Diploma in Oncology / Cancer Nursing

About the Course:
The Diploma in Oncology/Cancer Nursing (DION) is a 2 year part – time modular programme (Theory & Practice). The course is accredited by Pakistan Nursing Council and affiliated with the Postgraduate College of Nursing of the Punjab , Lahore.
It consists of 14 Core Modules:

  • Foundations in Cancer Care
  • Nursing for Cancer Care
  • Communication in Cancer Nursing
  • Nursing Care for Patients Receiving Chemotherapy
  • Haemato – Oncology Nursing Care
  • Nursing Care for Women with Cancer
  • Nursing Management for the Cancer Patient with Pain
  • Nursing Care for the Acute/Critically Ill Cancer Patient
  • Palliative Care and Care of the Dying Person and Family
  • Cancer Nursing Leadership
  • Teaching and Learning in Cancer Care
  • Nursing Care of Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy
  • Nursing Care of Patients with Head and Neck Cancer
  • Nursing Care of Children and Adolescents with Cancer

Each Module may be taken as a stand alone module. For further details apply separately.
Eligibility/Criteria for Admission to 2 years programme:

  • Diploma in General Nursing Second Division (grade 60%) and above from an accredited Nursing Educational Institution (approved by Pakistan Nursing Council).
  • Diploma in Midwifery (females only) Second Division and above from an accredited Nursing Educational Institution (approved by Pakistan Nursing Council).
  • Baccalaureate Degree in Generic Nursing (BScN Generic) GPA 2.5 and above from an accredited Nursing Educational Institution (approved by Pakistan Nursing Council).
  • At least 1-year experience as a Registered Nurse from any institution or hospital recognized by Pakistan Nursing Council (preferably experience in oncology/critical care unit).
  • Current registration with Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC).
  • Candidates who have completed General Nursing after 1995 will have to be Matriculate & with Science 2nd Division with 45% marks in Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics) or equivalent (Intermediate with Science is preferable).

Students from Other Countries (Foreign Students):
Foreign Students are invited to apply for the whole course or for required modules (includes Theory & Clinical Practice). For further details apply separately.

Course Fee (Pakistani Currency):
Diploma in Oncology/Cancer Nursing is based on 14 Modules (details are mentioned in the Prospectus). Each Module costs Rs. 5,000. Half of the total amount (Rs. 35,000/-) is pay able at the start of 1 st year and rest is payable at the start of 2nd year.

Free Places:
Free Places are offered to Government Sector Hospital Employees (Pakistani) each year.

Self Supporting Students:
Candidates who are applying on a self–supporting basis may be offered employment at SKMCH&RC for the period of course on a contractual basis. It depends on the eligibility for employment and if a vacancy is available.

Single accommodation is available for every DION student and foreign student.

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Application Form:
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For further information, please contact:
Office Coordinator – Nursing Division Office
Tel: +92 42 35905000 Ext: 5002
E-mail: ndoffice@skm.org.pk