Karachi Projects Sponsorships available for Dedication

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust (SKMT) aims to provide top quality diagnostic and treatment facilities to cancer patients, irrespective of their ability to pay. The inauguration of the Shaukat Khanum Diagnostic Centre and Clinic in Karachi, in 2010, was the first step towards bringing cancer care facilities closer to the people of Karachi. In continuation of this vision, the Trust has now embarked on its latest project, to establish Pakistan’s third Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC), in Karachi. We are delighted to be able to announce this long-awaited project, which has been made possible by the purchase, at advantageous rates, of 20 acres of land from the Defence Housing Authority, in their DHA City project.

The new project in Karachi was officially inaugurated at a groundbreaking ceremony, held on the construction site in the DHA City on December 29, 2016. In keeping with our tradition, the groundbreaking was performed by a cancer patient, Waleed Ahmed from Jamshoro. The Chairman of the Trust, Mr. Imran Khan, members of the Board of Governors of SKMT, senior management of the Hospital, and a large number of donors and guests attended this event and pledged their support.

The treatment of cancer is often a long process, and many patients from Southern Pakistan cannot afford to make repeated physically, emotionally, and financially demanding trips to seek treatment at our existing facilities in Lahore and Peshawar. Therefore, in line with our mission to act as a model institution to alleviate the suffering of cancer patients of the region through the application of modern methods of curative and palliative therapy, Pakistan’s third Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre will be built in Karachi. Here, we hope to continue our tradition of providing the best possible cancer care to all our patients, irrespective of their ability to pay. The construction of a comprehensive cancer centre in Karachi will not only provide state-of-the-art cancer care facilities to the people of Sindh and adjoining areas, but it will also help to enhance healthcare standards and to develop training and employment opportunities in the wider region as a whole.

In line with its mission to ensure access to the poor, over 75% of our cancer patients receive free cancer care and this will continue in Karachi. We expect to complete construction of the Hospital over a three-year time-frame, at an estimated cost of Rs. 6.2 billion, with the Hospital planned to open in December 2021 as a fully-functional cancer hospital with all the essential clinical and support departments one would expect of a facility of this nature. These will include Medical Oncology, Paediatric Oncology, Clinical and Radiation Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Anaesthesia, Radiology, Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine and Pathology. The Hospital will be equipped with the latest cancer care technology, including state of the art diagnostic facilities, radiation treatment planning and delivery systems, and will have forty-seven outpatient examination room, a sixty-six bed outpatient chemotherapy facility, one hundred and seventy five inpatient rooms, sixteen operation theatres, and twenty-four intensive care (ICU) units.

This new project represents an excellent opportunity for supporters of SKMCH&RC to dedicate rooms in the memory of a loved one and/or sponsor equipment. Please continue to help us, as you have always done, and give generously, to bring about a new dawn of hope for people suffering from cancer in Karachi, in Sindh and Balochistan, and in all of Pakistan. For further information and guidance on how to donate, please contact us on 0800 11 555 or email us at fundraising@skm.org.pk.

Karachi Projects Sponsorships (PKRGB£US$ | CADAED)

