Nurse Manager Room

In Patient


The Nursing Staff acts as the backbone of the Inpatient and aims to provide holistic care round the clock for the admitted patients. The Nursing Staff of the Inpatient is supervised by a Nursing Manager, one for the morning shift and one for the evening and night shifts.  The Nurse Manager Room is located close to the Nursing Station of the Inpatient and represents a dedicated space for the Inpatient Nursing Manager who acts as a guide and is responsible for both the clinical and administrative aspects of the nursing staff.

SKMCH&RC, Karachi will have the provision of 1 Nurse Manager Rooms (similar to the ones at SKMCH&RC, Lahore, photographs of which are shown above).


  • Fixation of a lifetime dedication plaque outside the Nurse Manager Room at SKMCH&RC, Karachi
  • Placement of the name of Donor on the Founding Donor Monument to be built at SKMCH&RC, Karachi

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