Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) – Begum Mir Nursing Faculty

Begum Mir Nursing Faculty – School of Cancer Care

Ground Floor-Institutional Area

Learning Resource Centre:
Fully furnished and equipped with 16 computer systems (having internet facility), LaserJet Printer, TV, VCR, Audio Cassette Player, Head Phones and a Photocopier.

Teaching Rooms:
There are three teaching rooms fully furnished and equipped with teaching aids (Multimedia, Overhead Projector, white boards, etc)

Practical Room:
This room is available for Practical Session.

Reading Room / Library:
The room is available for quiet study/reading.

Conference Rooms 1 & 2:
There are two conference rooms, fully equipped with teaching aids (Multimedia, Overhead Projector, White Boards etc.), having the capacity of 75 – 80 persons.

Prayer Area/Changing Room:
A Room is available for prayers.

1st Floor – Accommodation Area

There are 8 triple rooms, 1 double room and 2 single rooms. All rooms are furnished. All residents are provided with an individual key to their room. All cleaning of individual rooms are the residents’ responsibility.

Study / Recreation Room:
This room is fully furnished and equipped with TV and telephone service. Male visitors are not allowed in residents rooms – all male visitors must be entertained in this room or in visiting area. This room is cleaned on a regular basis by the Housekeeping Department.

Fridge, microwave, crockery and household items are available. Cooking is not allowed, the hospital cafeteria is available for meals. The kitchen is cleaned on a regular basis by Housekeeping Department.

Male and female washrooms are cleaned on a regular basis by Housekeeping Department. Student s can also use Hospital Laundry Services on payment.

Security System:

  • The facility is provided RFID locks.
  • Security Services are available at all times (24 hours) Ext. 3061
  • All visitors must leave by 9:30pm and no overnight visitors are allowed.
  • All visitors must have Visiting Cards (from Main Gate).
  • Any report of misconduct could lead to termination from the course and residential accommodation.
  • All students must fill up In/Out Going Register.
  • The Building is “non-smoking”.
  • Fire extinguishers are available in each area of the building.

House Committee:
There is a house committee made up of a faculty and all residents. The committee will meet on a monthly basis and submit a report to the Nursing Director’s Office. The committee will be chaired by the Office Co-Ordinator (Nursing Director’s Office).