Project Dedication Menu for Shaukat Khanum Hospital Karachi

Project DescriptionUnits AvailableSponsorship/Dedication
Price per unit (in CAD)
Founding Donor2,807 6,500
Silver Founding Donor 30633,000
Gold Founding Donor 20949,500
Platinum Founding Donor 101,266,000
Room/AreaDepartmentFloorUnits AvailableSponsorship Price
Per Room/Area (in CAD)
Waiting AreaCirculationSecond11,442,500
Dinning HallFood ServiceGround11,442,500
Waiting AreaCirculationFirst11,154,000
Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD)C.S.S.DSecond1961,500
Waiting AreaCirculationLower1481,000
Waiting AreaCirculationThird1481,000
Research LabPathologyFirst2481,000
Out patient dispensaryPharmacyGround1481,000
Medical Records RoomAdministrationLower1384,500
Gamma Camera RoomNuclear MedicineLower4288,500
CT Scan RoomRadiation TherapyLower1288,500
Large Bore PET RoomRadiation TherapyLower1288,500
Linear AcceleratorRadiation TherapyLower10288,500
PET MRI RoomRadiation TherapyLower1288,500
PET RoomRadiation TherapyLower1288,500
CT Simulation RoomRadiation TherapyLower1288,500
CT Scan RoomRadiologyGround4288,500
MRI RoomRadiologyGround2288,500
Operation Theater RoomSurgery - In PatientSecond10288,500
Operation Theater RoomSurgery - Out PatientSecond4288,500
Bone Marrow Transplant RoomBone MarrowFirst6240,500
Nursing stationBone MarrowFirst1240,500
Microbiology LabPathologyFirst1240,500
Virology LabPathologyFirst1240,500
Stage Two RecoverySurgery - Out Patient RecoverySecond1240,500
Open officeAdministrationGround1192,500
Shared Waiting AreaCirculationFirst1192,500
Waiting AreaEmergency AssessmentGround1192,500
ICU RoomIntensive CareSecond20192,500
Resident Work RoomPathologyFirst1192,500
Ultra Sound/examWomen's ServicesGround8192,500
Waiting AreaCirculationGround2144,500
Endoscopy RoomEndoscopyFirst6144,500
Inpatient RoomIn PatientThird169144,500
Medical LibraryMedical Library (OPAC)First1144,500
Cyclotron RoomNuclear MedicineLower1144,500
TB LabPathologyFirst1144,500
Aseptic area negative pressurePharmacyGround1144,500
Brachytherapy RoomRadiation TherapyLower1144,500
Fluoroscopy RoomRadiologyGround2144,500
Angiography RoomRadiologyGround1144,500
Mammo/Exam RoomWomen's ServicesGround4144,500
Cross Match AreaBlood BankFirst1115,500
Resuscitation station (Trauma)Emergency AssessmentGround1115,500
Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) RoomPhlebotomyGround1115,500
Preparation RoomSurgery - In Patient PrepSecond10115,500
Preparation RoomSurgery - Out Patient PrepSecond12115,500
Training ClassroomAdministrationLower396,000
Consultant RoomBone MarrowFirst396,000
Examination RoomChemotherapy AdultFirst496,000
Procedure RoomChemotherapy AdultFirst196,000
Satellite PharmacyChemotherapy AdultFirst196,000
Examination RoomChemotherapy PaediatricFirst896,000
Procedure RoomChemotherapy PaediatricFirst196,000
Satellite PharmacyChemotherapy PaediatricFirst196,000
Main ReceptionCirculationGround196,000
Consultant RoomEmergency AssessmentGround196,000
Isolation RoomEmergency AssessmentGround296,000
Minor Procedure RoomEmergency AssessmentGround196,000
Consultant RoomEndoscopyFirst196,000
Isolation Recovery RoomEndoscopyFirst196,000
Preparation RoomEndoscopyFirst696,000
Procedure RoomIn PatientThird296,000
Examination RoomNuclear MedicineLower496,000
FDG Production LabNuclear MedicineLower196,000
Quality Control LabNuclear MedicineLower196,000
Assessment RoomOut Patient - AdultGround496,000
Consultant RoomOut Patient - AdultGround1296,000
Examination RoomOut Patient - AdultGround1996,000
Procedure RoomOut Patient - AdultGround196,000
Assessment RoomOut Patient - PaedsGround496,000
Children Play AreaOut Patient - PaedsGround196,000
Consultant RoomOut Patient - PaedsGround1296,000
Examination RoomOut Patient - PaedsGround1996,000
Procedure RoomOut Patient - PaedsGround196,000
Pathology Reporting AreaPathologyFirst196,000
Tissue Storage RoomPathologyFirst196,000
In patient DispensaryPharmacyGround196,000
Consultant RoomRadiation TherapyLower196,000
Procedure RoomRadiation TherapyLower196,000
Uptake AreasRadiation TherapyLower496,000
Waiting AreaRadiation TherapyLower196,000
Consultant RoomRadiologyGround196,000
Consultant RoomSurgery - In Patient PrepSecond296,000
Recovery Chairs RoomSurgery - In Patient PrepSecond196,000
Isolation RecoverySurgery - In Patient RecoverySecond496,000
Recovery RoomSurgery - In Patient RecoverySecond1696,000
Consultant RoomSurgery - Out Patient PrepSecond296,000
