Guidelines for Research Collaborations & Grant Applications

Following are important considerations to be followed while undertaking research collaborations between SKMCH&RC and collaborating academic groups, organizations and sponsors of research

  • Compliance to research guidelines

Research guidelines define the scientific standard and code of ethical conduct of research involving human subjects, which should be followed by all researchers of the hospital, as well as collaborating institutes and individuals.

  • Feasibility assessment

This is a process to assess if proposed collaboration is feasible in SKMCH&RC before the expression of interest can be communicated.  It is usually done with the help of related specialists who can take the lead and play a key role in the conduct of the proposed research. Medical director as head of research is kept posted for information and approvals. At this step, we are interested to see if we are in agreement with the scientific content of the proposed research and have sufficient resources to perform it (investigators, availability of target population and recruitment potential, other facilities, time requirements and funds). At this point, any major ethical concerns raised by the subject area experts are also discussed with the proposed collaborator. For collaborative research projects, a designated person from SKMCH&RC must be part of the proposed project.

Mandatory approvals and legal agreements

Research studies to be done in collaboration with other organizations would require additional steps which may involve IRB review at collaborating institute, collaboration agreement or data/material transfer agreement and funding agreement, or others as per relevant national and international laws and regulations.

  • Grant applications

After initial feasibility assessment completion, the collaborating partners may proceed with a grant application with an undertaking that the proposed project will be initiated upon successful receipt of the grant funds as per SKMCH&RC requirements for the ethical conduct of research and applicable local and international regulations. Clinical research office facilitates prospective collaborators in this process

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