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The Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassador Programme offer a great opportunity for students to represent the mission of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC) in their respective colleges or institutes located all across the world. The Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassadors act as a liaison between the Hospital and their educational institutes and get hands-on marketing experience to develop their leadership and interpersonal skills.

Students currently enrolled in a recognised college/institute from all across the world are eligible to apply.

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  • If you are unable to submit the online application form successfully, please email us your query at
  • Please submit your complete applications for the year 2023 by Thursday, December 15, 2022.

Guidelines for Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassador Program

  • High school students (overseas) or Students of 11th Grade and above (within Pakistan), currently enrolled in a recognised college/institute are eligible to apply.
  • The applicants must have a good record of academics and extracurricular activities.
  • They must have at least one affiliation/membership with a club or a society in their respective institutes.
  • The applicants are required to submit the Application Form for review and shortlisting.
  • The Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassadors will be selected for a period of one year, ending in December.
  • The Ambassadors will be required to connect with us on a monthly basis to help plan events and activities in their respective institutes. Some examples of events and activities other than the promotion of all the marketing and fundraising campaigns include organising a charity day, bake sale, charity sports tournament, cancer awareness walk, and/or any other popular activity in their respective institutes.
  • All promotional material required for organizing any event/activity will be provided by Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust.
  • The Ambassadors are advised not to accept direct donations from public except in the case of fundraising activities endorsed by the Hospital. The Ambassadors should guide the donors to directly submit all the donations to the Hospital via authorised channels as publicised on
  • The Ambassadors will be issued an experience letter at the end of their respective tenures, depending on their performance. They will also earn reward points for every activity (of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre) that they organise and/or participate in. The students earning the maximum reward points will be awarded at the end of the year.
  • SKMCH&RC reserves the right to cancel the appointment of the ambassadors at any time, at its sole discretion.

