Introduction & Orientation Programme for Healthcare Assistants

To ensure that the newly appointed healthcare assistant has a programme which allows him/her to orientate to the new working environment which is a Specialist Cancer Hospital .

Training Mode:


  • Introduction, Job Descriptions, Role & Responsibilities of HCA, SKMCH, Mission and Quality policy.
  • Environmental & Occupational Hazards ( Practice &feedback) & Infection prevention & Control, Maintaining Sterility
  • Vital signs, weight & height
  • Bed Making Adult and Pediatric
  • Communication , Attitude , Respect , Responsiveness
  • Urine Analysis (dipstick) Emptying Urine bag
  • Care of patient with source of radiation & radiation protection
  • Lifting and Handling of patient
  • Food Hygiene & Food serving
  • Patient Positioning, prevention of pressure ulcer
  • Assisting in Last Offices
  • An overview of ISO & JCIA ,Audit
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Over view of cancer and its Treatment Modalities
  • Body hygiene ,oral hygiene, Bed bath ,Showering and toileting, Care of skin ,hair, nail and scalp