Equipment Catalogue – Karachi Project

The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centres (SKMCH&RC) in Pakistan today proudly rank amongst the best cancer centres of the world. The hospitals continue to function and provide care as envisioned by their mission statement, to provide state-of-the-art cancer care, irrespective of the ability to pay and to pursue education and research.

With the rapid technological advancement especially in the field of healthcare, we have to continuously invest in state-of-the-art equipment to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of technology. Your continuous support towards our hospitals has made it possible for us to do this in the past and will surely help us in meeting greater challenges this year.

The table below provides information about the equipment that we need to procure to be able to provide cancer care to our patients in line with international standards.

It is truly your donations that equip us to fight cancer.

Equipment Sponsorship Catalogue

DescriptionDepartment/SectionQtyUnit Price (USD)
SPECT/CTNuclear Medicine1873,500
4D CT Simulator
Clinical & Radiation Oncology1748,700
Digital MammographyRadiology1353,500
QC CubicleNuclear Medicine1307,800
Digital X-RAY/ FluoroscopyRadiology1307,800
TheodoricoNuclear Medicine2257,900
Echo MachineInternal Medicine1166,400
Hot CellNuclear Medicine5166,400
Ultrasound (with probes & ups)Radiology2149,700
Digital Portable X-RayRadiology1149,700
Synthera+Nuclear Medicine2133,100
Automated InjectorNuclear Medicine1120,600
ManuelaNuclear Medicine1108,100
Automated Multidose InjectorNuclear Medicine1108,100
Cavitational Ultrasonic Surgical AspiratorSurgical Oncology1104,000
Steam SterilizerCSSD291,500
Endoscopic Video System CenterInternal Medicine187,300
DXANuclear Medicine179,000
Washer Disinfector (with dryer)CSSD277,400
ACS SystemNuclear Medicine174,900
Laparo Unit 3DSurgical Oncology270,700
MRI Compatible Anaesthesia MachineAnesthesia166,500
Anesthesia Machine (with caridac monitor)Anesthesia466,500
Cardiac MonitorRadiology166,500
Ultrasound (Portable)Radiology166,500
Frozen Section CryostatPathology162,400
Ultrasound MachineSurgical Oncology149,900
UPS (for Fluoroscopy)Radiology149,900
ETT MachineInternal Medicine141,600
MUCHANuclear Medicine139,100
Endoscope WasherClinical & Radiation Oncology137,400
Automated Reprocessor (Endoscopic)Internal Medicine137,400
OR TableNursing OR437,400
ColonoscopeInternal Medicine233,300
ERCPInternal Medicine133,300
Diathermy Machine (with accessories)Internal Medicine133,300
GastroscopeInternal Medicine329,100
TLC ScannerNuclear Medicine129,100
OR Table (with attachment)Nursing OR229,100
NasoendoscopeClinical & Radiation Oncology225,000
Enseal and Harmonic Scalpel MachineSurgical Oncology225,000
OR (Light, HD Camera and LED)Nursing OR425,000
Diathermy MachineNursing OR425,000
Washing Station (with builtin ultrasonic cleaner)CSSD124,100
BronchoscopeInternal Medicine220,800
Vital Sign MonitorNuclear Medicine120,800
Cardiac MonitorNursing OR420,800
Anaesthesia PendentNursing OR420,800
UPS (100 KVA)Nursing OR120,800
Cardiac MonitorRadiology420,800
Cardiac MonitorNursing Chemo120,800
Cardiac MonitorNursing OPD & EAR520,800
Cardiac MonitorNursing Inpatient120,800
VentilatorNursing ICU620,800
Cardiac MonitorNursing ICU1020,800
Drying CabinetCSSD119,500
Surgical PendentNursing OR418,300
PendentNursing OR218,300
Lead Shieded (storage cabinet)Nuclear Medicine117,900
