Equipment Catalogue – Karachi Project

The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centres (SKMCH&RC) in Pakistan today proudly rank amongst the best cancer centres of the world. The hospitals continue to function and provide care as envisioned by their mission statement, to provide state-of-the-art cancer care, irrespective of the ability to pay and to pursue education and research.

With the rapid technological advancement especially in the field of healthcare, we have to continuously invest in state-of-the-art equipment to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of technology. Your continuous support towards our hospitals has made it possible for us to do this in the past and will surely help us in meeting greater challenges this year.

The table below provides information about the equipment that we need to procure to be able to provide cancer care to our patients in line with international standards.

It is truly your donations that equip us to fight cancer.

Equipment Sponsorship Catalogue

DescriptionDepartment/SectionQtyUnit Price (NOK)
SPECT/CT (scan to localize tumour within the body)Nuclear Medicine18,582,600
4D CT Simulator (scanner that provides information on organ motion during respiration)Clinical & Radiation Oncology17,356,500
Digital Mammography with 100KVA UPS (digital Mammography with UPS)Radiology13,473,900
QC Cubicle (for detailed quality control testing of Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine13,024,300
Digital X-RAY/ Fluoroscopy with 100KVA UPS (digital X-Ray/ Fluoroscopy)Radiology13,024,300
Theodorico (Robotic arm for highly Radioactive / high energy F18 Radiopharmaceuticals. usedin sterile disposing of Radioactive medicine)Nuclear Medicine22,533,900
Echocardiography MachineInternal Medicine11,634,800
Hot Cell (lead shielded hot cell for 512keV 18F Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine51,634,800
2 KVA UPS with each Ultrasound, Convex, Linear, TVS (Ultrasound-with probes and UPS)Radiology21,471,300
Digital Portable X-RayRadiology11,471,300
Synthera+ (synthesis unit for high energy Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine21,307,800
Automated Injector (automatic injection module for safe injection of contrast in PET/CT)Nuclear Medicine11,185,200
Manuela (lead shielded hot cell for 512keV 18F Radiopharmaceuticals. Dispensing unit)Nuclear Medicine11,062,600
Automated Multidose Injector (automatic injection module for safe injection of high energy Radiopharmaceuticals in PET/CT)Nuclear Medicine11,062,600
Cavitational Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator (surgical machine for liver resection)Surgical Oncology11,021,700
Steam Sterilizer (machine using steam for sterilization)CSSD2899,100
Endoscopic Video SystemInternal Medicine1858,300
Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) (scan to measure bone mineral density of the patient)Nuclear Medicine1776,500
Washer Disinfector with dryer (machine for instruments disinfection)CSSD2760,200
ACS System (for safe disposal of Radioactive contaminated air from Cyclotron and Radiopharmacy)Nuclear Medicine1735,700
Laparoscopy Unit 3D (3D Laparoscopic unit for minimally invasive surgeries)Surgical Oncology2694,800
MRI Compatible Anaesthesia Machine (Anaesthesia machine that can be usedwithin the MRI Scanner)Anaesthesia1653,900
Anaesthesia Machine with Cardiac MonitorAnaesthesia4653,900
Patient Cardiac MonitorRadiology1653,900
Ultrasound Probes-Portable (Convex, Linear, TVS Probes)Radiology1653,900
Frozen Section Cryostat (frozen sectioning of unfixed tissue specimens for rapid diagnosis)Pathology1613,000
UPS -160 KVA{UPS (for Fluoroscopy)Radiology1490,400
Ultrasound MachineSurgical Oncology1490,400
Centrifuge (machine for blood / fluid components separation)Pathology1449,600
Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT Machine)Internal Medicine1408,700
MUCHA (for detailed quality control testing of Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine1384,200
Endoscope WasherClinical & Radiation Oncology1367,800
Endoscope Washer (automated reprocessor)Internal Medicine1367,800
OR Table (specialised table to perform surgical procedures)Nursing OR4367,800
Colonoscope (Colonoscopy equipment)Internal Medicine2327,000
Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography (ERCP) (Pancreatic and bile duct system treatment machine)Internal Medicine1327,000
Diathermy Machine (with accessories)Internal Medicine1327,000
Disinfector (machine for disinfection of Endoscopes)CSSD1286,100
Gastroscope (Endoscopy equipment)Internal Medicine3286,100
TLC Scanner (for detailed quality control testing of Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine1286,100