Local AmbassadorsOverseas Ambassadors

Shaukat Khanum Student Ambassadors for the year 2022

Muhammad Nisar AhmadFaisalabad
Liaba Nisar Faisalabad
Sarosha RashidFaisalabad
Maria YasmeenFaisalabad
Muhammad Hamza RiazFaisalabad
Qasim MajeedFaisalabad
Muhammad IjazFaisalabad
Muhammad AbdullahFaisalabad
Syed Muhammad AbuzarFaisalabad
Zainab Khalid Faisalabad
Momina ShahidFaisalabad
Samiah Hussain Faisalabad
Ghania Abid Faisalabad
Hafsa ShahzadFaisalabad
Arhum FaisalFaisalabad
Mavra ChouhdaryFaisalabad
Ali AhmedFaisalabad
Muhammad Rehmat Ullah Khan MuheamanFaisalabad
Ans Barj Faisalabad
Muhammad Kashif Akhtar Faisalabad
Saima YousufFaisalabad
Hijab Zehra Faisalabad
Usama AhmedFaisalabad
Fiaz Ul HassanFaisalabad
Muhammad AbdullAh ShahidFaisalabad
Muhammad QasimFaisalabad
Hafiz Tariq AliFaisalabad
Muhammad HaroonFaisalabad
Muhammad Umair AmjadFaisalabad
Muhammad Usman Shahid Faisalabad
Muhammad FarhanFaisalabad
Muhammad Hamza FiazFaisalabad
Abdullah TahirFaisalabad
Alishba javedFaisalabad
Arfa ZafarFaisalabad
Huma ShafeeqSargodha
Arslan HanifSargodha
Hafiz Muhammad Bilal AshrafSargodha
Awaiz AkbarSargodha
Eeman SaeedSargodha
Syed MuzzamilIslamabad
Naweera AbrarIslamabad
Usama mehboob Islamabad
Amna SarfrazIslamabad
Syeda Arooj Ali BukhariIslamabad
Uzma AftabIslamabad
Madiha ilyasIslamabad
Rabia waheed Islamabad
Amer FarooqIslamabad
Mishaal ImranIslamabad
Hamza AmjadIslamabad
Bilal Ahmed KhanIslamabad
Tariq Mustafa MaharIslamabad
Shakeel AhmedIslamabad
Sumayya ShafiqueIslamabad
Awaisra Riaz Islamabad
Asma Islamabad
Wajahat AliIslamabad
Hamza KamranIslamabad
Maryam SultanaIslamabad
Hadia AhmedIslamabad
Ayesha ShakeelIslamabad
Mishaal FazalIslamabad
Muhammad Abdullah khan Islamabad
Faraz Akram Islamabad
Laraib waheed khanIslamabad
Eisha Anwar Islamabad
Sara Mannal Islamabad
Sheheryar AhmedIslamabad
Parsa Khan Islamabad
Guljana MehboobIslamabad
yusra Paul Islamabad
Sami Ur RehmanIslamabad
Kainaat Malik Issa Islamabad
Sofia KhursheedIslamabad
Huzaifa RahatIslamabad
Alina Kazmi Islamabad
Mominah AmbreenIslamabad
Maryam IftikharIslamabad
Rameesha AsharIslamabad
Marvah KhalidIslamabad
Saher Imran ButtIslamabad
Subhan RehmanIslamabad
Noor RehmanIslamabad
Talia DawoodIslamabad
Syed KumailIslamabad
Maria AliIslamabad
Muhammad Waleed NaeemIslamabad
Fazeela ShaikhIslamabad
Qurat-ul-ain Islamabad
Eeman AhmadIslamabad
Hani Ahmed AbdullahIslamabad
Areej SarwarIslamabad
Shahab Aftab Islamabad
Adil Mehmood Islamabad
Sehar IftikharLahore
Samavia khush bakhatLahore
Hamza AliLahore
Saqlain SheikhLahore
Surhan SaifLahore
Umel Baneen FatimaLahore
Iqra MalikLahore
Muhammad zeeshan khanLahore
Syed danial haiderLahore
Marium NawazLahore
Mohammad Ibrahim AbroLahore
Tatheer ZahraLahore
Muhammad Saram RehmanLahore
Mohammad Waleed SadiqLahore
Maheen TariqLahore
Urooj ishfaqLahore
Moiz khanLahore
Khadija BaeemLahore
Zeenat abidLahore
Maleeha Shafqat AliLahore
Maham KhawajaLahore
Muqeet ButtLahore
Fasih Ahmad QureshiLahore
Sundas IrshadLahore
Muskan AsifLahore
Zainab BatoolLahore
Dania MunirLahore
Abu HurairaLahore
Zaeem KhanLahore
Shehroz AliLahore
Farwa BatoolLahore
Ahmad AbdullahLahore
Wazir AhmadLahore
Khadija FazilLahore
Tabinda HashmiLahore
Daud Ahmad NisarLahore
Hira JaveeLahore
Anab ShahidLahore
Muhammad Irbaz khanLahore
Meerab AbidLahore
Muhammad Junaid AnwarLahore
Farheen ZubairLahore
Muhammad Sohaib SheikhLahore
Rayyed NoorLahore
Noor Fatima AliLahore
Maryam jamilLahore
Fatima Tooba ArifLahore
Muhammad Daniyal AhmedLahore
subaina waseemLahore
Amina AliLahore
Muhammad Abdul QadeerLahore
Ayesha EimanLahore
Minahil AbidLahore
Muhammad Shahmir BajwaLahore
Iraj fatimaLahore
Mah Noor RehmanLahore
Romaisa AniqLahore
Dua AttaLahore
Zukhruf NafeesLahore
Yusra MahmoodLahore
Javeria FatimaLahore
Nakhaba IlyasLahore
Muhammad hashirLahore
Faryal IhsanLahore
Noor FatimaLahore
Aatira FaheemLahore
Sarah TanzeerLahore
Malaika MusharafLahore
Danish HayyarLahore
Syed IqbalLahore
Mahrukh HashmiLahore
Neha SitwatLahore
Saba IjazLahore
M. HashirLahore
Romaisa AniqLahore
Menhail UroojLahore
Azeem MazharLahore
Laiba UmerLahore
Muskan SheikhLahore
Hareem ChishtiMultan
Anum AfzalMultan
Hamza Waqar khanMultan
Syed Hamza Hassan RizviMultan
Muhammad Ali FakharMultan
Rohma Bushra SaeedMultan
Fizza MaryamMultan
Umema ShanzaMultan
Ashir HussainMultan
Yusra KhanMultan
Warda RasheedMultan
Nawal AhmedMultan
Maria AmanatMultan
Tahir Sadiq LashariMultan
Kainat MaqsoodMultan
Tahreem ShafiqMultan
Zeeshan SiddiquiMultan
Syed Hassan GardeziMultan
Haleema SadiaMultan
Marwah AsifMultan
Fatima RaufMultan
Fatima SabirMultan
Haroon ZazaiPeshawar
Muhammad HuzaifaPeshawar
Roshnak SaleemPeshawar
