Equipment Catalog – Lahore Project

Your Donation Equips us to Fight Cancer

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer hospital and Research Centre today proudly ranks amongst the best cancer centers of the world. The Hospital continues to function and provide care as envisioned by its mission statement, to provide state-of-the-art cancer care, irrespective of the ability to pay and to pursue education and research.

With the rapid technological advancement especially in the field of healthcare, we have to continuously invest in state-of-the-art equipment to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of technology. Your continuous support towards the Hospital has made it possible for us to do this in the past and will surely help us in meeting greater challenges this year.

The table below provides information about the equipment that we need to procure to be able to provide cancer care to our patients in line with international standards.

It is truly your donations that equip us to fight cancer.

Equipment Sponsorship Catalog 2018 (PKRGB£ | US$ | CAD | AED | AUD)

DecscriptionDepartment/SectionQtyUnit Price CAD
Fluoroscopy SystemInternal Medicine (GI)1390,500
Auto Embedding SystemPathology (Histopathology)1332,000
Digital MammographyRadiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH1279,000
Digital Portable X-Ray MachineRadiology1279,000
Siemens Symbia T16 Spect/Ct- Upgradation (Current Spect Ct)Nuclear Medicine1262,000
Laparoscopic Unit with Accessories Surgical Oncology 1238,500
Mass Spectrometery Microbial Identification SystemPathology (Microbiology)1211,500
CT TubeRadiology1200,800
ECHO Machine Including AccessoriesInternal Medicine (Cardiology)1189,500
Doppler Ultrasound MachineRadiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH1156,000
X-Ray Machine (Analog)Radiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH1156,000
Operation Theatre Table with AccessoriesSurgical Oncology 3154,000
Automated Multidose PET Injection SystemNuclear Medicine1135,500
Anesthesia Machine with AccessoriesSurgical Oncology4123,000
Laser for Skin And Mucosal Tumor ExcisionSurgical Oncology1122,500
CT Workstation with OptionRadiology1111,500
Steam SterilizerCSSD1111,500
Electric Pendants for Operation TheatresSurgical Oncology596,000
Automated Mycobacterial Detection System (MGIT BD BACTEC)Pathology (Microbiology)189,000
Fluorescent MicroscopePathology (Molecular Biology)189,000
Ultrasound PortableInternal Medicine (Pulmonology)189,000
UPS 200 KVARadiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH289,000
Autostainer H&E Along with CoversliperPathology (Histopathology)180,000
Standard Ultrasound MachineRadiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH178,000
Operation Theatre Light Surgical Oncology468,500
Autoclave (TB Lab)Pathology (Microbiology)259,000
Diathermy MachineSurgical Oncology446,000
Auto Coversliper with AttachmentPathology (Histopathology)244,500
Craniotomoty SetSurgical Oncology144,500
MRI ChillerRadiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH144,500
H600 Trasis HotcellNuclear Medicine143,000
Metaphase SpreaderPathology (Medical Cytogenetic)143,000
Anterior Complete Body CoilRadiology140,000
ColonoscopeInternal Medicine (GI)139,000
Spyglass Direct Visualization AccessoriesInternal Medicine (GI)139,000
Argon Plasma Coagulation ConmedSurgical Oncology133,500
CT Injector Dual HeadRadiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH333,500
Laparoscopic InstrumentSurgical Oncology133,500
Freezer (- 80 ) (Single Door)Pathology (Microbiology)129,000
Chiller for DHXClinical & Radiation Oncology129,000
Lotus Harmonic Series 4 with AccessoriesSurgical Oncology128,000
Dental Unit with StoolSurgical Oncology127,500
Vaser Liposuction MachineSurgical Oncology124,500
Anaerobic System (Anoxomat III ) with AccessoriesPathology (Microbiology)122,500
CT Imaging Quality PhantomRadiology122,500
DuodenoscopeInternal Medicine (GI)122,500
Sentinel Lymph Node Detection Gamma ProbeSurgical Oncology122,500
TEE ProbeInternal Medicine (Cardiology)122,500
Bed Pan WasherNursing Chemo122,200
Control Panel for Operation TheatresSurgical Oncology320,000
Barco LED's SetRadiology220,000
Double Head Microscope with Ocular Micrometer And CameraPathology (Microbiology)120,000
Mortuary Refrigerator Unit (Three Compartments)Pathology (Histopathology)120,000
Ultrasound ProbeRadiology420,000
Double Head MicroscopePathology (Histopathology)117,200
Cannulated Screws & Instruments Set for FQSurgical Oncology116,700
Centrifuge MachinePathology (Flow)116,700
Codonics Printer (Paper/CD/DVD)Nuclear Medicine116,700
Cytospin CentrifugePathology (Cytology)216,700
Fume Hood (Small) (3-4 Feet)Pathology (Histopathology)116,700
Analytical Weighing Balance with ASTM Class 1 WeightsPathology (Microbiology)114,700
Freezer -30 (Medium Size)Pathology (Rahim Yar Khan)114,200
Rerigerator + Freezer (Lab Grade)Pathology (Histopathology)113,800
Mammaplasty Set (22 Piece Set Of OR Equipment, Reused After Sterilization)Surgical Oncology213,400