OR Table-with attachment (specialised attachment for patient positioning on OR Table)Nursing OR2286,100
Nasoendoscope (for examining nasal cavity)Clinical & Radiation Oncology2245,200
OR Light, HD Camera and LED (the ceiling light and camera used during surgical procedures) Nursing OR4245,200
Diathermy Machine (the machine usedto cut or coagulate tissue during surgery)Nursing OR4245,200
Enseal and Harmonic Scalpel Machine (surgical instrument usedto simultaneously cut or cauterize tissue)Surgical Oncology2245,200
Washing Station with built-in Ultrasonic cleanerCSSD1237,000
Bronchoscope (Bronchoscopy equipment)Internal Medicine2204,300
Vital Sign Monitor (monitoring vital signs of patients)Nuclear Medicine1204,300
Cardiac Monitor (to monitor cardia activity of the patient)Nursing Chemo1204,300
Ventilator (Machine for providing artificial respiration)Nursing ICU6204,300
Cardiac Monitor (to monitor vital signs, ECG other critical parameters) Nursing ICU10204,300
Cardiac Monitor (to monitor vital signs)Nursing Inpatient1204,300
Cardiac MonitorNursing OPD & EAR5204,300
Cardiac MonitorNursing OR4204,300
Anaesthesia Pendant ( a workstation installed in operating rooms to accommodate required accessories)Nursing OR4204,300
UPS (100 KVA)Nursing OR1204,300
Ultracentrifuge (machine for blood / fluid components separation)Pathology1204,300
Patient Cardiac MonitorRadiology4204,300
Drying Cabinet (machine to dry instruments after manual cleaning)CSSD1192,100
Surgical Pendant (a workstation installed in Operating rooms to accommodate required accessories)Nursing OR4179,800
PendantNursing OR2179,800
Lead Shielded-Storage Cabinet (lead shielded hot cell for 512keV 18F Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine1175,700
Thompson Retractor Set (surgical retractors)Surgical Oncology2163,500
Lone Star Hook and Retractor (surgical retractors)Surgical Oncology1163,500
Bed Pan WasherNursing OPD & EAR1151,200
C-Mac Video Laryngoscope (securing airway during Anaesthesia)Anaesthesia1147,100
ABG Analyser (Arterial blood gas)Internal Medicine1147,100
Blood Storage RefrigeratorPathology2147,100
Freezer (-50°C)Pathology2147,100
Monitor-Hand Feet (monitors human contamination from Radioactivity)Nuclear Medicine2139,000
Cytospin 4 (centrifugal separation device for cells)Pathology1139,000
Colour PrinterRadiology1139,000
Bedpan WasherNursing OR1134,900
Pouch Sealing MachineCSSD3132,800
IHD Machine (for haemodialysis)Nursing ICU1130,800
Thermal Blanket Warmer (patient body warming blanket)Anaesthesia4122,600
L-Shield (lead shielded for 512keV 18F Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine6122,600
Wipe Test Counter (for contamination monitoring of Radiopharmacy)Nuclear Medicine1122,600
Endotoxins Test Apparatus (for endotoxins quantification test in dialysis water and Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine1122,600
Chemical Handling Fume Hood (for safe handling/storage of chemicals in Radiopharmacy)Nuclear Medicine2122,600
Mobile Lead Shield (lead shielded for 512keV 18F Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine2122,600
Meditherm Machine (for patient temperature control)Nursing ICU2122,600
Thermal Machine (to manage low or high temperature)Nursing ICU1122,600
Centrifuge Machine (3500 )RPM (centrifugal separation device)Pathology4122,600
Biological Safety Cabinet (microbiological safety hood)Pathology2122,600
Fume HoodPathology1122,600
Freezer (-20C)Pathology2122,600
Osmolality AnalyzerPathology1122,600
Double Head Microscope (microscope)Pathology1122,600
Laparoscopy Instrument Set (minimal invasive surgery instruments)Surgical Oncology3122,600
Pharmaceutical Grade Refrigerator (for storing cold Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine2121,700
Dose Calibrator (for detailed quality control testing of Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine7114,400
PET-QC Sources (QC of PET/CT and dose calibratorsNuclear Medicine1106,300
LED Monitor (Barco LED)Nuclear Medicine3106,300
Cycloflush (bed pan washer)Nursing Chemo1106,300
CRRT Machine (continuous renal replacement therapy machine to remove wastes from blood for kidney failure patients)Nursing ICU1106,300
Cycloflush (disinfectant machines for patient's used items such as urinal and bed pans)Nursing ICU2106,300
Cycloflush (to clean bed pan and urinals)Nursing Inpatient1106,300
Barco LED (consultant set up-LED monitor)Radiology3106,300
Micro Vascular Set (surgical instruments)Surgical Oncology2102,200
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant (for water filtration used in dialysis)Nursing ICU198,100
Vascular Set (surgical instruments)Surgical Oncology198,100
Open Instruments Set (surgical instruments)Surgical Oncology498,100