Thompson Retractor SetSurgical Oncology216,600
Lone Star Hook and RetractorSurgical Oncology116,600
Bed Pan WasherNursing OPD & EAR115,400
ABG AnalyzerInternal Medicine115,000
Blood Storage RefrigeratorPathology215,000
Freezer (-50°C)Pathology215,000
Monitor (hand feet)Nuclear Medicine214,100
Cytospin 4Pathology114,100
Color PrinterRadiology114,100
Bedpan WasherNursing OR113,700
Pouch Sealling MachineCSSD313,500
IHD MachineNursing ICU113,300
L-ShieldNuclear Medicine612,500
Wipe Test CounterNuclear Medicine112,500
Endotoxins Test ApparatusNuclear Medicine112,500
Chemical Handling FumehoodNuclear Medicine212,500
Mobile Lead SheildNuclear Medicine212,500
Centrifuge Machine (3500 RPM)Pathology412,500
Biological Safety CabinetPathology212,500
Fume HoodPathology112,500
Freezer (-20C)Pathology212,500
Osmolality AnalyzerPathology112,500
Double Head MicroscopePathology112,500
Laparoscopy Instrument SetSurgical Oncology312,500
Thermal Blanket WarmerAnesthesia412,500
Meditherm MachineNursing ICU212,500
Thermal MachineNursing ICU112,500
Pharmaceutical Grade RefrigeratorNuclear Medicine212,400
Dose CalibratorNuclear Medicine711,600
PET-QC SourceNuclear Medicine110,800
Barco LEDNuclear Medicine310,800
Barco LED (consultant set up)Radiology310,800
CycloflushNursing Chemo110,800
CycloflushNursing Inpatient110,800
CRRT MachineNursing ICU110,800
CycloflushNursing ICU210,800
Micro Vascular SetSurgical Oncology210,400
Vascular SetSurgical Oncology110,000
Open Instrument SetSurgical Oncology410,000
RO PlantNursing ICU110,000
Bio SealerPathology28,300
Surgery SetSurgical Oncology28,300
Emergency OR Mobile LightNursing OR18,300
MR Sequencing SystemRadiology18,300
ECG MachineInternal Medicine16,700
RO Plant (EDI)Pathology26,700
Pulse Oxe-MeterRadiology16,700
Cytotoxic Laminar Air Flow HoodPharmacy26,700
Laminar Air Flow HoodPharmacy26,700
Water Treatment UnitCSSD16,700
ECG MachineNursing OR16,200
ECG MachineNursing Inpatient16,200
ECG MachineNursing ICU16,200
Bulldog Clamp SetSurgical Oncology15,800
Scrub Sink (dual)Nursing OR25,800
Air Compressor (Oil Free)CSSD25,800
Trolley WashCSSD15,800
Rad Survey MeterMedical Physics15,700
DefibrillatorClinical & Radiation Oncology15,400
DefibrillatorNuclear Medicine15,400
Blood Collection MonitorPathology25,400
APR SetSurgical Oncology25,400
Medication TrolleyAnesthesia45,400
Flexible Intubation ScopeAnesthesia15,400
DefibrillatorNursing OR15,400
Crash CartRadiology15,400
DefibrillatorNursing Chemo15,400
Electronic BP MonitorNursing OPD & EAR55,400
DefibrillatorNursing OPD & EAR15,400
DefibrillatorNursing Inpatient15,400
Vein IlluminatorNursing OPD & EAR45,100
Crash CartClinical & Radiation Oncology15,000
UtensilClinical & Radiation Oncology15,000
Platform (mold lab)Clinical & Radiation Oncology15,000
Crash Cart (with accessories)Clinical & Radiation Oncology15,000
Crash Cart (with assessories)Nuclear Medicine15,000
Centrifuge MachinePathology15,000
Plasma Thawing BathPathology15,000
Incubator (25L)Pathology15,000
Crash Cart TrolleyNursing OR15,000
Tablet CounterPharmacy25,000
Crash Cart (with accessories)Nursing Chemo15,000
Crash Cart (with accessories)Nursing OPD & EAR15,000
Food Trolley (large with heater)Nursing Inpatient15,000
Crash Cart (with accessories)Nursing Inpatient15,000
Crash Cart Trolley (with accessories)Nursing ICU15,000
Portable Suction MachineClinical & Radiation Oncology14,600
ProbeNuclear Medicine84,600
Platelet Agitator IncubatorPathology24,600
