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The Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassador Programme offer a great opportunity for students to represent the mission of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC) in their respective colleges or institutes located all across the world. The Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassadors act as a liaison between the Hospital and their educational institutes and get hands-on marketing experience to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills.

Students currently enrolled in a recognised college/institute from all across the world are eligible to apply.

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  • If you are unable to submit the online application form successfully, please email us your query at
  • Please submit your complete applications for the year 2024 by Sunday, December 10, 2023.

Guidelines for Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassador Program

  • High school students (overseas) or Students of 11th Grade and above (within Pakistan), currently enrolled in a recognised college/institute are eligible to apply.
  • The applicants must have a good record of academics and extracurricular activities.
  • They must have at least one affiliation/membership with a club or a society in their respective institutes.
  • The applicants are required to submit the Application Form for review and shortlisting.
  • The Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassadors will be selected for a period of one year, ending in December.
  • The Ambassadors will be required to connect with us on a monthly basis to help plan events and activities in their respective institutes. Some examples of events and activities other than the promotion of all the marketing and fundraising campaigns include organising a charity day, bake sale, charity sports tournament, cancer awareness walk, and/or any other popular activity in their respective institutes.
  • All promotional material required for organizing any event/activity will be provided by Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust.
  • The Ambassadors are advised not to accept direct donations from public except in the case of fundraising activities endorsed by the Hospital. The Ambassadors should guide the donors to directly submit all the donations to the Hospital via authorised channels as publicised on
  • The Ambassadors will be issued an experience letter at the end of their respective tenures, depending on their performance. They will also earn reward points for every activity (of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre) that they organise and/or participate in. The students earning the maximum reward points will be awarded at the end of the year.
