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The Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassador Programme offer a great opportunity for students to represent the mission of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC) in their respective colleges or institutes located all across the world. The Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassadors act as a liaison between the Hospital and their educational institutes and get hands-on marketing experience to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills.

Students currently enrolled in a recognised college/institute from all across the world are eligible to apply.

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  • If you are unable to submit the online application form successfully, please email us your query at
  • Please submit your complete applications for the year 2022 by Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

Guidelines for Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassador Program

  • Students of 11th Grade and above, currently enrolled in a recognised college/institute are eligible to apply.
  • The applicants must have a good record of academics and extracurricular activities.
  • They must have at least one affiliation/membership with a club or a society in their respective institutes.
  • The applicants are required to submit the Application Form for review and shortlisting.
  • The Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassadors will be selected for a period of one year, ending in December.
  • The Ambassadors will be required to connect with us on a monthly basis to help plan events and activities in their respective institutes. Some examples of events and activities other than the promotion of all the marketing and fundraising campaigns include organising a charity day, bake sale, charity sports tournament, cancer awareness walk, and/or any other popular activity in their respective institutes.
  • All promotional material required for organizing any event/activity will be provided by Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust.
  • The Ambassadors are advised not to accept direct donations from public except in the case of fundraising activities endorsed by the Hospital. The Ambassadors should guide the donors to directly submit all the donations to the Hospital via authorised channels as publicised on
  • The Ambassadors will be issued an experience letter at the end of their respective tenures, depending on their performance. They will also earn reward points for every activity (of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre) that they organise and/or participate in. The students earning the maximum reward points will be awarded at the end of the year.
  • SKMCH&RC reserves the right to cancel the appointment of the ambassadors at any time, at its sole discretion.