Fiber Optic Cable and Sterilization ContainerSurgical Oncology34,600
Suction Machine (Portable)Nursing OR44,600
Patient MonitorNursing OR44,600
Suction Machine (Portable)Nursing OR14,600
Suction MachineRadiology14,600
Suction MachineNursing Chemo14,600
StretcherNursing Chemo14,600
Suction MachineNursing OPD & EAR34,600
Portable Suction MachineNursing OPD & EAR14,600
StretcherNursing Inpatient14,600
Suction Machine (portable)Nursing ICU24,600
CupboardNursing OR44,500
Survey MeterNuclear Medicine34,200
Chemical Safety Cabinet (corrosive chemical)Pathology14,200
Chemical Safety Cabinet (flammable chemical)Pathology14,200
Agglutination ViewerPathology14,200
Water BathPathology14,200
Minor Surgery SetSurgical Oncology34,200
BIPAP MachineNursing ICU34,200
High Flow Nasal OxygenNursing ICU14,200
Blanket WarmerAnesthesia33,700
Hot Line Fluid Warmer SetAnesthesia43,700
Flowtron PumpAnesthesia43,700
Electronic BedNursing OR23,700
Electronic BedNursing OPD & EAR123,700
Flowtron PumpNursing ICU53,700
Electronic Bed (with weight scale)Nursing ICU13,700
Electronic Bed (without weight scale)Nursing ICU73,700
Portable Pulse OximeterClinical & Radiation Oncology23,300
Electron CutterClinical & Radiation Oncology13,300
Pulse OximeterNuclear Medicine13,300
Blood Donor BedPathology23,300
Plasma ExtractorPathology13,300
Hot platePathology13,300
Warmer (for fluid)Anesthesia13,300
Infusion Pump (double chamber)Anesthesia123,300
Chemo ChairNursing Chemo203,300
Infusion PumpNursing Chemo203,300
Feeding PumpNursing Inpatient23,300
Pulse OximeterNursing Inpatient43,300
Infusion Pump (double chamber)Nursing Inpatient203,300
CRRT MachineNursing ICU43,300
PulseoximeterNursing ICU13,300
Pulseoximetr with CO2Nursing ICU13,300
Electronic BedNursing Inpatient423,200
Evacuation StretcherClinical & Radiation Oncology22,900
Suction MachineInternal Medicine22,900
Network CameraNuclear Medicine12,900
ContainerNuclear Medicine52,900
Lead Lined Waste ContainersNuclear Medicine22,900
StretcherNuclear Medicine12,900
Herniotomy SetSurgical Oncology12,900
Patient StretcherNursing OR22,900
PET-CT Stretcher (with side table)Radiology42,900
Medication TrolleyPharmacy22,900
Portable B.P ApparatusNursing Chemo42,900
PrinterNuclear Medicine22,500
UPS (6KVA)Pathology52,500
Electronic Diff CounterPathology22,500
Centrifuge (ID)Pathology12,500
Incubator (ID)Pathology12,500
Lap Staging Instrument SetSurgical Oncology32,500
PCA PumpAnesthesia42,500
Epidural PumpAnesthesia42,500
Dragon (voice recognization System )Radiology52,500
Medication RefrigeratorPharmacy42,500
UPSNursing Inpatient12,500
Alloy MelterClinical & Radiation Oncology12,100
Pulse Oximeter (with table top trolley)Internal Medicine32,100
BIPAPInternal Medicine22,100
Flammable Safety CansPathology12,100
Syringe PumpAnesthesia42,100
MR Oxygen Measuring DeviceRadiology12,100
Syringe PumpNursing OPD & EAR22,100
Infusion PumpNursing OPD & EAR62,100
Syringe PumpNursing Inpatient22,100
Syringe PumpNursing ICU102,100
RefrigeratorNursing ICU12,100
Infusion PumpNursing ICU202,100
Infusion PumpOPAT42,100
Dicta PhoneRadiology42,000
Drawer and CounterPharmacy41,800
Syringe DriverNursing Inpatient41,800
PH MeterPathology11,700
Medication RefrigeratorPharmacy41,700
Roll Dispenser (with cutter)CSSD31,500
Table (stainless steel)Pathology251,400
Medication CounterNursing Chemo21,400
Prep Counter (stainless steel)Nursing Inpatient11,400
Medication Room CounterNursing ICU11,400
Pat SlideClinical & Radiation Oncology11,200