Emergency Operating Room Mobile LightNursing OR181,700
Bio Sealer (blood bag tube sealer)Pathology281,700
Magnetic Resonance Sequencing SystemRadiology181,700
Surgery SetSurgical Oncology281,700
Water Treatment UnitCSSD166,200
ECG Machine (Electrocardiography machine)Internal Medicine165,400
RO Plant-EDI (water purifier)Pathology265,400
Cytotoxic Laminar Air Flow Hood (medication preparation cabinet)Pharmacy265,400
Laminar Air Flow Hood (medication preparation cabinet)Pharmacy265,400
Pulse Oximeter (device to measure oxygen level)Radiology165,400
ECG Machine (Electrocardiogram/for monitoring of cardiac rhythms)Nursing ICU161,300
ECG Machine (to check cardiac activity)Nursing Inpatient161,300
ECG MachineNursing OR161,300
Air Compressor (oil free)CSSD257,200
Trolley WashCSSD157,200
Scrub Sink (dual)Nursing OR257,200
Bulldog Clamps Set (surgical instruments)Surgical Oncology157,200
Rad Survey Meter (hand-held Radiation measurement instrument)Medical Physics155,700
Medication TrolleyAnaesthesia453,100
Flexible Intubation Scope (securing airway in difficult cases)Anaesthesia153,100
Defibrillator (to provide electrical shock to the patients with irregular cardiac rhythm or in shock)Clinical & Radiation Oncology153,100
Defibrillator (to provide electrical shock to the patients with irregular cardiac rhythm or in shock)Nuclear Medicine153,100
Defibrillator (to provide electrical shock to the patients with irregular cardiac rhythm or in shock)Nursing Chemo153,100
Defibrillator (to give electrical shock when heart rhythm is abnormal)Nursing Inpatient153,100
Electronic Blood Pressure MonitorNursing OPD & EAR553,100
DefibrillatorNursing OPD & EAR153,100
DefibrillatorNursing OR153,100
Blood Collection Monitor (blood bag mixer)Pathology253,100
Crash CartRadiology153,100
APR Set (surgical Instruments for abdominoperineal resection)Surgical Oncology253,100
Vein Illuminator (vein detector)Nursing OPD & EAR449,900
Crash CartClinical & Radiation Oncology149,000
UtensilClinical & Radiation Oncology149,000
Platform (mold lab)Clinical & Radiation Oncology149,000
Crash Cart (with accessories)Clinical & Radiation Oncology149,000
Crash Cart (with accessories)Nuclear Medicine149,000
Crash Cart-with accessories (to be usedin case of clinical deterioration of the patient)Nursing Chemo149,000
Crash Cart Trolley with accessories (trolley containing critical care drugs and accessories usedin cardiac arrest)Nursing ICU149,000
Food Trolley (large with heater)Nursing Inpatient149,000
Crash Cart-with accessories (for use in case of sudden clinical deterioration of patient)Nursing Inpatient149,000
Crash Cart (with accessories)Nursing OPD & EAR149,000
Crash Cart TrolleyNursing OR149,000
Centrifuge (Machine for blood/fluid components separation)Pathology149,000
Plasma Thawing Bath (frozen blood components liquefier machine)Pathology149,000
Incubator-25L (heated insulated box)Pathology149,000
Tablet Counter (electronic tablet counter)Pharmacy249,000
Portable Suction MachineClinical & Radiation Oncology145,000
Probes (for Radioactive contamination monitoring)Nuclear Medicine845,000
Suction MachineNursing Chemo145,000
StretcherNursing Chemo145,000
Portable Suction Machine (movable apparatus to clear airway secretions)Nursing ICU245,000
StretcherNursing Inpatient145,000
Suction MachineNursing OPD & EAR345,000
Portable Suction MachineNursing OPD & EAR145,000
Suction Machine (Portable)Nursing OR445,000
Patient MonitorNursing OR445,000
Suction Machine (Portable)Nursing OR145,000
Platelet Agitator Incubator (blood mixer with incubator)Pathology245,000
Suction MachineRadiology145,000
Fibre Optic Cable and Sterilization ContainerSurgical Oncology345,000
CupboardNursing OR444,100
Survey Meter (for Radioactive contamination monitoring)Nuclear Medicine340,900
BIPAP Machine (Bilevel positive airway pressure-respiratory support device)Nursing ICU340,900
High Flow Nasal Oxygen (respiratory support device)Nursing ICU140,900
Chemical Safety Cabinet-corrosive chemical (hazardous chemical storage cabinet)Pathology140,900
Chemical Safety Cabinet-flammable chemical (hazardous chemical storage cabinet)Pathology140,900
Agglutination Viewer (blood grouping device)Pathology140,900
Water Bath (warmer)Pathology140,900
Minor Surgery Set (surgical instrument)Surgical Oncology340,900
Blanket WarmerAnaesthesia336,800
Hot Line Fluid Warmer Set (warming fluid during IV infusion)Anaesthesia436,800
Flowtron Pump (to be applied over the legs for compression in order to avoid formation of blood clots within deep veins of legs)Anaesthesia436,800
Flowtron Pump (device to prevent deep vein thrombosis)Nursing ICU536,800
