Inpatient Dispensary



Inpatient pharmacy in SKMH&RC provides medications and compounding services to in-house patients of the Hospital around the clock through the unit dose system supply. Pharmacy technicians and pharmacy assistants aid in the delivery of pharmaceutical care under the direct supervision of a pharmacist. Pharmacy staff coordinates the storage, preparation and distribution of all medications, including sterile products (antibiotics and cytotoxic drugs) and ensure full compliance with international standards of practice.

SKMCH&RC, Karachi will have the provision of an Inpatient Dispensary in the Pharmacy (similar to the ones at SKMCH&RC, Lahore, photographs of which are shown above).


  • Fixation of a lifetime dedication plaque outside of the designated Inpatient Dispensary at SKMCH&RC, Karachi
  • Placement of the name of Donor on the Founding Donor Monument to be built at SKMCH&RC, Karachi

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