Recovery RoomSurgery - Out Patient RecoverySecond1096,000
Bone density RoomWomen's ServicesGround196,000
Consultant RoomWomen's ServicesGround196,000
Examination RoomWomen's ServicesGround496,000
Blood Storage RoomBlood BankFirst177,000
Medicine Preparation RoomBone MarrowFirst177,000
Chemo BedChemotherapy AdultFirst2377,000
Medicine Preparation RoomChemotherapy AdultFirst177,000
Chemo BedChemotherapy PaediatricFirst3977,000
Medicine Preparation RoomChemotherapy PaediatricFirst177,000
Doctor's OfficeChemotherapy PaediatricFirst277,000
Emergency Assessment BedsEmergency AssessmentGround2277,000
Medicine Preparation RoomEmergency AssessmentGround177,000
Medicine Preparation RoomEndoscopyFirst177,000
Doctor's RoomEndoscopyFirst277,000
Recovery RoomEndoscopyFirst1177,000
Medicine Preparation RoomIn PatientThird277,000
Nursing StationIn PatientThird277,000
Doctor's RoomIn PatientThird377,000
Medicine Preparation RoomIntensive CareSecond277,000
Medicine Preparation RoomOut Patient - AdultGround177,000
Recovery RoomOut Patient - AdultGround177,000
Medicine Preparation RoomOut Patient - PaedsGround177,000
Clinical PharmacyPharmacyGround177,000
ClassroomRadiation TherapyLower177,000
History RoomRadiation TherapyLower177,000
Medicine Preparation RoomRadiation TherapyLower177,000
Planning RoomsRadiation TherapyLower377,000
Recovery RoomRadiation TherapyLower177,000
Sterile LabRadiation TherapyLower177,000
Viewing RoomRadiation TherapyLower177,000
Recovery RoomRadiologyGround1477,000
Viewing RoomRadiologyGround277,000
Doctor's RoomSurgery - In PatientSecond177,000
Medicine Preparation RoomSurgery - In Patient PrepSecond277,000
Medicine Preparation RoomSurgery - In Patient RecoverySecond177,000
Recovery Reception AreaSurgery - In Patient RecoverySecond177,000
Medicine Preparation RoomSurgery - Out Patient PrepSecond177,000
Medicine Preparation RoomSurgery - Out Patient RecoverySecond177,000
Doctor's RoomSurgery - Out Patient RecoverySecond277,000
Recovery AreaWomen's ServicesGround177,000
Training Conference RoomsAdministrationThird367,500
Hot LabsNuclear MedicineLower367,500
Injection RoomNuclear MedicineLower267,500
Conference RoomRadiation TherapyLower267,500
Billing RoomAdministrationGround157,500
Manager OfficeBlood BankFirst157,500
Call Room's LoungeCall RoomsThird157,500
Anesthesia WorkChemotherapy AdultFirst257,500
Nursing stationChemotherapy AdultFirst257,500
Nurse Manager RoomChemotherapy AdultFirst257,500
Nurse Manager RoomChemotherapy PaediatricFirst157,500
Nursing stationChemotherapy PaediatricFirst457,500
Nursing stationEmergency AssessmentGround257,500
Nurse Manager RoomEmergency AssessmentGround157,500
Nurse Manager RoomEndoscopyFirst157,500
Nurse Manager RoomIn PatientThird157,500
Nurse Manager RoomIntensive CareSecond257,500
Nurse Work AreaIntensive CareSecond257,500
Post-Procedure RoomNuclear MedicineLower357,500
Nurse Manager RoomOut Patient - AdultGround157,500
Nursing stationOut Patient - AdultGround457,500
Nurse Manager RoomOut Patient - PaedsGround157,500
Nursing stationOut Patient - PaedsGround457,500
Manager RoomRadiation TherapyLower157,500
Nursing StationRadiation TherapyLower257,500
Nurse Manager RoomRadiologyGround357,500
Sub waiting AreaRadiologyGround257,500
Nurse Manager RoomSurgery - In PatientSecond257,500
Anesthesia Work AreaSurgery - In PatientSecond157,500
Nurse Manager RoomSurgery - In Patient PrepSecond157,500
Nurse Manager RoomSurgery - In Patient RecoverySecond157,500
Nurse Manager RoomSurgery - Out PatientSecond157,500
Nurse Work AreaSurgery - Out PatientSecond157,500
Nurse Manager RoomSurgery - Out Patient PrepSecond157,500
Nurse Manager RoomSurgery - Out Patient RecoverySecond157,500
Nursing stationWomen's ServicesGround157,500
BedsBlood BankFirst848,000
Record Storage RoomBlood BankFirst148,000
Patient Counselling AreaBone MarrowFirst248,000
Storage RoomBone MarrowFirst148,000
Paeds Play AreaChemotherapy PaediatricFirst148,000
Gift shopCirculationGround148,000
Children Play AreaCirculationSecond148,000
Nurse Work Area-IEndoscopyFirst148,000
Manager OfficeFood ServiceGround148,000
Discharge LoungeIn PatientThird148,000
Nurse Work AreaIn PatientThird148,000
Reverse Osmosis (RO) Storage RoomIntensive CareSecond248,000
Lab Support RoomPathologyFirst1848,000
Manager OfficePharmacyGround248,000
Store RoomPharmacyGround148,000
Main ReceptionRadiation TherapyLower148,000
Physicist's OfficeRadiation TherapyLower2348,000
