Equipment Catalogue – Peshawar Project

The Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centres (SKMCH&RC) in Pakistan today proudly rank amongst the best cancer centres of the world. The hospitals continue to function and provide care as envisioned by their mission statement, to provide state-of-the-art cancer care, irrespective of the ability to pay and to pursue education and research.

With the rapid technological advancement especially in the field of healthcare, we have to continuously invest in state-of-the-art equipment to keep ourselves at the cutting edge of technology. Your continuous support towards our hospitals has made it possible for us to do this in the past and will surely help us in meeting greater challenges this year.

The table below provides information about the equipment that we need to procure to be able to provide cancer care to our patients in line with international standards.

It is truly your donations that equip us to fight cancer.

Equipment Sponsorship Catalogue

Name of EquipmentDepartment / SectionQtyUnit Price (PKR)
Operating MicroscopeSurgical Oncology153,560,600
Automated Multidose InjectorNuclear Medicine138,311,200
MRI Ups 200KVARadiology Department120,400,000
Endoscopic WasherSurgical Oncology112,960,000
Double Channel GastroscopeInternal Medicine110,800,000
UPS X-Ray MachineRadiology Department110,800,000
Cystoscope (flexible)Surgical Oncology29,600,000
MRI ChillerRadiology Department29,600,000
Gamma Detector SystemSurgical Oncology17,200,000
Diathermy MachineSurgical Oncology17,200,000
MesherSurgical Oncology16,480,000
Biopsy Forceps UrologySurgical Oncology23,840,000
Urethral Dialator SetSurgical Oncology23,360,000
Freezer / RefrigeratorPathology12,880,000
ResectoscopeSurgical Oncology12,880,000
Co2 InsufflatorInternal Medicine12,400,000
CystoscopeSurgical Oncology12,400,000
Optical LensSurgical Oncology22,400,000
Gas InsufflatorSurgical Oncology12,280,000
Laparoscopic (with instrument set)Surgical Oncology12,040,000
General Surgery SetSurgical Oncology11,920,000
Breast Surgery SetSurgical Oncology11,680,000
Lipomodelling Instrument SetSurgical Oncology11,440,000
Centrifuge MachineSurgical Oncology11,440,000
Microvascular SetSurgical Oncology11,440,000
DefibrillatorNursing Division21,440,000
Vacuum PumpSurgical Oncology31,296,000
End Tidal Co2 MonitorInternal Medicine11,200,000
Cystoscopic GrasperSurgical Oncology31,200,000
Laparoscopic Bipolar ForcepSurgical Oncology21,200,000
MR Sequencing SystemRadiology Department11,200,000
OR Table (with side extension)Nursing Division11,200,000
Stretcher (with side table)Radiology Department1840,000
Electric TourniquetSurgical Oncology1720,000
Electronic Beds (with accessories)Nursing Division7720,000
Surgical LoupeSurgical Oncology1480,000
Fan RetractorSurgical Oncology1480,000
Blood MixerPathology8400,000
Transportation Trolley (stainless steel)Pharmacy1256,000
Dormia BasketSurgical Oncology3252,000
Medication Transport Pallet TrolleyPharmacy1240,000
PatslideNursing Division1240,000
Medication Refrigerator (double door)Pharmacy1200,000
Hand Held DopplerSurgical Oncology1192,000
Ligaclip Applier (large)Surgical Oncology3172,800
EvacuatorSurgical Oncology3144,000
Ligaclip Applier (medium)Surgical Oncology3144,000
Ligaclip Applier (small)Surgical Oncology3136,800
Sealing MachineNursing Division1120,000
Tube MixerPathology288,000
Urology Irrigation TubeSurgical Oncology348,000
Vacuum RegulatorNursing Division748,000
Potts ScissorSurgical Oncology336,000
Slide Sheet (with hand grip)Nursing Division331,200
Catheter IntroducerSurgical Oncology324,000
IV PoleNursing Division724,000
Oxygen Flow MeterNursing Division512,000
Air MattressNursing Division58,000

Please make note that:

  1. The purchase of the equipment will be prioritized in accordance with the needs of the Hospital during the financial year.
  2. The actual purchase price may vary subject to specifications of the equipment and the exchange rates prevailing at the time of purchase.

For further information please contact your nearest Regional Office.