Electronic Bed-with weight scale (patient's bed with specification to weigh immobile patients)Nursing ICU136,800
Electronic Bed-without weight scale (patient's bed)Nursing ICU736,800
Electronic BedNursing OPD & EAR1236,800
Electronic BedNursing OR236,800
Warmer (for fluid)Anaesthesia132,700
Infusion Pump Double Chamber (device to give drugs through infusion during surgery)Anaesthesia1232,700
Portable Pulse Oximeter (to determine levels of oxygen)Clinical & Radiation Oncology232,700
Electron Cutter (for administration of Radiotherapy to the patients)Clinical & Radiation Oncology132,700
Pulse Oximeter (to measure oxygen levels of the patient)Nuclear Medicine132,700
Chemo ChairNursing Chemo2032,700
Infusion Pump (device to administer chemo)Nursing Chemo2032,700
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy Machine (CCRT) (to remove wastes from blood for kidney failure)Nursing ICU432,700
Pulse Oximeter (device to detect concentration of oxygen in blood)Nursing ICU132,700
Pulse Oximeter with CO2 (device to detect CO2 in blood)Nursing ICU132,700
Feeding Pump (for liquid diet administration)Nursing Inpatient232,700
Pulse Oximeter (to detect heart rate and oxygen)Nursing Inpatient432,700
Infusion Pump-double chamber (for medicine administration)Nursing Inpatient2032,700
Blood Donor Bed (blood donor couch)Pathology232,700
Plasma Extractor (blood component separator)Pathology132,700
Incubator (heated insulated box)Pathology132,700
Hot Plate (electric burner)Pathology132,700
Electronic BedNursing Inpatient4031,500
Evacuation StretcherClinical & Radiation Oncology228,600
Suction Machine (Aspirator to clear airway)Internal Medicine228,600
Network Camera (required in Cyclotron for remote access in Radiation area)Nuclear Medicine128,600
Container (for placing high energy Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine528,600
Lead Lined Waste Container (for handling Radioactive waste)Nuclear Medicine228,600
StretcherNuclear Medicine128,600
Portable Blood Pressure ApparatusNursing Chemo428,600
Patient StretcherNursing OR228,600
Medication TrolleyPharmacy228,600
PET-CT Scanner Stretcher with side tableRadiology428,600
Herniotomy Set (surgical instrument)Surgical Oncology128,600
PCA Pump (device to give pain killer infusions after surgery through IV line)Anaesthesia424,500
Epidural Pump (device to give pain killer infusions after surgery from back/spine)Anaesthesia424,500
PrinterNuclear Medicine224,500
UPSNursing Inpatient124,500
UPS (6KVA)Pathology524,500
Electronic Differential Counter (cell counting meter)Pathology224,500
Centrifuge-ID (machine for blood / fluid components separation)Pathology124,500
Incubator-ID (heated insulated box)Pathology124,500
Medication RefrigeratorPharmacy424,500
Laparoscopic Staging Instrument SetSurgical Oncology324,500
Dragon (voice recognition system)Radiology524,300
Pulse Oximeter with Table Top Trolley (oxygen level and heart rate checking equipment)Internal Medicine320,900
BIPAP (non invasive ventilation machine)Internal Medicine220,900
Refrigerator (medication fridge to keep medicines)Nursing ICU120,900
Syringe Pump (device to give medications in a calibrated fashion)Anaesthesia420,400
Alloy MelterClinical & Radiation Oncology120,400
Syringe Pump (device for controlled infusion of medicine administration)Nursing ICU1020,400
Infusion Pump (device for controlled infusion of medicine administration)Nursing ICU1920,400
Syringe Pump (for medicine administration)Nursing Inpatient220,400
Syringe PumpNursing OPD & EAR220,400
Infusion PumpNursing OPD & EAR620,400
Infusion Pump (device for controlled infusion of medicine administration)OPAT420,400
Flammable Safety Can (hazardous chemical storage can)Pathology120,400
MR Oxygen Measuring DeviceRadiology120,400
Digital Dicta Phone (digital voice recorder)Radiology419,600
Syringe Driver (for medicine administration)Nursing Inpatient418,000
Drawer and CounterPharmacy417,400
PH MeterPathology116,300
Medication RefrigeratorPharmacy416,300
Roll Dispenser with cutterCSSD314,700
Medication CounterNursing Chemo213,500
Medication Room Counter (a stainless steel table to prepare medicines before administration)Nursing ICU113,500
Prep Counter (stainless steel)Nursing Inpatient113,500
Table (stainless steel)Pathology2513,500
Oxygen Cylinder (MRI Compatible)Anaesthesia112,300
Pat Slide (to help in transport and transfer of patients who are bed bound)Clinical & Radiation Oncology112,300
KIT Boiler (Radiopharmaceuticals preparation in hot lab)Nuclear Medicine112,300
Lead Apron and Thyroid Shield SetNuclear Medicine512,300
Cabinet Trolley (bed side locker to place patient use items)Nursing ICU212,300
Doppler (device to detect blood flow)Nursing ICU112,300
Mini Doppler (portable device to detect blood flow)Nursing ICU112,300
