Operation Theatre

Surgery - In Patient


Surgery plays an important part in the treatment of cancers that are resectable. It is often performed in conjunction with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. All surgical procedures are performed in the Operation Theatres. SKMCH&RC in Karachi will have a sophisticated surgery department with the provision of 16 Operation Theatres. Four of the Operating Rooms will be for Day-cases while the others will be used for all other surgeries. Each Operation Theatre (similar to the ones at SKMCH&RC, Lahore, photographs of which are shown above) will be equiped with state-of-the-art medical equipment including Operating Tables, OR Lights with HD Cameras, Anaesthesia Machines, Ventilators and other monitoring equipment.


  • Fixation of a lifetime dedication plaque outside Operation Theatre Unit at SKMCH&RC, Karachi
  • Placement of the name of Donor on the Founding Donor Monument to be built at SKMCH&RC, Karachi
  • An exclusive ceremony inaugurating the sponsored Operation Theatre Room at SKMCH&RC, Karachi. The ceremony will be attended by officials of SKMCH&RC and the Donor family

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