy or IMRT because it is the most precise and advanced method of external beam radiation therapy available today. It delivers doses of radiation with different intensity levels within 2mm square segments, which optimises the radiation dose to the irregularly shaped tumours while minimising the dose to surrounding structures, further reducing side effects. The smart beam IMRT method utilises the most up-to date Varian 120-Multileaf Linear Accelerator. The Department of Clinical and Radiation Oncology also utilises the Eclipse 3D Computer Planning System. During the treatment planning process, a series of CAT scan images are transferred into a computer to create a 3D image of the tumour. Various radiation beam approaches are then visualised so that the best plan, which targets the tumour with the highest dose of radiation, may be selected while sparing healthy tissue. The patient is not required to be present during the planning process, saving the patient’s time. The best chosen treatment plan is then selected and mapped out on the patient using a CT Simulator to treat various tumours, lymphomas and sarcomas.

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy: Image-guided radiation therapy or IGRT allows the Radiation Oncologist to adjust the radiation beam to target a tumour. This accuracy allows higher doses of radiation to be delivered safely.


Brachytherapy (Internal Radiotherapy): Radioactive seeds are carefully placed inside cancerous tissue and positioned to attack the cancer most efficiently. A brachytherapy is an outpatient procedure that is effective in treating oesophagus, lung, gynaecologic, and breast cancers, among some others. SKMCH&RC is the only 3D HIGH DOSE RATE brachytherapy provider in Pakistan.

Awards, Certifications & Affiliations

The Department of Clinical and Radiation Oncology at SKMCH&RC is recognized by the CPSP for FCPS II training.

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