Mini Doppler-crash cart (to detect pulse)Nursing Inpatient112,300
Hand Held Doppler (a device to check blood flow through vessels)Nursing OPD & EAR112,300
Flammable CabinetPharmacy412,300
Photocopy MachineNuclear Medicine112,200
Iron CabinetPharmacy212,200
UPS (3KVA)Pathology311,400
Packing Table (with magnifying glass)CSSD410,000
Linen Inspection TableCSSD110,000
Syringe Shield (injecting high energy Radioactive medicine)Nuclear Medicine59,800
Cabinet-fire proof and acid resistant (placing chemicals in radiopharmacy)Nuclear Medicine29,800
Decontamination KitNuclear Medicine19,800
Wash Basin (Dual Sink)Nursing OR19000
Rotator (sample mixer)Pathology69000
Vortex Mixer (sample shaker)Pathology49000
Weighing ChairClinical & Radiation Oncology18700
Voice Recognition SystemNuclear Medicine18700
Weight ChairNursing Inpatient18700
Weighing ChairNursing OPD & EAR18700
Vacuum CleanerNursing OR18700
Transcription SetRadiology28700
Cooling PlateClinical & Radiation Oncology18200
Trolley with Leatherite Cover (it is usedfor linen preparation area)CSSD28200
Electronic Personal Dosimeter (Radioactive contamination monitoring personal electronic dosimeter)Nuclear Medicine48200
Mobile Lead shielded (lead shielded for 512keV 18F Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine58200
Dicta Phone (voice recorder)Nuclear Medicine18200
Orbital Shaker (medication mixer)Pharmacy18200
Satinsky Vascular Clamp (surgical instrument)Surgical Oncology18200
Trolley (stainless steel)Nursing Inpatient27800
Linen TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR17600
Clean Linen TrolleyNursing OR27400
Lead BoxNuclear Medicine17000
Diagnostic Set (device used to examine the ear and eye)Nursing OPD & EAR57000
Diagnostic Set-Ophthalmoscope (device used to examine the eye)Nursing OPD & EAR27000
Procedure Trolley (preparation trolley to keep required supplies for an invasive procedure)Nursing ICU26900
RackNursing OR16900
Trolley (with bin)Nursing Inpatient26300
RackNursing OR16300
Isolation Trolley (to keep personal protective equipment-masks, gowns etc., usedin a patient on isolation precautions) Nursing ICU46100
Sound System (patient announcement system)Nursing OPD & EAR16100
Light (portable)Nursing OR16100
Trolley (stainless steel)Nursing Inpatient26000
PAT Slide (to assist in transfer/ transport of patients)Nuclear Medicine35700
Pulse Oximeter (monitoring oxygen level)Nursing Chemo25700
Pat Slide (assist in transfer of bed bound patients)Nursing ICU85700
Pat slide (Assist bed to bed shifting)Nursing Inpatient25700
Pulse Oximeter (device to measure oxygen levels)Nursing OPD & EAR45700
PAT slide (used to transfer immobile patients)Nursing OPD & EAR25700
Pat Slide (used to transfer immobile patients)Nursing OR55700
PAT Slide (a Plastic slide to aid in the transfer of patients)Radiology45700
Medication Storage TrolleyNursing OR15500
Patient Queue Management SystemClinical & Radiation Oncology15300
Water GunCSSD25300
Air GunCSSD25300
Stand (stainless steel)Clinical & Radiation Oncology85200
Digital Height and Weight ScaleNuclear Medicine25200
Height and Weight ScaleNursing Chemo15200
Diagnostic Set (device to examine ear, nose, throat and eye) Nursing ICU25200
Height and Weight ScaleNursing Inpatient25200
Diagnostic Set (to check eye, nose and ear) Nursing Inpatient25200
Weight and Height ScalePathology15200
Floor PalletPharmacy45200
Pass through Window (window)Pharmacy45200
Table (stainless steel)Pharmacy15200
Camera for PET-CT Scanner (internet protocol based)Radiology65200
Digital Height and Weight ScaleRadiology65200
Hem-o-Lock (surgical clip applier)Surgical Oncology55200
Weighing BalancePharmacy15000
Weigh MachineClinical & Radiation Oncology14900
Staff LockerCSSD104900
Staff LockerNursing Chemo104900
LockersNursing Inpatient254900
Weight ScaleNursing OPD & EAR54900
Staff LockerNursing OR164900
Weight MachineNursing OR24900
Weighing Balance (Dual Weighing Balance)Pathology14900
Speech Mike (electronic mike)Radiology34900
Desktop Computer (with UPS)CSSD34700
UPSNursing Chemo54700
UPS (1KVA-back up electrical support for critical devices)Nursing ICU34700
UPS (1KVA)Nursing Inpatient34700
TrolleyNursing Inpatient24500
Medicine Trolley (with drawer)Nursing OPD & EAR54500
Trolley (stainless steel)Clinical & Radiation Oncology34100
Vaclok StandClinical & Radiation Oncology34100
Paper Dispensing TrolleyCSSD24100
QC Kit Set (required for QC of Radiopharmaceuticals)Nuclear Medicine14100
Trolley (transportation trolley for medical, surgical and nursing supplies) Nursing ICU84100
File Trolley (trolley for patient's confidential files)Nursing ICU14100
Orthopaedic Chair (for patient with bones and joint diseases/surgeries)Nursing Inpatient24100
