Bank Accounts

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust is a charitable organization established under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 of Pakistan. Please note that your contribution is tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law. Please consult with your tax advisor.

You can directly deposit your donations to any of the following SKMT bank accounts. Please email us a copy of funds transfer receipt issued by your bank (email/screen-shot) at

Once you share the funds transfer details along with your contact number and complete postal address, we will email you donation acknowledgement.

Note: To transfer funds electronically through Internet Banking, please use bank account number or IBAN of the selected bank.

Sr.Bank NameBranchAccount Title
A/C #.
CurrencyNature Of A/C
1Allied Bank of Pakistan Ltd.Model Town Branch, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0531-0010018634650016PK43ABPA0010018634650016Pak RupeeZakat
2Askari Bank LimitedCantt Branch, Tufail Road, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0011-0100002690 PK24 ASCM 0000 1101 0000 2690Pak RupeeZakat
3Al-Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Ltd.316-DHA, Z Block Phase 3, Opp Mcdonalds, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0314-0110101625019PK42 AIIN 0000 1101 0162 5019Pak RupeeDonation
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0314-0110101625029PK63 AIIN 0000 1101 0162 5029Pak RupeeZakat
57 - B-III, Near Hussain Chowk, Gulberg - III, Lahore Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust  0116339920301PK07 AIIN 0000 1163 3992 0301Pak RupeeDonation
4Bank Al-Falah Ltd.LDA Plaza, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0006-1002953064PK91 ALFH 0006 0010 0295 3064Pak RupeeDonation
5Bank Al-Falah Ltd. Islamic Banking66, Main Boulevard Gulberg, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust5501-5000449549PK94 ALFH 5501 0050 0044 9549Pak RupeeZakat
6Bank IslamiMain Boulevard Gulberg, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0001-106735-001PK74 BKIP 0000 0011 0673 5001Pak RupeeZakat
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0001-106736-001PK40 BKIP 0000 0011 0673 6001Pak RupeeDonation
7Bank Al-Habib Ltd.New Garden Town Branch, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0007-0071-020001-50-2PK75 BAHL 0007 0071 0200 0150Pak RupeeZakat
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0007-0071-020001-51-3PK48 BAHL 0007 0071 0200 0151Pak RupeeDonation
8Dubai Islamic Bank Ltd.Faisal Town Branch, Link Road, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust010-0028603-001PK19 DUIB 0000 0000 2860 3001Pak RupeeZakat
9Faysal Bank Ltd.Egerton Road Lahore BranchShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0401-004550276010PK17 FAYS 0401 0045 5027 6010Pak RupeeDonation
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0401-004550277009PK10 FAYS 0401 0045 5027 7009Pak RupeeZakat
Gulberg Branch, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust 0117-2007002-001PK67 FAYS 0001 1720 0700 2001 Pak Rupee Zakat
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust 0117-2007010-149PK67 FAYS 0001 1720 0701 0149 Pak Rupee Donation
10First Women Bank Ltd.Main Boulevard Gulberg, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0002-00082371-0001PK03 FWOM 0002 0008 2371 0001Pak RupeeZakat
11Habib Bank Ltd. (HBL)New Garden Town, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust1060-00243789-03PK48 HABB 0010 6000 2437 8903Pak RupeeZakat
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust1060-00226012-03PK20 HABB 0010 6000 2260 1203Pak RupeeDonation
12Habib Bank Ltd. (HBL)Corporate Branch, 102-103 Upper Mall, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust1242-00786786-03PK66 HABB 0012 4200 7867 8603Pak RupeeZakat
13Habib Islamic Bank Ltd. (HBL)102-103, Corporate Branch, Opp. Aitchison College LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust1242-79503522-51PK19HABB0012427950352251Pak RupeeZakat Islamic
14Habib Metropolitan BankMain Boulevard Gulberg LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust6-2-25-20610-714-113599PK23 MPBL 0225 0171 4011 3599Pak RupeeDonation
15JS Bank LimitedWapda Town, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust9510-523969PK27 JSBL 9510 0000 0052 3969Pak RupeeDonation
16Khushhali Microfinance Bank15-Shadman, Near Shadman Chowk, Jail Road, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust329-200345-8547PK62 KHBL 0000 0120 0345 8547Pak RupeeDonation
17Meezan Bank Ltd.60 - Main Boulevard Gulberg, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0201-0100642679PK45 MEZN 0002 0101 0064 2679Pak RupeeDonation
8 - Hunza Block A.I.Town LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0212-0100376919PK84 MEZN 0002 1201 0037 6919Pak RupeeZakat
18MCB Bank Ltd.Shadman Colony, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust00776 01 01 0016828PK56 MUCB 00776010 1001 6828Pak RupeeDonation
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust00776 01 01 0017292PK41 MUCB 0077 6010 1001 7292Pak RupeeZakat
19MCB Islamic Bank Limited. Shahrah-e-Aiwan-Tijarat, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust1611001242550001PK96MCIB1611001242550001Pak RupeeZakat
20National Bank of PakistanMain Branch, The Mall, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0300-004034998886PK51 NBPA 0300 0040 3499 8886Pak RupeeZakat
21National Bank of PakistanFaisal Town Branch LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust4000803130PK66 NBPA 1741 0040 0080 3130Pak RupeeDonation
22Silk Bank Ltd.Egerton Road, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0003-2000487573PK43 SAUD 0000 0320 0048 7573Pak RupeeZakat
23Soneri Bank Ltd.Johar Town, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust20002743664PK76SONE0007120002743664Pak RupeeDonation
24Standard Chartered BankNew Garden Town Branch, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust18570041801PK95 SCBL 0000 0185 7004 1801Pak RupeeDonation
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust18570042601PK29 SCBL 0000 0185 7004 2601Pak Rupee Donation
25Bank Makramah Limited.Plot #85 Block G-1, Johar Town, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust1-3-23-20311-714-110581PK45 SUMB 0323 0271 4011 0581Pak RupeeDonation
26The Bank of PunjabKarim Block, A.I.Town, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust6010008609900215 PK14 BPUN 6010 0086 0990 0215 Pak RupeeZakat
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust6510008609900017 PK48 BPUN 6510 0086 0990 0017Pak RupeeDonation
27The Bank  of KhyberBlock R-1, M.A Johar Town, LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust0031-2001082925PK23 KHYB 0031 0020 0108 2925Pak RupeeDonation
28United Bank Ltd.0328-Jail Road Branch LahoreShaukat Khanum Memorial Trust095901048122PK56 UNIL 0112 0959 0104 8122Pak RupeeZakat
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust095901048139PK82 UNIL 0112 0959 0104 8139Pak RupeeDonation