Equipment Catalog – Peshawar Project

Your Donation Equips us to Fight Cancer

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer hospital and Research Centre today proudly ranks amongst the best cancer centres of the world. The Hospital continues to function and provide care as envisioned by its mission statement, to provide state-of-the-art cancer care, irrespective of the ability to pay and to pursue education and research.

With the rapid technological advancement especially in the field of healthcare, we have to continuously invest in state-of-the-art equipment to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of technology. Your continuous support towards the Hospital has made it possible for us to do this in the past and will surely help us in meeting greater challenges this year.

The table below provides information about the equipment that we need to procure to be able to provide cancer care to our patients in line with international standards.

It is truly your donations that equip us to fight cancer.

Equipment Sponsorship Catalog

DescriptionDepartment/SectionQtyUnit Price AED
Gamma Camera Machine (with Accessories)Nuclear Medicine14,579,000
Echocardiogram MachineInternal Medicine1503,500
Fume Hood (with Exhaust Fan)Nuclear Medicine1332,500
Pulmonary Function Testing MachineInternal Medicine1252,500
Cardiac Monitor (MRI Compatible)Radiology1244,000
Radioiodine Fume Hood (with Exhaust Fan)Nuclear Medicine1168,000
UPS (100 KVA)Nuclear Medicine1113,000
Endoscope Washer (Sterilizer)Clinical & Radiation Oncology1111,000
Argon Plasma Coagulation MachineInternal Medicine191,500
High Definition MonitorNuclear Medicine176,500
Dose Calibrator (with Accessories)Nuclear Medicine353,500
Moveable Trolley (Lead Shielded)Nuclear Medicine236,000
Medical Oxygen Auto Backup SystemFacilities Management Department131,500
Sealer MachineNursing Division125,500
ID-Centrifuge MachinePathology120,000
Booster Pump (with Control System)Facilities Management Department119,000
Survey MeterNuclear Medicine118,000
Medication TrolleyNursing Division115,500
Sealing and Cutting MachineNursing Division115,000
Lead Waste BoxNuclear Medicine212,500
Wheel Chair (MRI Compatible)Radiology212,200
Dry Kit Boiler (Heating System)Nuclear Medicine111,500
Mobile Shielding TrolleyNuclear Medicine211,500
Magnetic Resonance Sequencing SystemRadiology110,500
Venti-Scan IV Radioaerosol Administration SystemNuclear Medicine19,500
Monitoring Device (Portable)Internal Medicine49,200
UPS (for Echocardiogram Machine)Internal Medicine19,200
StretcherOutpatient and Ambulatory Services48,500
Vital Monitor Machine (Digital)Nursing Division27,600
Pulse Oxi-MeterRadiology17,600
Syringe PumpNursing Division57,600
L-ShieldNuclear Medicine46,700
Chemo CouchNursing Division196,100
Packing Table (Stainless Steel)Nursing Division14,200
RefrigeratorNuclear Medicine23,800
Closed Cart Trolley (Stainless Steel)Nursing Division23,200
Weight and Height Machine (Digital)Radiology13,200
Syringe ContainerNuclear Medicine22,900
Syringe HolderNuclear Medicine22,900
Whole Blood Bag MixerPathology12,300
Decontamination KitNuclear Medicine31,700
Oxygen Cylinder (MRI Compatible)Radiology21,700
Pressure Manometer (Digital)Bio Medical Engineering11,400
Medical Gas CylinderFacilities Management Department4850
Suction DeviceNursing Division10850
Suction JugNursing Division10650
Pocket Dosimeter (Electronic)Nuclear Medicine5610
BP Apparatus (Wall Mounted)Nursing Division10530
Medical Gas CylinderFacilities Management Department7530
Nursing Trolley (Stainless Steel)Outpatient and Ambulatory Services2420
BP ApparatusOutpatient and Ambulatory Services2320

Please make note that:

  1. The purchase of the equipment will be prioritized in accordance with the needs of the Hospital during the financial year.
  2. The actual purchase price may vary subject to specifications of the equipment and the exchange rates prevailing at the time of purchase.

For further information please contact your nearest Regional Office.