Cytotoxic Drugs – Handling & Administration Workshop

This 2-days workshop is principally designed for Registered Nurses at SKMCH&RC, in order to enhance their knowledge, skills and competence in safe handling and administration of cytotoxic drugs. It is intended to create awareness in the management of side effects or untoward incidences that would affect the patient, their relatives and staff.


  1. Review Cellular Structure and Function in relation to cancer cells properties.
  2. Discuss role of Hematopoietic System in cancer and its treatment.
  3. Discuss cancer therapy and systemic chemotherapy in different Cancers.
  4. Explain safe administration and handling of cytotoxic drugs.
  5. Demonstrate prevention and management of extravasation and spillage of cytotoxic drugs
  6. Discuss Management of common side effects of chemotherapy.

Training Methods:
In-service workshop given within first year of employment at nursing division of SKMCH&RC and is to be repeated after every 2 years.  The nurses have to complete a competence assessment after successful completion of this workshop. (the workshop can be offered to the external nurses upon institutions request)

Key Contents:

  1. Cellular structure, function and cancer cell properties
  2. Hematopoietic System
  3. Overview of chemotherapy and  systemic chemotherapy
  4. Maintenance of safe Intravenous line
  5. Pre chemotherapy considerations
  6. Cytotoxic drug administration through different routs
  7. Administration via Vascular Access Devices
  8. Nursing Documentation / Nursing Care Planning
  9. Prevention and Management of Extravasation
  10. Management of Spillage of Cytotoxic Drugs

Teaching Strategies:
Lectures with discussion and demonstration/ practical skills.