Inpatient Room

In Patient


At SKMCH&RC, our team of doctors, nurses and supportive services strive to provide the best possible care for the patients admitted at the Inpatient. The Inpatient is attended by treating doctors comprising Oncologists, Residents and Fellows, who are assisted by highly trained Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, and Unit Coordinators for ensuring quality care for the admitted patients rounds the clock.

Each inpatient room is furnished with two patient beds reflecting Hospital’s commitment for dispensing equal treatment for all irrespective of patients’ financial backgrounds. The inpatient room also houses two couches, one each the respective attendants, in addition to two TV screens and a washroom. Each patient bed is provided with all basic arrangements such as provision of oxygen and necessary life support equipment in case of emergency.

SKMCH&RC, Karachi will have the provision of 175 Inpatient Rooms (similar to the ones at SKMCH&RC, Lahore, photographs of which are shown above).


  • Fixation of a lifetime dedication plaque outside the Inpatient Room at SKMCH&RC, Karachi
  • Placement of the name of Donor on the Founding Donor Monument to be built at SKMCH&RC, Karachi

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