  • SKMCH&RC reserves the right to cancel the appointment of the ambassadors at any time, at its sole discretion.

Local AmbassadorsOverseas Ambassadors

Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassadors for the year 2023

Azeema ZiaFaisalabad
Mushayyad Hussain BasraFaisalabad
Naba AshfaqFaisalabad
Aimen ShanzeyFaisalabad
Muhammad Sarwar HayatFaisalabad
Muhammad Hamza RiazFaisalabad
Qasim MajeedFaisalabad
Usama KhanFaisalabad
Sufyan ArifFaisalabad
Qadeer NazirFaisalabad
Zainab KhalidFaisalabad
Syed Najaf Hasan NaqviFaisalabad
Sarosha RashidFaisalabad
Ghania AbidFaisalabad
Laiba SonalFaisalabad
Tahira Ansar SanamFaisalabad
M Moiz AbdullahFaisalabad
Muhammad Abdullah SaadFaisalabad
Ali HassanFaisalabad
Warda SultanFaisalabad
Hafiz tariq AliFaisalabad
Muhammad Junaid AzamFaisalabad
Saman RiazFaisalabad
Muhammad QasimFaisalabad
Abdullah TahirFaisalabad
Amna ShakeelFaisalabad
Muhammad Usama SabirFaisalabad
Eeshma KhawarFaisalabad
Ayesha NoorFaisalabad
Zoya ZahidFaisalabad
Adan FatimaFaisalabad
Talha RiazFaisalabad
Hamza NadeemFaisalabad
Jamshaid IbraheemFaisalabad
Muhammad NawazFaisalabad
Abdul AhadFaisalabad
Muhammad Abu BakarSargodha
Muhammad Muzammil ShahzadSargodha
Najam ul hassanSargodha
Awaiz AkbarSargodha
Maryam SabaSargodha
Wajahat AliIslamabad
Anas AbdullahIslamabad
Hamna Binte WaqarIslamabad
Nidal Falak AminIslamabad
Hafsa AkhtarIslamabad
Zeest TariqIslamabad
Amal Kashif SabeehIslamabad
 Navaira Asrar GillaniIslamabad
Abeeha RizwanIslamabad
Haziq MustafaIslamabad
Fazeel Bin SohailIslamabad
Manahel AzharIslamabad
Madiha IlyasIslamabad
Hashir Ehtesham MalikIslamabad
Atazaz malikIslamabad
Muhammad AwaisIslamabad
Sameera HafeezIslamabad
Ahmed Bilal SiddiquiIslamabad
Zain AliIslamabad
Moneeba KhalidIslamabad
Ayesha MuhammadIslamabad
Muhammad Hassan TahirIslamabad
Maryam SultanaIslamabad
Hamza Ali BhattiIslamabad
Komal HussainIslamabad
Sana Ullah BabarIslamabad
Amna abbasiIslamabad
Muhammed BaqirIslamabad
Syed Hassan AftabIslamabad
Laiba AsifIslamabad
Asma SulemanIslamabad
Usama MehboobIslamabad
Musharaf IqbalIslamabad
Mehreen AkmalIslamabad
Mohommad ali adnanIslamabad
Maryum JehanzebIslamabad
Muzammil IrshadIslamabad
Mirza M MobeenIslamabad
Adam AwanIslamabad
kunal kumarIslamabad
Shameen ZahidIslamabad
Muhammad IbrahimIslamabad
Faryal IhsanIslamabad
Wali RiazIslamabad
Lamia AnwaarIslamabad
Areeba ShaheenIslamabad
Sehrish FatimaIslamabad
Sohaib AhmadIslamabad
Muhammad AhmedIslamabad
Hana Fatima AsadIslamabad
Museera AzmatIslamabad
Shahzaib KhanIslamabad
Dania AmirIslamabad
Umme Aimen KhanIslamabad
Waleed ParachaIslamabad
Alize ShahbazIslamabad
Muhammad Fawad TahirIslamabad
Hasnain MarwatIslamabad
Mariam FarooqiIslamabad
Abubakkar AliIslamabad
Saaram Islam CheemaIslamabad
Muhammad Mustafa AsadIslamabad
Masood ArshadIslamabad