Storage/ WorkRadiation TherapyLower148,000
Sub waiting AreaRadiation TherapyLower248,000
Work RoomRadiation TherapyLower148,000
Main ReceptionRadiologyGround148,000
Portable X-ray/Fluoroscopy StorageRadiologyGround148,000
Control RoomSurgery - In PatientSecond148,000
Induction roomSurgery - In PatientSecond1248,000
Control RoomSurgery - Out PatientSecond148,000
Induction roomSurgery - Out PatientSecond448,000
Nurse Work AreaSurgery - Out Patient RecoverySecond248,000
Nurse Manager OfficeWomen's ServicesGround148,000
Sub waiting AreaWomen's ServicesGround248,000
Gowning MenBone MarrowFirst138,500
Gowning WomenBone MarrowFirst138,500
Nurse Work AreaEmergency AssessmentGround138,500
Storage RoomNuclear MedicineLower938,500
Conference RoomOut Patient - AdultGround138,500
Conference RoomOut Patient - PaedsGround138,500
Equipment ParkRadiation TherapyLower238,500
Equipment ParkRadiation TherapyLower238,500
Nurse Work AreaRadiation TherapyLower338,500
MRI Equipment RoomRadiation TherapyLower138,500
Nurse Work AreaRadiologyGround238,500
Shared MRI EquipmentRadiologyGround238,500
Angio Equipment RoomRadiologyGround138,500
Anesthesia Storage RoomSurgery - In PatientSecond138,500
Nurse Work AreaSurgery - In PatientSecond338,500
Nurse Work AreaSurgery - In Patient PrepSecond138,500
Nurse Work AreaSurgery - In Patient RecoverySecond138,500
Equipment ParkSurgery - Out Patient PrepSecond138,500
Nurse Work AreaSurgery - Out Patient PrepSecond238,500
Cashier RoomAdministrationGround129,000
Shared OfficeAdministrationThird629,000
Nutrition RoomBlood BankFirst129,000
Reception AreaBlood BankFirst129,000
Ante RoomBone MarrowFirst629,000
Reception AreaBone MarrowFirst129,000
Nutrition RoomChemotherapy AdultFirst129,000
Prescreen RoomChemotherapy AdultFirst629,000
Reception AreaChemotherapy AdultFirst229,000
Nutrition RoomChemotherapy PaediatricFirst329,000
Prescreen AreaChemotherapy PaediatricFirst429,000
Reception AreaChemotherapy PaediatricFirst229,000
Reception AreaCirculationGround129,000
Ante RoomEmergency AssessmentGround229,000
Reception AreaEmergency AssessmentGround129,000
Nutrition RoomEndoscopyFirst229,000
Reception AreaEndoscopyFirst129,000
Nurse Work Area-IIEndoscopyFirst229,000
Reception AreaIn PatientThird129,000
Storage RoomIn PatientThird229,000
ICU Reception AreaIntensive CareSecond129,000
Storage RoomIntensive CareSecond329,000
Nutrition RoomOut Patient - AdultGround129,000
Reception AreaOut Patient - PaedsGround129,000
Ante RoomPathologyFirst229,000
Offices for Lab's HeadsPathologyFirst829,000
Nurse Work AreaPhlebotomyGround129,000
Nutrition RoomPhlebotomyGround129,000
Changing RoomRadiation TherapyLower329,000
Nutrition RoomRadiation TherapyLower129,000
Reception AreaRadiation TherapyLower129,000
Ante RoomRadiologyGround129,000
Nutrition AreaRadiologyGround129,000
Equipment ParkSurgery - In PatientSecond329,000
Instrument Storage RoomSurgery - In PatientSecond129,000
Storage RoomSurgery - In PatientSecond429,000
Sub SterileSurgery - In PatientSecond629,000
Prep Reception AreaSurgery - In Patient PrepSecond129,000
Nutrition AreaSurgery - In Patient RecoverySecond229,000
Equipment ParkSurgery - Out PatientSecond129,000
Instrument Storage RoomSurgery - Out PatientSecond129,000
Storage RoomSurgery - Out PatientSecond229,000
Sub SterileSurgery - Out PatientSecond229,000
Nutrition RoomSurgery - Out Patient PrepSecond229,000
Reception AreaSurgery - Out Patient PrepSecond129,000
Equipment ParkSurgery - Out Patient RecoverySecond129,000
Nutrition AreaSurgery - Out Patient RecoverySecond129,000
Storage RoomSurgery - Out Patient RecoverySecond229,000
Reception AreaWomen's ServicesGround129,000
Sub waiting AreaChemotherapy AdultFirst119,500
Sub waiting AreaChemotherapy PaediatricFirst219,500
Triage RoomEmergency AssessmentGround219,500
Scope StoreEndoscopyFirst219,500
Scope WashEndoscopyFirst119,500
Equipment ParkIn PatientThird219,500
Call RoomIntensive CareSecond219,500
Storage RoomOut Patient - AdultGround119,500
Storage RoomOut Patient - PaedsGround119,500
Sample Collection Point (P)PhlebotomyGround819,500
Post Rooms (Follow-ups)Radiation TherapyLower919,500
Product StoreRadiation TherapyLower119,500
Storage RoomRadiologyGround219,500
Scope StoreSurgery - In PatientSecond119,500
Scope WashSurgery - In PatientSecond119,500
Call RoomCall RoomsThird1214,500
Storage RoomChemotherapy AdultFirst19,700
Equipment ParkRadiation TherapyLower19,700
Changing RoomRadiation TherapyLower29,700