Fizza Wasim Peshawar
Mahnoor JamalPeshawar
Muhammad Hamza NomanPeshawar
Muhammad Arsalan KhattakPeshawar
Memoona Baig Peshawar
Aleena MuradPeshawar
Maria NadeemPeshawar
Hafiza Salwa UmarPeshawar
Wareesha AdnanPeshawar
Abdul Mannan KhanPeshawar
Warisha JavedPeshawar
Kifayat HussainPeshawar
Noor JehanPeshawar
Amjad Khan Peshawar
Fariha ArifPeshawar
Airras KhanPeshawar
Faiz Ullah Peshawar
Muhammad Ibrar Peshawar
Haya Khan Peshawar
Fareeda Zarlal Peshawar
Zarish TahirPeshawar
Komal Peshawar
Laiba SajjadPeshawar
Midhat AamirPeshawar
Zainab Peshawar
Daud KhanPeshawar
Abdul Mueed AhmadPeshawar
Atif KiramatPeshawar
Ghazanfar AliPeshawar
Hamad UllahPeshawar
Huzaifa KhanPeshawar
Muskan MubarikPeshawar
Alvaria AsifPeshawar
Sahar AlamPeshawar
Mansoor Ali ShahPeshawar
Rukhsar YousafPeshawar
Shahryar KhanPeshawar
Sajid Anwar Peshawar
Jawad AliPeshawar
Sana RahmanPeshawar
Farhan NawazPeshawar
Muhammad ImranPeshawar
Noor Ul AinPeshawar
Sayed Qaiser Ali ShahPeshawar
Hina ShahdabPeshawar
Padma MalhotraPeshawar
Sumaira KhanPeshawar
Sara Gul Peshawar
Afshan Imad Peshawar
Sardar Ali Peshawar
Syed Manzoor Ul HaqPeshawar
Hassan khanPeshawar
Rehan UllahPeshawar
Mehmood Ur RehmanPeshawar
Muhammad Omar AminPeshawar
Amir KhanPeshawar
Shahzaib khanPeshawar
Khatir BehlolPeshawar
Muhammad Saad BarkiPeshawar
Aitezaz KhaliqPeshawar
Zaina khalilPeshawar
Muhammad Daniyal WaseemPeshawar
Aafaq khanPeshawar
Laiba Arooj Peshawar
Zainab Hayat Peshawar
Haseeba KhitabPeshawar
Mehwish Kafeel Peshawar
Kainat GulPeshawar
Tahir Junaid Peshawar
Kifayat Ullah KhanPeshawar
Huma Shaukat Peshawar
Sana IsrarPeshawar
Hassan khanPeshawar
Fawad KhanPeshawar
Aqib Ali khanPeshawar
Wania JamilSialkot
Iqra Javed QureshiSialkot
Talha AfzalSialkot
Ayesha masoomSialkot
Ahmed Dar Sialkot
Nida RafiqueSialkot
Ibrahim NawazSialkot
Ayesha AyazSialkot
Abdul Rub TahirSialkot
Aima ButtSialkot
M.Tayyab IjazSialkot
Muhammad Usama Sialkot
Maham FakharSialkot
Zakria Siddiq Sialkot
Fajar Kashaf Sialkot
Zoob AliSialkot
Muniba KomalSialkot
Shoaib SaleemSialkot
Sheza mobeenSialkot
Maryam JamilSialkot
Atika Sohail Sialkot
Safa Zulifiqar Sialkot
Khunsha MalikSialkot
Tirzah Sumbal ShahzadSialkot
Arzoo KhanSialkot
Masooma Fatima Sialkot
Huma Akhtar Sialkot
Syed Saad Sialkot
Hina ShanzaySialkot
Anmol MotwaniKarachi
Ahmed MurtazaKarachi
Aqsa MurtazaKarachi
Arfa khanKarachi
Arun KumarKarachi
Asil BudhwaniKarachi
Aswab KhowajaKarachi
Ayesha ChaudhryKarachi
Burhanuddin MilwalaKarachi
Fatima Nadeem AkhtarKarachi
Insia HanifKarachi
Mahrukh AshfaqKarachi
Mazhar Ali KhanKarachi
Mir Mehak AliKarachi
Muhammad Farrukh TajKarachi
Muhammad Farukh Ayyub Abbasi Karachi
Naveera TabassumKarachi
Noman AhmedKarachi
Rija Batool HashmiKarachi
Simrah SharjeelKarachi
Syeda Warda MurshadKarachi
Vania ZeeshanKarachi
Wali KamdarKarachi
Iqra FaheemKarachi
Kinza kazmiKarachi
Muhammad Ajlal SaleemKarachi
Fatima Jawed AdvaniKarachi
Kiran Fashar SamarKarachi
Aimen zafarKarachi
Faiza AshfaqueKarachi
Soha farooquiKarachi
Komal FatimaKarachi
Fatima BatoolKarachi
Alizey FatimaKarachi
Abeer NaeemKarachi
Saif UllahKarachi
Hira KhalidKarachi
Faheela dossaniKarachi
Neesha Fatima AkhterKarachi
Doa RazzaqKarachi
Abeer FatimaKarachi
Vivek Parkash LohanaKarachi
Humna SiddiquiKarachi
Noor Ul Huda Abdul RashidKarachi
Bareera KhanKarachi
Ghulam Abbas ThahimKarachi
Payal kumariKarachi
Memoona irfanKarachi
Tehmina hassanKarachi
Armeen EimanKarachi
Mahum FarooqKarachi
Mir tayab aliKarachi
Mehak FaisalKarachi
Roshaan khanKarachi
Maham TalhaKarachi
Moiz IslamKarachi
Hafsa khanamKarachi
Nisha NoorKarachi
Najiha JavedKarachi
Aleeza AmnaKarachi
Ajeet VasdaniKarachi
Syeda Nida MehdiKarachi
Muhammad Zulqarnain KhanKarachi
Kiran Shafiq KhanKarachi
Samir ShiwaniKarachi
Ali Abbas LangahKarachi
Mahnoor Osama KapadiaKarachi
Anoushey Osama KapadiaKarachi
Mazia MahnoorKarachi
Alisha Zehra ZaidiKarachi
Amna YousufKarachi
Syeda Fatima ZehraKarachi
Aamir KhanKarachi
Mujtaba TareenKarachi
Syeda AiymenKarachi
Bakhtawar RasoolKarachi
Nimra khanKarachi
Dur-e-Shahwar TariqKarachi
Shehmir AhmedKarachi
Hibba SohailKarachi
Ramsha AkbarKarachi
Rejaa AhmedKarachi
Muhammad SualehKarachi
Syeda Mahnoor ZafarKarachi
Wajiha AsimKarachi
Ibrahim Kamran MemonKarachi
Fizza NazKarachi
Ali AtifKarachi
Divya LakshmiKarachi
Maira NaseemKarachi
Syed Muhammad Abdullah JafferyKarachi
Muhammad Daniyal Uddin HashmiKarachi
Bina SiddiquiKarachi
Fabeeha ShaheenKarachi
Kissa BatoolKarachi
Khalid ImranKarachi
Aroma IjazKarachi
Abeer NomaniKarachi
Muhammad SohaibKarachi
Zaira KhalidKarachi
Musfirah SaleemKarachi
Amna ZaheerKarachi
Nabeel Ahmed SiddiquiKarachi
Namra NaseerKarachi
Muskan RaoKarachi
Sabeen NadeemKarachi