Refrigerator Double Door - Lab Grade (2-8°C)Pathology (Microbiology)313,300
Blood Storage Refrigerator for Blood Bank (2-6C°)Pathology (Blood Bank)113,300
Head Lights for Operation Theatres with Complete AccessoriesSurgical Oncology412,500
Scrub Unit for Operation TheatresSurgical Oncology412,500
Medical LCDInternal Medicine (Cardiology)111,700
Medical Thorascope (Only Rigid Medical Thoracosope + Biopsy Forcep)Internal Medicine (Pulmonology)111,500
Cutting and Sealing MachineCSSD111,200
Fat Grafting SetSurgical Oncology111,200
Fume Hood with Canopy SystemPathology (Microbiology)111,200
Peads ArthroscopeSurgical Oncology111,200
Freezer (-30)Pathology (Blood Bank)210,800
DAP MeterRadiology110,500
BIS MonitorAnesthesia110,000
Double Door Fridge (Lab Grade Fridge)Pathology (Hematology)69,200
Freezer (-20 To -25) (Single Door)Pathology (Microbiology)19,000
Check Cysto Set (without Lens)Surgical Oncology29,000
Cold PlatePathology (Histopathology)19,000
Epoxy Resin SinksPathology (Microbiology)39,000
Fume Hood (3-4 Feet)Pathology (Medical Cytogenetic)19,000
MRI Compatible StretcherRadiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH19,000
Sternum SawSurgical Oncology19,000
Ventilated Biopsy Specimen Storage CabinetPathology (Histopathology)29,000
CT DI Body PhantomRadiology17,600
Anode Control PS (PCB)Nuclear Medicine16,800
CT Contrast WarmerRadiology26,700
Hot Air OvenPathology (Cytology)16,700
MRI Compatible Crash CartRadiology16,700
MRI Compatible TrolleyRadiology16,700
BP, Pulse & Saturation MonitorAnesthesia46,700
Thermobrite System for FISHPathology (Medical Cytogenetic)16,200
Biological Indicator IncubatorPathology (Microbiology)16,100
CO2 IncubatorPathology (Microbiology)15,500
Crash CartRadiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH25,500
Fluid Management SystemSurgical Oncology15,500
Probe for Portable ECHO MachineInternal Medicine (Cardiology)15,500
Platelets IncubatorPathology (Blood Bank)25,200
Telescope Straight 4Mm
Surgical Oncology15,200
CO 57-Flood SourceNuclear Medicine14,700
MRI Compatible Pulse OximeterRadiology24,500
MRI Compatible Wheel ChairRadiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH14,500
Portable Vein FinderPathology (Phlebotomy)14,500
Syringe Pump with Lead ShieldNuclear Medicine14,500
Portable Dental Unit (For Treatre Use)Surgical Oncology14,200
IV Infusion PumpsNursing Inpatient I44,000
Electronic Bed with AccessoriesNursing Inpatient I44,000
MRI Compatible Digital Weight ScaleRadiology14,000
Xylene & Formalin Monitoring MetersPathology (Histopathology)43,800
Vaccum PumpClinical & Radiation Oncology13,700
CO 57 Pen Point MarkerNuclear Medicine13,500
Infusion PumpNuclear Medicine13,500
Infusion Pump Double Chamber for PACUAnesthesia103,500
StretcherRadiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH23,500
UPS (6.5 KVA)Pathology (General)73,100
Reciprocating & Rotatory Hand EndomotorSurgical Oncology13,000
CO-57 (5 MCI) for QC Of Dose Calibrator                  Nuclear Medicine12,800
Thermoplasticised Injection Equipment Obtura 3Surgical Oncology12,800
Dictation System (Digital)Pathology (Histopathology)22,300
Intra Oral Camera (Dicom Compatible)Surgical Oncology12,300
Vital MonitorClinical & Radiation Oncology12,300
Infusion PumpNursing Inpatient II(B)42,200
High-Energy PET Sharps Container ShieldNuclear Medicine22,100
Infusion PumpNursing Inpatient III192,000
Endosseus Implant KitSurgical Oncology21,800
Flowtron PumpNursing ICU51,700
Wing BoardsClinical & Radiation Oncology21,700
Dicta PhoneRadiology111,500
Weight Scale Chair DigitalNursing OPD11,500
Centrifuge Safety Buckets with Lids (Set)Pathology (Microbiology)21,500
Digital Weight & Height ScaleRadiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH11,200
Bed StretchersNursing Inpatient II (A)61,100
Closed Trolley for Instruments TransportationCSSD21,100
Intra Oral Alumina Oxide Sand BlasterSurgical Oncology11,000
Hot PlatePathology (Microbiology)21,000
Speech MicRadiology10770
Ultrasound Machine Treatment HeadPhysiotherapy1770
Lead ApronNursing OR10600
Tatoo GunClinical & Radiation Oncology2550
Isolation Trollies SSNursing Inpatient II (A)2550
UPS 1 KVANursing Inpatient II (A)1550
Beta Syringe SheildsNuclear Medicine2500
MRI Compatible CylinderRadiology4450
Freezer (Domestic - Small)Pathology (Collection Centre Office)1400
Rh View Box (Agglutination Viewer)Pathology (KDC and C)1400
IV Infusion Pumps Pole Clamp / HolderNursing Inpatient I12300
Digital Temprature Data LoggerRadiology New Diagnostic Center-UCH8300
Phlebotomy TrolleyPathology (Phlebotomy)2300
CentrifugePathology (General)15150

Please make note that:

  1. The purchase of the equipment will be prioritized in accordance with the needs of the Hospital during the financial year.
  2. The actual purchase price may vary subject to specifications of the equipment and the exchange rates prevailing at the time of purchase.

For further information please contact your nearest Regional Office.