Local AmbassadorsOverseas Ambassadors

Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassadors for the year 2021

Tanees FarooqAbbottabad
Abdul Wahab Faisalabad
Ali HanifFaisalabad
Ali RazaFaisalabad
Aqsa Rashid Faisalabad
Arhum FaisalFaisalabad
Hadia UmairFaisalabad
Kainat AnwarFaisalabad
M.Umer AkmalFaisalabad
Maria YasmeenFaisalabad
Mr.Muhammad Nisar AhmadFaisalabad
Muhammad AbdullahFaisalabad
Muhammad IjazFaisalabad
Sabiha AnumFaisalabad
Saim Bin Khalid Faisalabad
Saima YousufFaisalabad
Samia HajiraFaisalabad
Sana MehboobFaisalabad
Sonia ShahidFaisalabad
Umair HassanFaisalabad
Umer NazirFaisalabad
Zahra AshrafFaisalabad
Zainab HameedFaisalabad
Zainab Khalid Faisalabad
Amna ManzoorGujrat
Areeba KhubaibGujrat
Ambreen Nasir CheemaGujrat
Tauqeer RiazGujrat
Zain IqbalGujrat
Fatima WasimGujrat
Ayesha NajamIslamabad
Shafiqat RasoolIslamabad
Rubab Fatima Islamabad
Farjad Asif Islamabad
Saba qaziIslamabad
Rameesa Tariq Islamabad
Syeda Amna ayaz Islamabad
Syeda Neha wajahatIslamabad
Urooj TanveerIslamabad
Sehrish sohailIslamabad
Syed Haider AliIslamabad
Hasnain KhanIslamabad
Abdullah Islamabad
Darakhshan NazirIslamabad
Gul jana MahboobIslamabad
laily BaqaIslamabad
Muhammad Ali Abbasi Islamabad
Muhammad Uzair BhatiiIslamabad
Maham TahirIslamabad
Anam NaseemIslamabad
Maryum sajjadIslamabad
Fatima Mujtaba Islamabad
Abdullah sahi Islamabad
Afifa TahirIslamabad
Muhammad Aizaz Ahsan Islamabad
Alina azhar Islamabad
Amil Tamour Daud KhanIslamabad
Anusheh ZafarIslamabad
Arfa SaqibIslamabad
Asfand bangashIslamabad
Bilal Ahmad khanIslamabad
Faran AfzalIslamabad
hassan abdullah Islamabad
Hira Amin AlviIslamabad
Hurrairh ImranIslamabad
Huzaifa AbrarIslamabad
Kashan MasroorIslamabad
M Nasir SiddiqueIslamabad
Mahnoor BabarIslamabad
Maria Naeem Islamabad
Muhammad Ali WahidIslamabad
Razzi ul IslamIslamabad
Rubab Fatima Islamabad
Saadia SalmanIslamabad
Shafiqat RasoolIslamabad
Shajia Saleh SoomroIslamabad
Suleman DawoodIslamabad
Talib rehmanIslamabad
Talia DawoodIslamabad
Tanees FarooqIslamabad
zoya AimanIslamabad
Ali hamzaJhelum
Aamir SohailKarachi
Abdul QadeerKarachi
Abdul QadeerKarachi
Abeer NomaniKarachi
Adina Abid KhanKarachi
Ahmed MurtazaKarachi
Alifiya AmirKarachi
Alina ImranKarachi
Alishba VohraKarachi
Anas AhmedKarachi
Anmol MotwaniKarachi
Ansharah AhteshamKarachi
Aqsa AwaisKarachi
Aqsa MurtazaKarachi
Areeba FatimaKarachi
Areej FatimaKarachi
Arfa khanKarachi
Aruba SohailKarachi
Arun KumarKarachi
Arwah RamzanKarachi
Asil BudhwaniKarachi
Aswab KhowajaKarachi
Ayesha ChaudhryKarachi
Bahar RehanKarachi
Bisma GhafoorKarachi
Burhanuddin MilwalaKarachi
Chaudhry Muhammad Shahram AkberKarachi
Dr. Rimsha AyubKarachi
Faiza QamarKarachi
Faizan Ul KarimKarachi
Farooq AhmedKarachi
Fizza HyderKarachi
Hafiza NimraKarachi
Hiba Raees AhmedKarachi
Huda AhmedKarachi
Insia HanifKarachi
Iqra FaheemKarachi
Iqra FarooqKarachi
Israr Ullah MarriKarachi
Kamlesh kumarKarachi
Kanza WaseemKarachi
Kiran Fashar SamarKarachi
Laraib ButtKarachi
Laraib NaeemKarachi
Maham IrfanKarachi
Maria JuzarKarachi
Marriyam ShakeelKarachi
Mazhar Ali KhanKarachi
Mehboob irshadKarachi
Mehwish AshfaqKarachi
Mir Mehak AliKarachi
Moiz IslamKarachi
Muhamad Nawaz AnsariKarachi
Muhammad AliKarachi
Muhammad AzamKarachi
Muhammad BabarKarachi
Muhammad Baqa KhanKarachi
Muhammad Faizan RamzanKarachi
Muhammad Farrukh TajKarachi
Muhammad Farukh Ayyub Abbasi Karachi
Muhammad Saeed UsmaniKarachi
Muhammad ZulqarnainKarachi
Namra NaseerKarachi
Namrah AnwerKarachi
Naveera TabassumKarachi
Nimra NaeemKarachi
Noman AhmedKarachi
Rabia Maryam MustufaKarachi
Rashid AliKarachi
Rida NaveedKarachi
Rija Batool HashmiKarachi
Rimmel AliKarachi
Romaisa AslamKarachi
Sahar SaleemKarachi
