Equipment Catalogue – Lahore Project

The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centres (SKMCH&RC) in Pakistan today proudly rank amongst the best cancer centres of the world. The hospitals continue to function and provide care as envisioned by their mission statement, to provide state-of-the-art cancer care, irrespective of the ability to pay and to pursue education and research.

With the rapid technological advancement especially in the field of healthcare, we have to continuously invest in state-of-the-art equipment to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of technology. Your continuous support towards our hospitals has made it possible for us to do this in the past and will surely help us in meeting greater challenges this year.

The table below provides information about the equipment that we need to procure to be able to provide cancer care to our patients in line with international standards.

It is truly your donations that equip us to fight cancer.

Equipment Sponsorship Catalogue

DescriptionDepartment/SectionQtyUnit Price (in AED)
Digital Fluoroscopy (C Arm Machine)Surgical Oncology1 1,028,000
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) SystemPathology (Molecular Biology)1 632,500
Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) SystemBasic Sciences1 632,500
Cytovision SystemPathology (Medical Cytogenetic)1 613,000
Cyclotron EquipmentNuclear Medicine1 502,500
Flow CytometerPathology (Flow Cytometry)1 474,500
Synthesizer (for FDG Production)Nuclear Medicine2 446,500
Gross StationPathology (Histology)1 308,500
Laparoscopic 3D UnitSurgical Oncology1 294,000
MRI Interior CoilRadiology1 237,000
Auto Stainer (with Coversliper)Pathology (Histology)1 236,000
MRI Coil FlexRadiology1 190,000
MRI VIDA Breast CoilRadiology1 174,000
MRI Head / Neck CoilRadiology1 158,000
Therapeutic DuodenoscopeInternal Medicine (Endoscopy/GI)1 142,500
Abdominal Perineal Resection (APR) Instruments SetSurgical Oncology1 127,000
Large Format - MicrotomePathology (Histology)1 126,500
MicrotomePathology (Histology)1 126,500
GastroscopeInternal Medicine (Endoscopy/GI)1 110,500
Bronchoscope (Paediatric)Internal Medicine (Endoscopy/GI)1 95,000
Surgical Instrument (for Paediatric)Surgical Oncology1 89,000
Antimicrobial Sensitivity Testing SystemPathology (Microbiology)1 82,000
Slide LabelerPathology (Histology)1 82,000
Piranha DeviceMedical Physics1 75,000
Maxillofacial Instrument SetSurgical Oncology1 74,500
Laparoscopic Camera HeadSurgical Oncology1 65,500
Couch Top for MRI with LasersClinical & Radiation Oncology1 63,500
Flexible Pleura ScopeInternal Medicine (Endoscopy/GI)1 63,500
Freezer (Ultra Low Temperature)Basic Sciences1 63,000
Barco LEDRadiology3 57,000
Freezer (-30°C)Pathology (Blood Bank)1 57,000
Freezer (-80°C)Pathology (Molecular Biology)1 57,000
Refrigerator (2-8°C)Pathology (Molecular Biology)1 57,000
Refrigerator (2-8°C)Pathology (Routine Chemistry)1 57,000
Medical LEDInternal Medicine (Endoscopy/GI)1 50,500
Laparoscopy Instrument Insulation Checking DeviceCentral Sterile Services Department1 47,500
Microscope (Single Head)Pathology (Microbiology)1 47,500
Ultrasound MachineRadiology1 44,500
Laparoscopic Gas InsufflatorSurgical Oncology1 43,500
Blanket WarmerAnesthesia2 43,500
Safety cabinetPathology (Molecular Biology)1 41,000
Tech PendantNuclear Medicine1 39,500
Instrument Washing ChamberCentral Sterile Services Department1 38,000
Oxygen Deficiency Measuring DeviceRadiology2 38,000
Ultrasound CableInternal Medicine (Endoscopy/GI)1 38,000
Embedding StationPathology (Histology)1 36,500
ThermobritePathology (Molecular Biology)1 34,000