KIT BoilerNuclear Medicine11,200
Lead Aprons and Thyroid Shield SetNuclear Medicine51,200
Photocopy MachineNuclear Medicine11,200
UPS (3KVA)Pathology31,200
Oxygen Cylinder (MRI Compatible)Anesthesia11,200
Iron CabinetPharmacy21,200
Flammable CabinetPharmacy41,200
Hand Held DopplerNursing OPD & EAR11,200
Mini Doppler (crash cart)Nursing Inpatient11,200
Cabinet TrolleyNursing ICU21,200
DopplerNursing ICU11,200
Mini DopplerNursing ICU11,200
Trolley for (medication supplies)Pharmacy61,100
Racks (syrup section)Pharmacy11,100
Syringe ShieldNuclear Medicine51,000
Cabinet (fire proof and acid resistant)Nuclear Medicine21,000
Decontamination KitNuclear Medicine11,000
Packing Table (with magnifying glass)CSSD41,000
Linen Inspection TableCSSD11,000
Weighing ChairClinical & Radiation Oncology1900
Voice Recogniation SystemNuclear Medicine1900
Transcriptionist MachineNuclear Medicine1900
Rotator (sample mixer)Pathology6900
Vortex MixerPathology4900
Vacuum CleanerNursing OR1900
Wash Basin (Dual Sink)Nursing OR1900
Transcription SetRadiology2900
Weighing ChairNursing OPD & EAR1900
Weight ChairNursing Inpatient1900
Cooling PlateClinical & Radiation Oncology1800
Electronic Personal DosimeterNuclear Medicine4800
Mobile Lead shieldedNuclear Medicine5800
DitaphoneNuclear Medicine1800
Satinsky Vascular ClampSurgical Oncology1800
Orbital ShakerPharmacy1800
Linen TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR1800
Trolley (stainless steel)Nursing Inpatient2800
Trolley (with leatherite cover)CSSD2800
Lead BoxNuclear Medicine1700
Clean Linen TrolleyNursing OR2700
RackNursing OR1700
Diagnostic SetNursing OPD & EAR5700
Diagnostic Set (Ophthalmoscope)Nursing OPD & EAR2700
Procedure TrollyNursing ICU2700
PAT SlideNuclear Medicine3600
Pat SlideNursing OR5600
Light (Portable)Nursing OR1600
RackNursing OR1600
Medication Storage TrolleyNursing OR1600
PAT SlideRadiology4600
Pulse OximeterNursing Chemo2600
Pulse OximeterNursing OPD & EAR4600
PAT SlideNursing OPD & EAR2600
Sound SystemNursing OPD & EAR1600
Trolley (with bin)Nursing Inpatient2600
Trolley (stainless steel)Nursing Inpatient2600
Pat SlideNursing Inpatient2600
Pat slideNursing ICU8600
Isolation TrollyNursing ICU4600
Weigh MachineClinical & Radiation Oncology1500
Stand (stainless steel)Clinical & Radiation Oncology8500
Patient Queue Management SystemClinical & Radiation Oncology1500
Digital Height & Weight ScaleNuclear Medicine2500
Weight and Height ScalePathology1500
Dual Weighing BalancePathology1500
Hem-o-LockSurgical Oncology5500
Staff LockerNursing OR16500
Weight MachineNursing OR2500
Cameras for PET-CT (IP Base)Radiology6500
Speech MikeRadiology3500
Digital Height & Weight ScaleRadiology6500
Floor PalletPharmacy4500
Pass through WindowPharmacy4500
Weighing BalancePharmacy1500
Staff LockerNursing Chemo10500
UPSNursing Chemo5500
Height and Weight ScaleNursing Chemo1500
Weight ScaleNursing OPD & EAR5500
Medicine Trolley (with drawer)Nursing OPD & EAR6500
LockerNursing Inpatient25500
UPS (1KVA)Nursing Inpatient3500
Height and Weight ScaleNursing Inpatient2500
Diagnostic SetNursing Inpatient2500
TrolleyNursing Inpatient2500
Staff LockerCSSD10500
Desktop Computer (with UPS)CSSD3500
Water GunCSSD2500
Air GunCSSD2500
UPSNursing ICU3500
Diagnostic SetNursing ICU2500
Clean Linen Trolley (stainless steel)Clinical & Radiation Oncology2400
Trolley (stainless steel)Clinical & Radiation Oncology3400
Vaclok StandClinical & Radiation Oncology3400