File TrolleyNursing Inpatient24100
Induction TrolleyNursing OR44100
Anal Retractor (surgical instrument)Surgical Oncology14100
Intestinal Clamp (surgical instrument)Surgical Oncology14100
Lead Apron (with neck shield)Internal Medicine43800
Clean Linen Trolley (stainless steel)Clinical & Radiation Oncology23700
Speech Microphone (Speech mike)Nuclear Medicine13700
Medication TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR53700
Medication TrolleyNursing OR13700
Stainless Steel Procedure Trolley (large)Radiology43700
Bed Pan Transportation TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR13600
Storage RackPathology153600
Infant Weight Scale (device to monitor infant weight)Nursing ICU13500
Inspection Counter (visual inspection background counter)Pharmacy23500
Stethoscope (MRI Compatible)Anaesthesia13300
Storage RackCSSD203300
Bedside Cabinet (bed side locker to place patient's use items)Nursing ICU83300
Storage RackNursing OR83300
TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR203100
Stainless Steel Procedure Trolley (small)Radiology33100
Lead ApronRadiology63100
Transport and Distribution TrolleyCSSD42900
Medication Trolley (trolley for keeping/storing of medicines)Nursing ICU12900
Transport TrolleyNursing Inpatient12900
Hemorrhoidal Gun (surgical instrument)Surgical Oncology12900
Eye Wash-complete station (emergency station for eye wash)Nursing ICU12800
Eye Wash Station (with delousing shower)Pathology22800
Medicine TrolleyNursing Chemo62700
Nursing Supplies TrolleyNursing Chemo22700
Standard Tool KitClinical & Radiation Oncology12600
Spill Kit (first aid kit for handling of chemical spillage)Nursing ICU22600
Chemical Vapor Dictation System (hazardous fume detector)Pathology12600
Spill KitPharmacy22600
Chemo Spill Kit BoxPharmacy12600
Trolley (stainless steel)Internal Medicine52500
Examination Light (portable)Nursing Inpatient12500
Patient Bed Side TableNursing OR82500
Linen HamperRadiology22500
Epidural Trolley (trolley to keep equipment during specified procedure)Anaesthesia42400
Oxygen Cylinder (with carrying trolley)Clinical & Radiation Oncology12400
Pipette 1 - 5 ml (volume measuring device)Pathology32300
Pipette 10 - 100ul (volume measuring device)Pathology32300
Pipette 100 - 1000ul (volume measuring device)Pathology32300
Pipette 0.5 - 10ul (volume measuring device)Pathology32300
Pipettor 50 - 200ul (volume measuring device)Pathology32300
Trolley (stainless steel)Nursing OPD & EAR22200
Illuminator (4 bank illuminator)Nuclear Medicine42100
RefrigeratorNursing Inpatient22100
Oxygen Cylinder (with trolley and flow meter)Nursing OPD & EAR32100
Medication FridgeNursing OPD & EAR22100
FurnitureNursing OPD & EAR12100
Medication FridgeNursing OR12100
Medication FridgeOPAT12100
Suction Jug (with venturi)Radiology22100
4 Bank Illuminator (illuminator)Radiology32100
Chair (waiting area)Clinical & Radiation Oncology502000
Bedside CabinetNursing Inpatient422000
Food TableNursing Inpatient422000
Waiting Area ChairNursing Inpatient252000
Bed Side TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR102000
Preparation TrolleyNursing OR42000
Shelf (for rigid scope)Nursing OR12000
Cupboard (patient kit)Nursing OR12000
Patient Waiting ChairPharmacy152000
Instrument Trolley (large)Nursing OR51900
Dirty Linen HamperClinical & Radiation Oncology41800
Hamper Trolley (with lid)CSSD41800
Dressing TrolleyNursing Chemo41800
Hamper (disposal of dirt gown and bed sheets)Nursing Chemo41800
Dressing Trolley (preparation trolley to keep required supplies for a invasive procedure)Nursing ICU21800
Hamper (laundry bag for usedpatient's kit and linen)Nursing ICU61800
Trolley (dressing)Nursing Inpatient21800
Hamper (for usedpatient and staff linens)Nursing Inpatient51800
Hamper (with cover)Nursing OPD & EAR81800
Examination TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR61800
Wall Mounted ShelfNursing OR11800
ShelfNursing OR11800
Hamper Trolley (with Lid)Nursing OR71800
Mayo Stand (stainless steel stand for instruments)Nursing OR41800
Linen HamperRadiology71800
Radio Frequency Identification Machine (machine that uses radio waves to identify an object)Radiology41800
O2 CylinderClinical & Radiation Oncology11700
Blood Pressure Apparatus (digital)Nuclear Medicine21700
Wall Mounted Suction Unit and Suction BottleNursing OR221700
Instrument Trolley (small)Nursing OR41700
Temperature Device-Humidity (thermometer)Pathology151700
Examination Couch (patient examination couch)Pathology11700
Fire BlanketPathology61700
Blood Pressure Apparatus (digital)Pathology21700
Phlebotomy Chair (blood sample collection chair)Pathology11700
Phlebotomy hand carry kit (sample transportation box)Pathology11700