Syed Jarry Abbas NaqviIslamabad
Faiza MushtaqIslamabad
Hira SaeedIslamabad
Maryam SaleemIslamabad
Ayesha ShoaibIslamabad
Aqsa JavedIslamabad
Abu ZarIslamabad
Rubeena RizviIslamabad
Waqas AhmadIslamabad
Muhammad Ahmed UsamaIslamabad
Muhammad Ehsan MustafaIslamabad
Sumra MaqsoodIslamabad
Urwa Faraz MalikLahore
Uswa Atif RanjhaLahore
Soha AliLahore
Maha MasoodLahore
Aaraf Akmal AwanLahore
Rana M. Haseeb Safdar KhanLahore
Mahnoor NosherwanLahore
Ayesha kamran ChaudhryLahore
Fatima altafLahore
Hania FatimaLahore
Muhammad Nouman TariqLahore
Syed Shayan GilaniLahore
Ayesha Khursheed.Lahore
Yasir MirzaLahore
Amenah ZahidLahore
Areeba UmarLahore
Mehreen ShafiqueLahore
Mustafa AliLahore
Safdar AhmedLahore
Muhammad Furqan MughalLahore
Yumna SanaLahore
Aminah KhalidLahore
Hania JabeenLahore
Eman HabibLahore
Afnan JalilLahore
Zohaib SarfrazLahore
Mahnoor imranLahore
Zainab KamranLahore
Asad RazaLahore
Syed Umer Farooq BukhariLahore
Dua noorLahore
Jannat NaveedLahore
Maheen AsimLahore
Ayesha ArshadLahore
Zainab AmjadLahore
Zakkia RehmanLahore
Shukriya NazLahore
Khateeb AsadLahore
Syed Saib NadeemLahore
Izza KhanLahore
Maneeha KhanLahore
Amina MehmoodLahore
Muhammad usaidLahore
Aliha RashidLahore
Inshra RashidLahore
Iqra FasihLahore
Ayesha KhanLahore
Laiba SohailLahore
Muhammad Khizar RazaLahore
Muhammad Ahmad KhanLahore
Yasir Zahid MirzaLahore
Ahsan UllahLahore
Warda ManzoorLahore
Muhammad Bassam AtharLahore
Hania ImranLahore
Amna ShoukatLahore
Bisma WaseemLahore
Moazzma SohailLahore
Gull FatimaLahore
Maryam EhsanLahore
Ajwa AhmadLahore
Emaz AliLahore
Yumna WaseemLahore
Muhammad Abdullah AwaisLahore
Bilal AhmadLahore
Syed Iqbal HussainLahore
Muhammad Danish HayatLahore
Meerab AbidLahore
Noor Ul Ain FatimaLahore
Moiz khanLahore
Saba IjazLahore
Yusra MahmoodLahore
Muhammad JourigeLahore
Zaha BatoolLahore
Javeria FatimaLahore
Musa Hassan DhariwalLahore
Muhammad Abdul QadeerLahore
Nimra BatoolLahore
Dinah Anil JohnLahore
Maha KhalidLahore
Mahenoor ShamshadLahore
Muhammad Saram RehmanLahore
Aatira Faheem SiddiquiLahore
Mahrukh HashmiLahore
Farwa BatoolLahore
Muhammad Azeem MazharLahore
Malaika MusharafLahore
Zukhruf NafeesLahore
Romaisa AniqLahore
Aroosha HabibLahore
Neha SitwatLahore
Jaisha SohailMultan
Ehsan NasirMultan
Muhammad AwaisMultan
Muhammad Faisal ShafiqMultan
Rameen FatimaMultan
Zeeshan SiddiquiMultan
Marwah AsifMultan
Haleema SadiaMultan
Maria AmanatMultan
Shifa UsmanMultan
Ansha KhadimMultan
Asmat ullahMultan
Ahmad Waleed MasoodMultan
Muhammad UsmanMultan
Abdul Sami MaharMultan
Moazzima KhushnoodMultan
Yusra KhanMultan
Muhammad Anas FareedMultan
Usman QaziMultan
Imran AliMultan
Palwasha GillaniPeshawar
Huraira TariqPeshawar
Sudhair ShahPeshawar
Shahbaz AhmadPeshawar
Sumbal YousafPeshawar
Rohma TalpurPeshawar
Tahir JunaidPeshawar
Sumaira KhanPeshawar