Lead Apron (with neck shield)Internal Medicine4400
QC Kit SetNuclear Medicine1400
Speech MicrophoneNuclear Medicine1400
Storage RackPathology15400
Anal RetractorSurgical Oncology1400
Intestinal ClampSurgical Oncology1400
Induction TrolleyNursing OR4400
Medication TrolleyNursing OR1400
Procedure Tolley (large)Radiology4400
Inspection CounterPharmacy2400
Medication TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR5400
Bed Pan Transportation TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR1400
Orthopedic ChairNursing Inpatient2400
File TrolleyNursing Inpatient2400
Paper Dispensing TrolleyCSSD2400
TrollyNursing ICU8400
Infant Weight ScaleNursing ICU1400
File TrolleyNursing ICU1400
Standard Tool KitClinical & Radiation Oncology1300
Eye Wash Station (with delousing shower)Pathology2300
Chemical Vapour Dictation SystemPathology1300
Hemorrhoidal GunSurgical Oncology1300
Stethoscope (MRI Compatible)Anesthesia1300
Storage RackNursing OR8300
Lead AppronRadiology6300
Procedure Tolley (small)Radiology3300
Spill KitPharmacy2300
Chemo Spill Kit BoxPharmacy1300
Medicine TrolleyNursing Chemo6300
Nursing Supplies TrolleyNursing Chemo2300
TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR20300
Transport TrolleyNursing Inpatient1300
Storage RackCSSD20300
Transport And Distribution TrolleyCSSD4300
Bedside CabinetNursing ICU8300
Spill KitNursing ICU2300
Eye Wash (complete station)Nursing ICU1300
Medication TrollyNursing ICU1300
O2 CylinderClinical & Radiation Oncology1200
Oxygen Cylinder (with Carrying Trolley)Clinical & Radiation Oncology1200
Dirty Linen HamperClinical & Radiation Oncology4200
Chairs (waiting area)Clinical & Radiation Oncology50200
Trolley (stainless steel)Internal Medicine5200
Suction VenturiInternal Medicine5200
Intergrated CCTV SystemNuclear Medicine1200
TrolleyNuclear Medicine3200
IlluminatorNuclear Medicine4200
Oxgen Suction VenturyNuclear Medicine1200
Box (stainless steel)Nuclear Medicine1200
BP Apparatus (digital)Nuclear Medicine2200
Pipette (1 - 5 ml)Pathology3200
Pipette (10 - 100ul)Pathology3200
Pipette (100 - 1000ul)Pathology3200
Pippet (0.5 - 10ul)Pathology3200
Pippetor (50 - 200ulPathology3200
Phlebotomy TablePathology3200
Trolley (small)Pathology2200
Temperature Device (Humidity)Pathology15200
Examination CouchPathology1200
Fire BlanketPathology6200
BP Apparatus (digital)Pathology2200
Phlebotomy ChairPathology1200
Phlebotomy (hand carry kit)Pathology1200
Infrared ThermometerPathology2200
BP Apparatus (digital)Pathology1200
Epidural TrolleyAnesthesia4200
Wall Mounted Suction Unit and Suction BottleNursing OR22200
Patient Bed Side TableNursing OR8200
Hamper Trolley (with LID)Nursing OR7200
Instrument Trolley (large)Nursing OR6200
Preparation TrolleyNursing OR4200
Mayo StandNursing OR4200
Instrument Trolley (small)Nursing OR4200
Medication FridgeNursing OR1200
Shelve (rigid scope)Nursing OR1200
Cupboard (patient kit)Nursing OR1200
Wall Mounted ShelveNursing OR1200
ShelveNursing OR1200
HangerNursing OR1200
Suction Jug (with ventury)Radiology2200
Linen HamperRadiology2200
Linen HamperRadiology7200
Wall Mounted Suction VenturyRadiology5200
RFID MachineRadiology4200
Patient Waiting ChairPharmacy15200
Surveillance CameraPharmacy3200
Dressing TrolleyNursing Chemo4200
HamperNursing Chemo4200
Refrigerator (medium size)Nursing Chemo1200
Bedpan HangerNursing Chemo1200
Bed Side TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR10200
Hamper (with cover)Nursing OPD & EAR8200