Infrared Thermometer (thermometer)Pathology21700
Blood Pressure Apparatus (digital)Pathology11700
Wall Mounted Suction VenturiRadiology51700
Suction Venturi (Aspirator with negative pressure to clear airway, wall mounted) Internal Medicine51600
Trolley (stainless steel)Nuclear Medicine31600
Box (stainless steel)Nuclear Medicine11600
Integrated CCTV System (Integrated CCTV System IP Base)Nuclear Medicine11600
Bedpan HangerNursing Chemo11600
Bunk Bed (for on call physicians)Nursing ICU21600
Cambro Cooler (Container for transport purposes)Nursing Inpatient21600
HangerNursing OR11600
Trolley Small (transportation cart)Pathology21600
Phlebotomy TablePathology31600
Surveillance Camera (CCTV)Pharmacy31600
Suction JugNuclear Medicine11400
Oxygen Cylinder (with portable trolley)Nuclear Medicine11400
Oxygen CylinderNursing Chemo71400
Patient Examination TableNursing Chemo31400
Oxygen Cylinder (with flow meter)Nursing Chemo21400
Oxygen Cylinder-portable (movable oxygen devices)Nursing ICU81400
Oxygen Cylinder (small)Nursing ICU21400
Oxygen CylinderNursing Inpatient41400
Examination BedNursing OPD & EAR201400
Oxygen Cylinder and RegulatorNursing OPD & EAR11400
Portable Oxygen Cylinder (with gauge and stand)Nursing OR41400
Transportation Kits-FNA (sampletTransportation box)Pathology21400
Sealant MachinePharmacy21400
Portable Oxygen Cylinder with TrolleyRadiology41400
Oxygen Cylinder (small)Nursing ICU21300
Oxygen Cylinder and RegulatorNursing OR21300
Ambu Bag (device to assist in beathing)Anaesthesia121200
NebulizerInternal Medicine21200
Wooden ConsoleNuclear Medicine11200
Ambu Bag-adult (for providing mechanical ventilation to critically ill patients)Nursing Chemo11200
Ambu Bag-paediatric (for providing mechanical ventilation to critically ill patients)Nursing Chemo11200
Suction Jug (device to store waste)Nursing ICU101200
Suction Device (device to such bodily secretions)Nursing ICU81200
Laryngoscope Curved Blade (device to insert tube in airway for artificial breathing)Nursing ICU21200
Suction Unit (a unit placed at bed side for suction of bodily secretions)Nursing ICU11200
Wall mounted (wooden rack)Nursing Inpatient61200
Wall mounted (wooden cabinet)Nursing Inpatient51200
Ambu Bag (for mechanical ventilation in critical condition or code blue)Nursing Inpatient41200
Oxygen Cylinder (small)Nursing Inpatient21200
Suction UnitNursing Inpatient11200
Suction DeviceNursing OPD & EAR61200
Ambu Bag-Adult (a hand held self inflatable bag to ventilate patients)Nursing OPD & EAR11200
Ambu Bag-Paediatric (a hand held self inflatable bag to ventilate patients)Nursing OPD & EAR11200
Unit Emergency Stock BoxPharmacy151200
Datamax Thermal PrinterPharmacy51200
Datamax Thermal PrinterPharmacy21200
Gloves boxes holderNursing Inpatient211100
Examination CouchClinical & Radiation Oncology21000
Eye Wash StationCSSD11000
Loading BasketCSSD301000
Basket Hanging TrolleyCSSD101000
Examination CouchInternal Medicine51000
Eye Wash StationNursing Inpatient21000
RefrigeratorNursing Inpatient11000
Eye Wash StationNursing OPD & EAR21000
Examination CouchNursing OPD & EAR101000
Blood Donor CouchPathology61000
Eye Wash StationPathology31000
Medication RefrigeratorPharmacy21000
Refrigerator (small)Pharmacy11000
O2 CylinderAnaesthesia4900
Blade and Handle (securing airway during Anaesthesia)Anaesthesia8900
Suction Jug (Jar / container use to collect secretions, usedwith suction venturi) Internal Medicine1900
Wall Mounted RackNuclear Medicine1900
Sitting StoolNursing Chemo10900
Blade-with Battery (for airway tube insertion-device usedto insert tube in airway for artificial breathing)Nursing ICU2900
Blade Set (for airway tube insertion-device usedto insert tube in airway for artificial breathing)Nursing ICU2900
Straight Blade Set (device used to insert tube in airway for artificial breathing)Nursing ICU2900
Quality Board (to display quality related indicator's data)Nursing ICU1900
Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyNursing Inpatient4900
Laryngoscope Curved blade (usedto insert tube in airway for artificial breathing)Nursing Inpatient2900
Pressure BagNursing Inpatient2900
Quality BoardNursing Inpatient1900
Blade Set (for airway insertion)Nursing Inpatient1900
Straight Blade (with battery)Nursing Inpatient1900
Microwave OvenNursing Inpatient1900
Electric Shaver MachineNursing Inpatient1900
Wall Mounted Blood Pressure ApparatusNursing OPD & EAR32900
Blade and Handle (McCoy)Nursing OPD & EAR1900
Blade and Handle (Laryngoscope)Nursing OPD & EAR1900
Chemical Hand GelRadiology15900
Cannulation ChairRadiology1900
Lead Apron StandRadiology3900
Trolley (with sharp box)Nursing Inpatient8800
Wall mounted (sharp box holder)Nursing Inpatient5800
