World Blood Donor Day 2020

‘Donating blood at Shaukat Khanum Hospital is safe.’ – Dr. Asad Hayat Ahmad (Consultant Pathologist, SKMCH&RC)

In our country there are many common excuses for not giving blood, and also many misconceptions about eligibility requirements and side effects of blood donation. All healthy men and women between 18 and 65 years of age can donate blood. Every adult human body contains 10 to 12 pints of blood. Whereas, every donor can donate only 500 ml blood at one time with a time interval of at least four months.

Dr. Asad Hayat Ahmad (Consultant Pathologist, SKMCH&RC) said that “since the spread of coronavirus in the country, a major decline has been seen in blood donations. Many hospitals and health care associations called people to come forward and donate, but due to the lockdown conditions and a fear of exposure to the COVID-19, the situation is still not good.  Blood transfusion is a safe process with no pain other than a needle pinch. Although blood donor has no risk of infections but it is recommended that the process of blood transfusion or donation shall be held under supervision of experienced doctors by trained staff. This is what we do at SKMCH&RC.”

Talking about the process of blood donation at SKMCH&RC, Dr. Asad said that “amidst COVID-19 pandemic we have set high infection control and safety protocol to ensure safety of donors. Our trained staff use required PPE while interacting with the donors. All activities related to blood collection, testing, processing, storage and distribution is coordinated through effective organization and integrated blood supply. SKMCH&RC blood system is governed by PBTA to promote uniform implementation of standards and consistency in the quality and safety of blood and blood products. Donating blood is safer today than it has ever been before. SKHMCH&RC follows five layers of safety procedures i.e. careful donor eligibility standards, Individual screening process, laboratory testing of all blood samples, confidential exclusion ineligible donors and donor record checks.”

Talking about the need of blood transfusion he told that “it occurs in case of surgery, injury or diseases. Patients of cancer, anemia, thalassemia and stomach ulcer usually need blood during their treatment. At SKMCH&RC there is a requirement of 50 to 60 pints of blood on a daily basis routine. To fulfill this requirement, the Hospital has created a blood collection mechanism through camps at different colleges, universities and corporate organizations.  These blood collection camps are organized on a weekly basis, under supervision of qualified doctors with the help of trained staff. At every camp, the Hospital makes sure of the presence of a pathologist and a doctor. A uniqueness of SKMCH&RC blood collection camps is providing free blood tests facility to donor. These tests includes, blood grouping, CBC, LFT’s, HIV, malaria and Hepatitis B&C. All blood donors are provided with appreciation certificate and reports of test within one week of donation.” “A blood donation camp will be organized on Sunday 14th June at Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Lahore. I request everyone, especially youngsters to come and donate blood to save lives of cancer patients” he added.

It is very important to donate blood to a cancer hospital like Shaukat Khanum Hospital. You can save lives of needy cancer patients which is Sadqa-e-Jariya. Today, even in this age of information, there is lack of awareness about this issue and it is the need of the time to spread awareness about blood donation at not only individual but collective at institutional and government level. On this World Blood Donor day let’s make a pledge to donate blood and to create awareness to end taboos related to this noble act of humanity.



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