Sardar AliPeshawar
Muhammad ImranPeshawar
Abdul Mannan KhanPeshawar
Maria NadeemPeshawar
Muhammad Hamza NomanPeshawar
Syeda Shabnam MalikPeshawar
Muhammad Umar ZiadPeshawar
Iman KhanPeshawar
Ghazanfar AliPeshawar
Fahim MalakPeshawar
Laiba AzizPeshawar
Wadana QaziPeshawar
Roshan E GoharPeshawar
Sabreen MukamilPeshawar
Zaynah Khan KhattakPeshawar
Aman Amin Ud DinPeshawar
Zarlina AyubPeshawar
Iman Haleema FarooqPeshawar
Hamna Naseem TanoliPeshawar
Malalay SulemanPeshawar
Mohammad MominPeshawar
Muhammad Rohaan BasitPeshawar
Zaid Salman WadudPeshawar
Mohammad HassaanPeshawar
Muhammad AbdullahPeshawar
Gul GhootayPeshawar
Sajid IqbalPeshawar
Javeria HabibPeshawar
Sahibzada Muhammad UkashaPeshawar
Akif UllahPeshawar
Aiman SiddiquePeshawar
Samreen KhanPeshawar
Khalid NawazPeshawar
Hassaan AhmadPeshawar
Hafsa FairozPeshawar
Aizaz Ullah KhanPeshawar
Ubaid UllahPeshawar
Muhammad IhteshamPeshawar
Salman NaeemPeshawar
Farzeen SaleemPeshawar
Shaheer AlamPeshawar
Mujtaba kamalPeshawar
Muhammad Mansoor KhanPeshawar
Afrasiab ShahidPeshawar
Azlaan ZareefPeshawar
Abdul AhadPeshawar
Hadia QureshiPeshawar
Leeza HamayoonPeshawar
Eisha KhattakPeshawar
Aqsa RasheedPeshawar
Ayesha Zubair DurraniPeshawar
Pashmeena FaridPeshawar
Muhammad Mansoor KhanPeshawar
Muhammad Suleman KhanPeshawar
Muhammad Sheheryaar HamayoonPeshawar
Hafiz Adnan ShahPeshawar
Khayam AhmadPeshawar
Asra AyubPeshawar
Omishka GulPeshawar
Shah FahadPeshawar
Waqas AhmadPeshawar
Muhammad MubashirPeshawar
Hashir AhmedPeshawar
Romaisa MalikPeshawar
Mashaal AhmedPeshawar
Hooria binte HusnainPeshawar
Lalain JehangirPeshawar
Ahmed AzizPeshawar
Usman MirPeshawar
Babar KhattakPeshawar
Fahmeeda HakimPeshawar
Muhammad OsamaPeshawar
Shaukat AliPeshawar
Saifullah KhalidPeshawar
Muhammad JamilPeshawar
Haider AliPeshawar
Muhammad ZeeshanPeshawar
Farhat Ullah BabarPeshawar
Umer AzizPeshawar
Fareeda FalakPeshawar
Muhammad Asim KhanPeshawar
Malghalera BaberPeshawar
Qazi Muhammad Abdul SattarPeshawar
Sajjad KhanPeshawar
Imran UllahPeshawar
Abdul GhafoorPeshawar
Abd Ur RaufPeshawar
Muhammad ShehryarPeshawar
Manahil RawanPeshawar
Humna AzizPeshawar
Junaid AhmadPeshawar
Wania JamilSialkot
Iqra Javed QureshiSialkot
Nida RafiqueSialkot
Arzoo KhanSialkot
Ayesha AyazSialkot
Aima ButtSialkot
zoob aliSialkot
Muniba KomalSialkot
Sheza mobeenSialkot
Atika SohailSialkot
Tirzah Sumbal ShahzadSialkot
Masooma FatimaSialkot
Hina ShanzaySialkot
Eman FatimaSialkot
Tayyaba KainatSialkot
Iman SaleemSialkot
Aamina NaeemSialkot
Zainab MalikSialkot
Bareera AwanSialkot
Laiba KomalSialkot
Ramsha AfzalSialkot
Aleena ButtSialkot
Ahmed DarSialkot
Ibrahim NawazSialkot
Abdul Rub TahirSialkot
Muhammad UsamaSialkot
M.Tayyab IjazSialkot
Zakria SiddiqSialkot
Syed SaadSialkot
Dawood ChoudharySialkot
Raja Shahamad TanveerSialkot
M SalmanSialkot
Abeer AnsariKarachi