Sharp Box Holder (portable)Nursing Inpatient2800
Wall Mounted Sharp Box HolderNursing OPD & EAR8800
Quality BoardNursing OPD & EAR12800
Sharps ContainerNursing OR12800
Narcotic Box Double LockNursing OR5800
Surgical Count BoardNursing OR4800
Sharp StandRadiology3800
Infusion Pressure Bag (device to increase the flow of the fluid during infusion)Anaesthesia8700
Hand DryerCSSD2700
Arm ChairInternal Medicine10700
Hamper (for disposal of patient gowns / dirty linen)Internal Medicine3700
Cannulation Chair (without wheel)Nuclear Medicine1700
O2 Flow Meter (device to monitor flow of oxygen given to patients)Nursing ICU15700
Pressure Bag (device to enhance hydration/infusions)Nursing ICU2700
O2 Flow Meter (to check flow rate of oxygen being supplied to the patient)Nursing Inpatient50700
Blood Pressure Apparatus (portable)Nursing Inpatient3700
Wall Mounted Oxygen Flow MeterNursing OPD & EAR17700
Laryngoscope (a scope usedto visualize breathing tube)Nursing OPD & EAR7700
Attendant ChairNursing OPD & EAR6700
Hand DryerNursing OR10700
Hand Washing SinkPathology9700
Dirty Sink (laboratory sink)Pathology5700
Oxygen Flow MeterRadiology5700
Quality BoardRadiology2700
Hand Dryer MachineRadiology4700
Revolving ChairInternal Medicine5600
Quality BoardNuclear Medicine1600
Bed Side ChairNursing Chemo30600
Counter ChairNursing Chemo10600
Counter ChairNursing ICU20600
Tissue HangerNursing OR8600
Staff Allocation BoardNursing OR3600
Quality BoardNursing OR3600
Leatherite ChairNursing OR20600
Hydraulic Chair (height adjustable chair)Pathology20600
Chemotherapy Chair (clean room chair)Pharmacy8600
Acrylic Notice BoardNuclear Medicine4500
Portable Screen (curtain)Nursing Chemo3500
Patient Emergency Transfer Bag (emergency bag containing essential supplies and drugs )Nursing ICU1500
X-Ray IlluminatorNursing OPD & EAR14500
Wash Basin and MirrorNursing OR10500
X-Ray Luminar (X Ray Illuminator)Nursing OR6500
Lead CollarRadiology4500
Tray (medium size)Nursing Chemo10400
Kidney Tray (used for dispose of useditems)Nursing Chemo8400
Acrylic BoxNursing OR50400
Acrylic Medication TrayNursing OR3400
Kick Bucket (stainless steel bin with wheels)Nursing OR8400
IV Cannulation TrayNursing OR6400
Wall Mounted BP ApparatusInternal Medicine5300
X-Ray Illuminator (for viewing the CT scans)Internal Medicine1300
Confidential Bin (for disposal of confidential documents)Nuclear Medicine5300
Ambu Mask-large (for providing mechanical ventilation to critically ill patients)Nursing Chemo4300
Ambu Mask-medium (for providing mechanical ventilation to critically ill patients)Nursing Chemo4300
Ambu Mask-small (for providing mechanical ventilation to critically ill patients)Nursing Chemo4300
IV Stand (used for infusion therapy)Nursing Chemo20300
IV Pole (to attach intravenous medications and fluids at patient bedside)Nursing ICU15300
Ambu Mask (large) (for mechanical ventilation in critical condition /code blue)Nursing Inpatient5300
Ambu Mask (medium) (for mechanical ventilation in critical condition /code blue)Nursing Inpatient5300
Ambu Mask (small) (for mechanical ventilation in critical condition /code blue)Nursing Inpatient5300
IV Pole (a pole to attach Intravenous medications/ fluids to)Nursing Inpatient70300
Blood Pressure ApparatusNursing Inpatient42300
Suture Acrylic RackNursing OR4300
IV Stand (Drip Stand)Nursing OR18300
Medication Transportation BoxPharmacy5300
Waste Basket (disposal of infectious waste)Nursing Chemo20200
Air Mattress (bed for immobile patients to cater to pressure points and prevent pressure ulcers)Nursing ICU16200
O2 Flow Meter (device to monitor flow of oxygen given to patients)Nursing ICU4200
Air Mattress (with pump)Nursing Inpatient30200
Plastic Sitting ChairNursing OR6200
Styrofoam SheetClinical & Radiation Oncology50100
Curtain Rail (to fix curtains at bed side)Nursing ICU1000100
CurtainNursing ICU500100
Curtain RailNursing Inpatient1000100
Patient Kit (for personal hygiene)Nursing Inpatient100100
TorchNursing OPD & EAR20100
TrayNursing OPD & EAR13100
Hammer and Tuning ForkNursing OPD & EAR20100
OR Green Kit (Scrub)Nursing OR100100
OR Blue Kit (Scrub)Nursing OR100100
Tray (stainless steel)Pharmacy40100
Wall Mounted RackRadiology1100
Plastic BasketNursing OR5030

Please make note that:

  1. The purchase of the equipment will be prioritized in accordance with the needs of the Hospital during the financial year.
  2. The actual purchase price may vary subject to the specifications of the equipment and the exchange rates prevailing at the time of purchase.
  3. The procurement and utilisation of the donated equipment will be contingent upon the inauguration of the hospital.

For further information please contact your nearest Regional Office.