CO2 InsufflatorInternal Medicine (Endoscopy/GI)1 33,500
Cysto Urethroscope (for Paediatric)Surgical Oncology2 31,500
Laparoscopic Unit LCDSurgical Oncology1 30,000
Bio Safety CabinetPathology (Cytology)1 28,500
RefrigeratorNuclear Medicine1 28,000
Dose CalibratorNuclear Medicine1 27,000
Bispectral Index (BIS) MonitorAnesthesia1 26,500
Cardiac MonitorRadiology1 25,500
DefibrillatorNursing Inpatient IIA1 25,500
Defibrillator (with Paediatric and Adult Paddles)Radiology1 25,500
Positioning CushionAnesthesia1 23,500
Resectoscope SetSurgical Oncology2 22,000
Cystoscope Set Surgical Oncology2 20,000
Cold PlatePathology (Histology)1 19,000
Large Format - Cold platePathology (Histology)1 19,000
Air Particle Counter (Hand Held)Nuclear Medicine1 18,500
Suction MachineSurgical Oncology1 18,500
Blood Bag Mixer with SealerPathology (Blood Bank)2 18,000
Petri Plate RotorPathology (Microbiology)2 16,700
Crash Cart TrolleyClinical & Radiation Oncology1 15,800
Plasmaflo IIS (with Mounting)Internal Medicine (Nephrology)1 15,800
Vein IlluminatorNursing Inpatient IIA1 15,800
Xylene Monitoring MeterPathology (Histology)1 15,800
Liquid Particle CounterNuclear Medicine1 15,000
Survey Meter (with Probe)Nuclear Medicine1 15,000
Uterine ManipulatorSurgical Oncology1 14,200
Flexible CystoscopeSurgical Oncology1 14,000
Telescope / LensSurgical Oncology2 14,000
Weighing Balance (Digital)Pathology (Blood Bank)1 13,000
Electronic BedNursing Inpatient III5 12,500
Formalin MeterPathology (Histology)3 12,000
Reverse Osmosis (RO) PlantPathology (Microbiology)1 12,000
Reverse Osmosis (RO) PlantPathology (Special Chemistry)1 12,000
Dilation and Curettage (D&C) Instruments SetSurgical Oncology2 11,200
Infusion PumpNursing Chemo1 11,000
Infusion PumpNursing Inpatient I5 11,000
Elisa WasherPathology (Special Chemistry)1 10,200
S - Frame Base PlateClinical & Radiation Oncology1 10,100
Infusion PumpInternal Medicine (Physiology Lab)1 9,500
Stretcher (Height Adjustable)Internal Medicine (Physiology Lab)1 9,500
Laparoscopic Bulldog ForcepsSurgical Oncology1 9,500
3 D PrinterBio Medical Engineering1 9,300
Colony CounterPathology (Microbiology)1 9,300
Network Camera PTZ ControlNuclear Medicine1 9,300
Stainless Steel ShelvesNursing Inpatient Operation Theatre1 9,300
DopplerSurgical Oncology1 9,100
Dictation System (Recorder)Pathology (Histology)1 8,500
Transcription System (Digital)Pathology1 8,500
BP Apparatus with Pulse Oximeter (Digital)Nursing Inpatient I1 7,900
Suction MachineRadiology1 7,900
DehumidifierNuclear Medicine1 7,500
DictaphoneClinical & Radiation Oncology1 6,600
Slicer (for Large Biopsies)Pathology (Histology)1 6,300
Hot platePathology (Histology)1 6,000
Hot PlatePathology (Immunohistochemistry)1 6,000
Telescope / LensSurgical Oncology6 5,200
Laparoscopic InstrumentSurgical Oncology2 5,200
Anaerobic JarPathology (Microbiology)3 4,800
PH Meter (Multi Channel)Pathology (Microbiology)1 4,800
NasoendoscopeClinical & Radiation Oncology1 4,700
Tattooing MachineSurgical Oncology1 4,700
Agglutination ViewerPathology (Blood Bank)1 4,600
Agglutination ViewerPathology1 4,600
Alarm System for FreezersBasic Sciences1 4,600
Digital Ultrasound PrinterRadiology2 4,600
Nerve StimulatorAnesthesia1 4,400
Mobile Phase Filtration AssemblyNuclear Medicine1 4,300
Stainless Steel Shelves CupboardNursing Inpatient Operation Theatre5 4,300
Audiovisual Full SystemClinical & Radiation Oncology1 3,800
Chemotherapy ChairNursing Chemo6 3,700
Electric Micro MotorNursing OPD1 3,700
Stand for Fume HoodPathology (Cytology)1 3,700
Endodontic MicromotorNursing OPD4 3,500
L-ShieldNuclear Medicine1 3,300
Trolley (for Sample Transportation )Pathology (Collection Centre Office)1 3,300