Abeer FatimaKarachi
Abeer NaqviKarachi
Ahmed MurtazaKarachi
Aimen ZafarKarachi
Ajeet VasdaniKarachi
Ali AtifKarachi
Alina IrfanKarachi
Alisha Zehra ZaidiKarachi
Alizey FatimaKarachi
Amama BilalKarachi
Amna YousufKarachi
Amna ZaheerKarachi
Anmol MotwaniKarachi
Anoosha AimanKarachi
Anoushey Osama KapadiaKarachi
Aoun AliKarachi
Aqsa Abdullah KhanKarachi
Aqsa MurtazaKarachi
Aqsa RoshanKarachi
Arfa khanKarachi
Arfa KhanKarachi
Arisha FatimaKarachi
Armeen EimanKarachi
Aroma IjazKarachi
Aroosa RoshanKarachi
Arshfa NaeemKarachi
Arun KumarKarachi
Asil BudhwaniKarachi
Aswab KhowajaKarachi
Awais ZafarKarachi
Ayesha AsifKarachi
Ayesha ChaudhryKarachi
Ayesha Jawed AdvaniKarachi
Azwa AmjadKarachi
Bakhtawar RasoolKarachi
Bareera KhanKarachi
Bina SiddiquiKarachi
Burhanuddin MilwalaKarachi
Daniyah Zehra HussainKarachi
Divya LakshmiKarachi
Doa RazzaqKarachi
Dur-e-Shahwar TariqKarachi
Faheela dossaniKarachi
Faiza AshfaqueKarachi
Fatima BaigKarachi
Fatima BatoolKarachi
Fatima Jawed AdvaniKarachi
Fatima Nadeem AkhtarKarachi
Filza AarzoKarachi
Fizza NazKarachi
Ghulam Abbas ThahimKarachi
Haadia WaheedKarachi
Haadya KhanKarachi
Hafsa KhanamKarachi
Hafsa WaheedKarachi
Haniah MahboobKarachi
Hassan NaeemKarachi
Hira KhalidKarachi
Huda RaufKarachi
Huzaifa W. JaffraniKarachi
Ibrahim Kamran MemonKarachi
Insia HanifKarachi
Iqra Alamgir KhanKarachi
Iqra FaheemKarachi
Khalid ImranKarachi
Kinza kazmiKarachi
Kiran Fashar SamarKarachi
Kissa BatoolKarachi
Komal FatimaKarachi
M. Hamza ShahidKarachi
Maham FarhadKarachi
Maham IqbalKarachi
Maham TalhaKarachi
Mahavash NadeemKarachi
Maheen hussainKarachi
Mahnoor Osama KapadiaKarachi
Mahrukh AshfaqKarachi
Mahum FarooqKarachi
Maira NaseemKarachi
Mariam Ata ur RehmanKarachi
Marium JavaidKarachi
Mazhar Ali KhanKarachi
Mehak FaisalKarachi
Mehtab HussainKarachi
Memoona irfanKarachi
Mir Mehak AliKarachi
Mohammad Farzam GhouriKarachi
Mohammad HuzaifaKarachi
Moiz IslamKarachi
Moiz MinhasKarachi
Muhammad Ajlal SaleemKarachi
Muhammad AmmarKarachi
Muhammad AsharKarachi
Muhammad Daniyal Uddin HashmiKarachi
Muhammad Farrukh TajKarachi
Muhammad Farukh Ayyub AbbasiKarachi
Muhammad Rashid EjazKarachi
Muhammad Shuraim CholaKarachi
Muhammad Zulqarnain KhanKarachi
Musfirah SaleemKarachi
Muskan RaoKarachi
Nabeel Ahmed SiddiquiKarachi
Najiha JavedKarachi
Namra NaseerKarachi
Naveera TabassumKarachi
Neesha Fatima AkhterKarachi
Nisha NoorKarachi
Noman AhmedKarachi
Omar AdnanKarachi
Payal kumariKarachi
Qamar Ud DinKarachi
Rabia JavedKarachi
Rahmah Ashar SakraniKarachi
Rejaa AhmedKarachi
Rija Batool HashmiKarachi
Roshaan khanKarachi
Sabeen NadeemKarachi
Saif UllahKarachi
Salaar AhmedKarachi
Sana KhanKarachi
Sarim Bin FarooqKarachi
Sarim Farid KhanKarachi
Sawera SohuKarachi
Shehmir AhmedKarachi
Simrah SharjeelKarachi
Soha FarooquiKarachi
Suleman RehanKarachi