Examination TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR6200
Oxygen Cylinder (with trolly and flow meter)Nursing OPD & EAR4200
Medication FridgeNursing OPD & EAR2200
TrolleyNursing OPD & EAR2200
FurnitureNursing OPD & EAR1200
Bedside CabinetNursing Inpatient42200
Food TableNursing Inpatient42200
Waiting Area ChairNursing Inpatient25200
HamperNursing Inpatient5200
RefrigeratorNursing Inpatient2200
Trolley (dressing)Nursing Inpatient2200
Cambro CoolerNursing Inpatient2200
Examination Light (portable)Nursing Inpatient1200
Hamper Trolley (with lid)CSSD4200
HamperNursing ICU6200
Bunk BedNursing ICU2200
Dressing TrolleyNursing ICU2200
Medication FridgeNursing ICU1200
Medication FridgeOPAT1200
Cannulation ChairClinical & Radiation Oncology1100
Examination CouchClinical & Radiation Oncology2100
Arm ChairInternal Medicine10100
Examination CouchInternal Medicine5100
Revolving ChairInternal Medicine5100
Nebulizer MachineInternal Medicine2100
Suction JugInternal Medicine1100
HamperInternal Medicine3100
Suction JugNuclear Medicine1100
Cannulation Chair (without wheel)Nuclear Medicine2100
Oxgen Cylinder (with portable trolley)Nuclear Medicine1100
Wooden ConsoleNuclear Medicine1100
Acrylic Notice BoardNuclear Medicine4100
Wall Mounted RackNuclear Medicine1100
Quality BoardNuclear Medicine1100
Hydraulic ChairPathology20100
Blood Donor CouchPathology6100
Hand Washing SinkPathology9100
Dirty SinkPathology5100
Eye Wash StationPathology3100
Transportation Kit (FNA)Pathology2100
Ambu BagAnesthesia12100
Infusion Pressure BagAnesthesia8100
O2 CylinderAnesthesia4100
Blade and HandleAnesthesia8100
Leatherite ChairNursing OR20100
Portable Oxygen Cylinder (with gauge and stand)Nursing OR4100
Sharp ContainerNursing OR12100
Hand DryerNursing OR10100
Wash Basin and MirrorNursing OR10100
Tissue HangerNursing OR8100
Narcotic Box Double LockNursing OR5100
X-Ray LuminarNursing OR6100
Surgical Count BoardNursing OR4100
Wheel ChairNursing OR4100
Oxygen Cylinder and RegulatorNursing OR2100
Staff Allocation BoardNursing OR3100
Quality BoardNursing OR3100
Portable Oxygen Cylinder (with trolley)Radiology4100
Cannulation ChairRadiology1100
Lead CollarRadiology4100
Lead Appron StandRadiology3100
Oxygen Flow MeterRadiology5100
Quality BoardRadiology2100
Chemical Hand GelRadiology15100
Sharp StandRadiology3100
Hand Dryer MachineRadiology4100
Unit Emergency Stock BoxPharmacy15100
Datamax Thermal PrinterPharmacy5100
Chemotherapy ChairPharmacy8100
Sealant MachinePharmacy2100
Datamax Thermal PrinterPharmacy2100
Medication RefrigeratorPharmacy2100
Refrigerator (small)Pharmacy1100
Bed Side ChairNursing Chemo30100
Oxygen cylinderNursing Chemo7100
Sitting StoolNursing Chemo10100
Counter ChairNursing Chemo10100
Patient Examination TableNursing Chemo3100
Oxygen Cylinder (with flow meter)Nursing Chemo2100
Portable Screen (curtain)Nursing Chemo3100
Ambu Bag (adult)Nursing Chemo1100
Ambu Bag (paediatric)Nursing Chemo1100
Examination BedNursing OPD & EAR20100
Wall Mounted PB ApparatusNursing OPD & EAR32100
Wall Mounted Oxygen Flow MeterNursing OPD & EAR17100
Quality BoardNursing OPD & EAR12100
X-Ray IlluminatorNursing OPD & EAR15100
Suction DeviceNursing OPD & EAR6100
Wall Mounted Sharp Box HolderNursing OPD & EAR8100
LaryngoscopeNursing OPD & EAR7100
Attendant ChairNursing OPD & EAR6100
Eye Wash StationNursing OPD & EAR2100
Oxygen Cylinder and RegulatorNursing OPD & EAR1100
Ambu Bag (adult)Nursing OPD & EAR1100
Ambu Bag (paediatric)Nursing OPD & EAR1100