Project Dedication Menu for Karachi Diagnostic Centre and Clinic

BuildingFloorDepartmentRoom/AreaUnits AvailableSponsorship Price
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingGround FloorOPD&ASMain Reception1120,500
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingGround FloorPharmacy Main Pharmacy1120,500
Karachi Diagnostic Centre Building1st FloorRadiologyX-ray Room                160,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre Building1st FloorRadiologyUltrasound Room        160,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre Building1st FloorRadiologyMammography Room 160,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingGround FloorPathology Pathology Lab (Hematology Section)160,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingGround FloorPathology Pathology Lab (Biochemistry Section)160,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingGround FloorPathologyPathology Lab (Microscopy Room)160,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingBasementOPD&ASMRI Room160,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingGround FloorOPD&ASWaiting Area160,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingBasementOPD&ASConference Room136,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingGround FloorPharmacy Medicine Preparation Room124,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingGround FloorPathology Lab Records Room124,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingGround FloorPathology Pathology Manager Room124,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingGround FloorOPD&ASElectrical Room112,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre Building1st FloorOPD&ASElectrical Room112,000
Karachi Diagnostic Centre BuildingBasementOPD&ASStore112,000

* Sponsorship prices are based on placement value of the room/area.
* All pledges are supposed to be paid within one year from the date of pledge.

For further information please contact your nearest Regional Office.