Sumyah AseemKarachi
Syed Aarij ArifeenKarachi
Syed Ali Hasnain RizviKarachi
Syed Muhammad Abdullah JafferyKarachi
Syeda Aiman RizviKarachi
Syeda AiymenKarachi
Syeda Amna BukhariKarachi
Syeda Fatima ZehraKarachi
Syeda Warda MurshadKarachi
Syeda Yumna BatoolKarachi
Taimoor HussainKarachi
Tehmina hassanKarachi
Unsia ShakeelKarachi
Unzila FaheemKarachi
Uraiba MustajabKarachi
Usama SakraniKarachi
Vania ZeeshanKarachi
Vivek Parkash LohanaKarachi
Wajiha AsimKarachi
Wali KamdarKarachi
Yumna HussainKarachi
Zaira KhalidKarachi
Zara Ahmed QureshiKarachi
Zubaida IsmailKarachi

Shaukat Khanum Overseas Student Ambassadors for the year 2023

Ibad UllahAfghanistan
Malak Shams Uzaman KhanAfghanistan
Ameer RehmanAfghanistan
Said Muhammad ShahAfghanistan
Mustafa AkbarAustralia
Numan SajidAustralia
Malaika GilaniAustralia
Sadeem ShahidAustralia
Hamza BilalAustralia
Wajiha ShahAustralia
Zain ul abideen chaudhryAustralia
A M Salman HasanBangladesh
Mosaab Mohammed AzizBangladesh
Talha MahmoodBangladesh
Syed Ijaz Ul HaqChina
Wajid HussainChina
Basit UzairChina
Dr Muhammad DanishChina
Muhammad HassanDenmark
Muhammad Usama YounisFinland
Umaima Zafar RaoGeorgia
Ali RazaGermany
Hooria SaifGulf
Areej AhmedGulf
Tehreem ImanGulf
Shaheer LiaqautGulf
Neha AmirGulf
Aimen HidayatGulf
Ayesha ShehzadGulf
Durriya MalikGulf
Smavya ZeeshanGulf
Meerab Zafar RaoGulf
Affaf AkbarGulf
Raghdad MalikGulf
Manal MalikGulf
Shayan saeedGulf
Sakifa KhurramGulf
Muhammed Bin WaqasGulf
Zahra ShehzadGulf
Ovais Ahmed KhanGulf
Rohaba KhanGulf
Uswah ZahidGulf
Saniyah Mohammed Anis ShaikhGulf
Safwan SheikhGulf
Mohammed Fazl AltafGulf
Ashna MajidGulf
Maha AhmedGulf
Maria ImtiazGulf
Muhammad Aqib HanifIndonesia
Saba AnsariIndonesia
Dawer RizwanItaly
Iqra MunirItaly
Zeeshan AliKazakistan
Salimbayeva AlfiyaKazakistan
Ali AkashaKyrgyzstan
Naveed QamarKyrgyzstan
Waqas KhanKyrgyzstan
Sahar SarwarKyrgyzstan
Maaz RahimKyrgyzstan
Muhammad AbbasKyrgyzstan
Zeeshan AhmadKyrgyzstan
Muhammad ShahzaibKyrgyzstan
Maaz AliKyrgyzstan
Hafiz Ahsan NajeebKyrgyzstan
Sami ullahKyrgyzstan
Muhammad Hamza AzamKyrgyzstan
Hammad MansoorKyrgyzstan
Hasan KhanKyrgyzstan
Ijlal HayatKyrgyzstan
Qamar YaqoobKyrgyzstan
sadar iqbalKyrgyzstan
Muhammad AbidKyrgyzstan
Muhammed Shaoib RazaKyrgyzstan
Aneeq JamshedMalaysia
Prativa BhattaNepal
Fatima Binte TayyibNew Zealand
Attiqa MajeedNorway
Yafiah Hafeez HooraniSwitzerland
Mueed UllahTajikistan
Sharaiz AleemTurkey
Muhammad Awais NazirTurkey
Armeen MansoorUAE
Fizzah FatimaUAE
Mahnoor AmerUAE
Zoha WaqarUAE
Abdul Karim Khan TurkUAE
Mahnoor ZahidUAE
Fatima KhanUAE
Hafsa AtifUAE
Muhammed MurtazaUAE
Tahreem AmirUAE
Muhammed KashanUAE
Fatima AjmalUAE
Subhan RehmanUAE
Alishba RehmanUAE
Azfar HassanUAE
Ahmed ShahzadUAE
Lubaina Ali.UAE
Sufian AtifUAE

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