Blade and Handle (McCoy)Nursing OPD & EAR1100
Blade & Handle (Laryngoscope)Nursing OPD & EAR1100
Examination CouchNursing OPD & EAR10100
O2 Flow MeterNursing Inpatient50100
Gloves Box HolderNursing Inpatient21100
Wall Mounted (wooden rack)Nursing Inpatient6100
Wall Mounted (wooden cabinet)Nursing Inpatient5100
Oxygen CylinderNursing Inpatient4100
Trolley (with sharp box)Nursing Inpatient8100
Oxygen Cylinder TrolleyNursing Inpatient4100
Wall Mounted (sharp box holders)Nursing Inpatient5100
Wheel ChairNursing Inpatient4100
Ambu BagNursing Inpatient4100
Oxygen Cylinder (small)Nursing Inpatient2100
B.P Apparatus (portable)Nursing Inpatient3100
Eye Wash StationNursing Inpatient2100
Laryngoscope Curved BladesNursing Inpatient2100
Pressure BagNursing Inpatient2100
Sharp Box Holder (portable)Nursing Inpatient2100
Suction UnitNursing Inpatient1100
RefrigeratorNursing Inpatient1100
Quality BoardNursing Inpatient1100
Blade SetNursing Inpatient1100
Straight Blade (with battery)Nursing Inpatient1100
Microwave OvenNursing Inpatient1100
Electric Shaver MachineNursing Inpatient1100
Loading BasketCSSD30100
Basket Hanging TrolleyCSSD10100
Hand DryerCSSD2100
Eye Wash SatationCSSD1100
Suction JugNursing ICU10100
Oxygen Cylinder (portable)Nursing ICU8100
Counter ChairNursing ICU20100
O2 Flow MeterNursing ICU15100
Suction DeviceNursing ICU8100
Oxygen Cylinder (small)Nursing ICU2100
Oxygen Cylinder (small)Nursing ICU2100
LaryngoscopeNursing ICU3100
Laryngoscope Curved BladeNursing ICU2100
Blade (with battery)Nursing ICU2100
Straight Blade (with battery)Nursing ICU2100
Blade SetNursing ICU2100
Straiht Blade SetNursing ICU2100
Pressure BagNursing ICU2100
Suction UnitNursing ICU1100
Quality BoardNursing ICU1100
Patient Emergency Transfer BagNursing ICU250
Wall Mounted BP ApparatusInternal Medicine540
X-Ray IlluminatorInternal Medicine140
Acrylic BoxNursing OR5040
Kick BucketNursing OR840
IV Cannulation TrayNursing OR640
Acrylic Medication TrayNursing OR440
BP Apparatus (digital)Radiology240
Medication Transportation BoxPharmacy540
Tray (medium size)Nursing Chemo1040
Kidney TrayNursing Chemo840
Ambu Mask (large)Nursing Chemo440
Ambu Mask (medium)Nursing Chemo440
Ambu Mask (small)Nursing Chemo440
Ambu Mask (large)Nursing Inpatient540
Ambu Mask (medium)Nursing Inpatient540
Ambu Mask (small)Nursing Inpatient540
Confidentional BinNuclear Medicine530
IV StandNursing OR1830
Suture Acrylic RackNursing OR430
IV StandNursing Chemo2030
IV PoleNursing Inpatient7030
B.P ApparatusNursing Inpatient4230
IV PoleNursing ICU1530
Plastic Sitting ChairNursing OR620
Waste BasketNursing Chemo2020
Air Mattress (with pump)Nursing Inpatient3020
Air MattressNursing ICU1620
O2 Flow MeterNursing ICU620
Styrofoam SheetClinical & Radiation Oncology5010
OR Green KitNursing OR10010
OR Blue KitNursing OR10010
Wall Mounted RackRadiology110
Stainless Steel TrayPharmacy4010
TorchNursing OPD & EAR2010
Hammer and Tuning ForkNursing OPD & EAR2010
TrayNursing OPD & EAR1410
Curtain RailNursing Inpatient100010
Patient KitNursing Inpatient10010
Curtain RailNursing ICU100010
CurtainNursing ICU50010
Plastic BasketNursing OR504

Please make note that:

  1. The purchase of the equipment will be prioritized in accordance with the needs of the Hospital during the financial year.
  2. The actual purchase price may vary subject to specifications of the equipment and the exchange rates prevailing at the time of purchase.

For further information please contact your nearest Regional Office.