Pledge for Shaukat Khanum Hospital Karachi

Play your part in building Shaukat Khanum Hospital Karachi by donating any amount of your choice as Sadqa-e-Jariah every month. Your continued support will allow us to make Pakistan’s third and biggest Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Karachi a reality.

You can also avail the option of brick donation to make a lasting impact on the lives of cancer patients. Let every brick you lay be a ray of hope for the people of Karachi and beyond.

Donate Bricks of Hope (Rs.100 each)

50 Bricks for Rs.5,000 | 100 Bricks for Rs.10,000 | 500 Bricks for Rs.50,000 | 1,000 Bricks for Rs.100,000 |
10,000 Bricks for Rs.1,000,000

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