Online Qurbani 2020: Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Why should I choose Shaukat Khanum Online Qurbani service?

Ans. During the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you can stay safe and let Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre take care of your Qurbani for you. We are providing easy, hassle-free, safe, healthy, and economical Online Qurbani services in line with our efforts to facilitate our donors and supporters across the world.

When you select Shaukat Khanum Online Qurbani service, you will be sharing the happiness of Eid ul Azha with those who cannot afford it. Meat from the Qurbani will be distributed amongst the needy in different parts of the country while all proceeds from the sale of animal hides will be utilised to support the treatment of deserving cancer patients at Shaukat Khanum Hospitals.

Q. What is the selection process for Qurbani animals?

Ans. We have selected automated slaughter houses that will provide healthy goats and cows while ensuring that the slaughtering services are rendered in a hygienic manner and in accordance with the Islamic injunctions.

Q. Will I get the Qurbani meat?

Ans. We do not offer meat to donors as the entire Qurbani meat is distributed amongst the poor and needy in different parts of Pakistan.

Q. How much meat is distributed to one deserving family?

Ans. Each deserving family receives between 6 to 8 kg of Qurbani meat.

Q. How can I book Qurbani orders from my city?

Ans. You can follow the link to book a Qurbani order from anywhere in the world:

Q. Can I use direct bank transfer option to place the Qurbani order?

Ans. Due to the time-sensitive nature of Qurbani, we offer limited funds transfer modes for booking Qurbani orders. Follow the link to see if direct funds transfer option is available in your country:

Q. Where should I contact if I have any issues while placing Qurbani order?

Ans. For any online Qurbani related queries, you can write to us at or call at 0800 11 555 (Pakistan) and we will resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Q. Do you offer Aqeeqah or Sadqa Qurbani services as well?

Ans. We offer Qurbani services only for Eid ul-Azha and not for any other occasion.