Vial MixerPathology (Special Chemistry)1 3,300
Dual Wavelength UV LampNuclear Medicine1 3,300
Fiber Optic CableSurgical Oncology3 3,300
Sterilization ContainerSurgical Oncology3 3,300
Trolley (for Transportation)Pathology1 3,300
VortexPathology (Microbiology)2 3,300
VortexPathology (Molecular Biology)1 3,300
Vortex MixerPathology (Flow Cytometry)1 3,300
Syringe ShieldNuclear Medicine4 3,200
Pipette ControllerPathology (Medical Cytogenetic)1 3,200
ShakerPathology (Special Chemistry)1 3,200
MinifugeBasic Sciences1 2,900
Bubble Point Testing KitNuclear Medicine1 2,800
Conductivity /PH/TDS MeterNuclear Medicine1 2,800
PH MeterPathology (Medical Cytogenetic)1 2,800
PH meterPathology (Special Chemistry)1 2,800
PH meterPathology1 2,800
Weight and Height ScaleNursing Inpatient Operation Theatre1 2,800
High Speed Mini Head Hand PieceNursing OPD4 2,700
Wing BoardClinical & Radiation Oncology2 2,500
Biopsy Forceps (for Cysto Urethroscope)Surgical Oncology2 2,500
Water and Air Guns (for Instrument Washing)Central Sterile Services Department2 2,400
Refrigerator (Double Door for Medication)Pharmacy2 2,300
CPR Dummy -AdultNursing Division / Education1 2,200
Grasping Forceps (for Cysto Urethroscope)Surgical Oncology2 2,200
Console Table (for Linear Accelerator)Clinical & Radiation Oncology4 1,900
Lead ApronInternal Medicine (Endoscopy/GI)1 1,900
Patient Couch (Mobile)Nuclear Medicine4 1,900
Patient Injection ChairNuclear Medicine1 1,900
Vortex MixerBasic Sciences1 1,800
Internal Eye shieldClinical & Radiation Oncology1 1,800
CPR Dummy -ChildNursing Division / Education1 1,800
Joll RetractorSurgical Oncology8 1,700
Index BarClinical & Radiation Oncology4 1,700
Hemo Lock Clip ApplierSurgical Oncology18 1,700
HEPA FilterNuclear Medicine28 1,700
Scaler Hand PieceNursing OPD2 1,600
CPR Dummy -InfantNursing Division / Education1 1,600
Pulse OximeterNursing Chemo1 1,600
Pulse OximeterNursing Inpatient IIB1 1,600
Pulse Oximeter (Hand Held)Nursing OPD1 1,600
Pulse Oximeter (for Adult & Peadiatric)Nursing Chemo2 1,600
Syringe PumpAnesthesia8 1,500
Popliteal RetractorSurgical Oncology2 1,400
Coagulating ElectrodeSurgical Oncology3 1,400
Lead ApronAnesthesia5 1,400
Trolley (for FDG Transportation)Nuclear Medicine1 1,400
PipettePathology (Blood Bank)1 1,300
PipettePathology (Flow Cytometry)2 1,300
PipettePathology (Hematology)2 1,300
PipettePathology (Microbiology)9 1,300
PipettePathology (Molecular Biology)3 1,300
PipettePathology (Routine Chemistry)1 1,300
Rigid Forceps GrasperSurgical Oncology2 1,300
U - Frame Base PlateClinical & Radiation Oncology6 1,300
Cleaning Kit of InstrumentSurgical Oncology1 1,200
Disk DispenserPathology (Microbiology)6 1,100
Printer (for FDG Quality Lab)Nuclear Medicine1 1,100
UPS Batteries (for DSA)Radiology36 1,100
UPS Batteries (for X-ray and Ultrasound)Radiology32950
UPS Batteries (for Ultrasound and Mammography)Radiology33780
Data LoggerNuclear Medicine5610
Oxygen CylinderNursing Chemo4560
Ultrasonic Endodontic Tip (Kit)Nursing OPD3540
IP Based CCTV CameraRadiology6520
Head RestClinical & Radiation Oncology8500
Head Light (for ENT Clinic)Nursing OPD1460
Hydraulic ChairCentral Sterile Services Department8430
CO2 CylinderSurgical Oncology8280
Orthotic Femur Lengthening RailSurgical Oncology10450

Please make note that:

  1. The purchase of the equipment will be prioritized in accordance with the needs of the Hospital during the financial year.
  2. The actual purchase price may vary subject to specifications of the equipment and the exchange rates prevailing at the time of purchase.

For further information please contact your nearest Regional Office.