Shaukat Khanum Overseas Student Ambassadors for the year 2022

Mustafa AkbarAustralia
Malaika GilaniAustralia
Muhammad Jamal Hassan MaharAustralia
Fatima IqbalAustralia
Mubashir Riaz Australia
Muhammad Danish Yaqoob Binzhou
Maha NadeemCanada
Maha SaeedCanada
Waleed KhanCanada
Shahryar WasifCanada
Sarah Salman RashidCanada
Zaynab WaraichCanada
Maira AamirCanada
Enasa KamranCanada
Waqar KhanChina
Muhammad HassanDenmark
Muhammad Usama YounisFinland
Mohsin JaleelFrance
Qurrat Ul AinIndonesia
Muhammad Aqib HanifIndonesia
Erva Ghani Ireland
Adnan Abbas Istanbul
Waqas KhanKyrgyzstan
Maaz AliKyrgyzstan
Zeeshan AhmadKyrgyzstan
Sehar SarwarKyrgyzstan
Umair Abbas Khan Kyrgyzstan
Sajjad Ali ShahKyrgyzstan
Muhammad Umair Kyrgyzstan
Basit Uzair Nanjing
Marukh MehmoodNorway
Aqsa Ali Rehan Sweden
Hira Umair Sweden
Lajput Rai EssaraniUSA
Sarah UsmanUSA
Saima Khan AfridiUSA
Naila KhanUSA
Ranya SiddiquiUSA
Imran MasoodUSA
Omer AhmedUSA
Saad QureshiUSA
Emaad QureshiUSA
Minaal KauserUSA
Ghulam Fatima ShahidUSA

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A New Linear Accelerator with Radiosurgery Inaugurated at SKMCH&RC, Lahore

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