Sana AhmedKarachi
Sania SaeedKarachi
Shayan AliKarachi
Simrah SharjeelKarachi
Sudhesh KumarKarachi
Sultan Sikaner ZulqarnainKarachi
Suneel KumarKarachi
Syed Muhammad Taqi ShahKarachi
Syed Shahroz Abbas BukhariKarachi
Syeda Maheen LatifKarachi
Syeda Nida MehdiKarachi
Syeda Warda MurshadKarachi
Touseef AhmedKarachi
Ubaidullah QureshiKarachi
Vania ZeeshanKarachi
Waqas Ahmad AbbasiKarachi
Warda KhanKarachi
Yash KumarKarachi
Yusra EjazKarachi
Zeeshan Hyder MughalKarachi
Aatira faheem SiddiquiLahore
Aqsa AbbasLahore
Arslan AsifLahore
Arslan MehmoodLahore
Asda AfganLahore
Ashba HaiderLahore
Dua AttaLahore
Dua saleemLahore
Eesha ShahzadLahore
fajar khawarLahore
Famia HumayunLahore
Fareeha LatifLahore
Faryal IhsanLahore
Fasiha NadeemLahore
Hawwa SadiqLahore
Haziq ahmadLahore
Hijab AsjidLahore
Hira zafarLahore
Huda Nasir ButtLahore
Ibtesam RasoolLahore
Insia MehdiLahore
Iraj fatimaLahore
Javeria FatimaLahore
Laiba UmarLahore
M.Ahmad khizarLahore
Mah Noor RehmanLahore
Mahrukh HashmiLahore
Malaika MusharafLahore
Menahil AroojLahore
Muhammad AbubakarLahore
Muhammad Azeem MazharLahore
Muhammad HashirLahore
Muhammad Rehan KhalidLahore
Muhammad WaqasLahore
Muneeba NoorLahore
Muskan SheikhLahore
Nabiha KamranLahore
Nakhaba IlyasLahore
Neha SitwatLahore
Noor Ul Ain FatimaLahore
Ramsha ZaidiLahore
Rija ZaidiLahore
Romaisa AniqLahore
Saba IjazLahore
Sarah TanzeerLahore
Tayyab ShaheenLahore
Tuba ZaidiLahore
Wajeeha ZahraLahore
Yusra MehmoodLahore
Zubair Habib Ur RehmanLahore
Zukhruf NafeesLahore
Abdullah SaleemMultan
Arooba MaryamMultan
Asif AbidMultan
Fawaz AmjadMultan
Haleema SadiaMultan
Hamza SultanMultan
Hareem ChishtiMultan
Jawaria Bint e ShakirMultan
Kainat MaqsoodMultan
Meesha KhalidMultan
Muhammad Haris KhalilMultan
Rohma Bushra SaeedMultan
Syed hamza Hassan RizviMultan
Usama KharMultan
Abdullah KhanPeshawar
Amjad Khan Peshawar
Dua MushtaqPeshawar
Farhad Khan Peshawar
Frayal Peshawar
Hooria FarheenPeshawar
Khayyam Ali NaserPeshawar
Mahnoor SaeedPeshawar
Palwasha AminPeshawar
Qirat Majid Peshawar
Saba ZamanPeshawar
Safeena AnarPeshawar
Sana Baig Peshawar
Shah ZebPeshawar
Sharoon Stiphenos Javed Peshawar
Shouzab KhanPeshawar
Sobia KhanPeshawar
Syed Sohaib Ali ShahPeshawar
Talha BilalPeshawar
Umm-E-Aiman Peshawar
Zeeshan Ahmad Peshawar
Abdul Rub TahirSialkot
Abeera SikanderSialkot
Ahmed Dar Sialkot
Amn munirSialkot
Armisha Sialkot
Arslan NaveedSialkot
Arzoo KhanSialkot
Asad AbbasSialkot
Asifa SarfrazSialkot
Ayesha AyazSialkot
Ayesha masoomSialkot
Darosham AwanSialkot
Fahad RehmanSialkot
Farah ZaheerSialkot
Fatima Abdul SaboorSialkot
Fiza AkbarSialkot
Haider Ali ZiaSialkot
Ibrahim Humayun Sialkot
Ibrahim NawazSialkot
Iqra Javed QureshiSialkot
Khizra Akhtar Sialkot
M Tayyab Saleem Sialkot
Mahnoor DarSialkot
Mariam KaleemSialkot
Muhammad Shabbir Sialkot
Nayab ZahidSialkot
Nida RafiqueSialkot
Rabeesha SajidSialkot
Sarosh ButtSialkot
Talha AfzalSialkot
Wania JamilSialkot
Ushna naeemWah Cantt
Ayesha farooqWah Cantt

Shaukat Khanum Overseas Student Ambassadors for the year 2021

Mustafa AkbarAustralia
Affaf AkbarBahrain
Maira AamirCanada
Zain KhanCanada
Sadia ShadCanada
Mahnoor KhanCanada
Waleed KhanCanada
Sana ajmalCanada
Sarah RashidCanada
Huda NiazCanada
Hadiqa SyedaCanada
Zaynab WaraichCanada
Rubab ZafarCanada
Sana SaleemChina
Atika AkmalGermany
Qurrat Ul AinIndonesia
Muhammad Aqib HanifIndonesia
Fatima ButtIreland
Waqas KhanKyrgyzstan
Asma MunirNetherlands
Marukh MehmoodNorway
Iqtrab FatimaSaudi Arabia
Rohaba KhanSaudi Arabia
Fizzah FatimahUAE
Omer AhmedUnited States
Fatima Anup AmjadUnited States
Syeda Filza Hassan ZaidiUnited States
Abdur Rahman AzizUnited States

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