Lahore Projects: Sponsorships Available for Dedication

Each year, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC), Lahore records an increase in patient activity in all clinical areas. Creation of additional physical space at SKMCH&RC, Lahore has become imperative to meet our ever-increasing workloads. As a part of this endeavour, planning is currently underway for the construction of a new Clinical Tower at SKMCH&RC, Lahore. This expansion will greatly enhance the Hospital’s capacity to accept and to treat more cancer patients as well as provide greater opportunities for research, training and education of healthcare professionals. The new Clinical Tower will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and will be built according to the latest international healthcare standards. Construction work on the new Clinical Tower, which will greatly augment all our existing clinical and support services, is expected to begin soon and should be completed in two years.

Project Dedication Menu for New Clinical Tower

This new project presents an excellent opportunity for supporters of SKMCH&RC to dedicate rooms in honour or memory of a loved one. Help us cement the bricks by pledging your donation till the completion of the project. For sponsorship/dedication information, contact your nearest Regional Office or email us at

Room/AreaDepartmentFloorUnits Available Sponsorship/Dedication Price Per
Room/Area (in USD)
Main LabPathologySeventh1 719,500
Reception & Waiting AreaChemotherapy BaySecond1 359,500
Reception & Waiting AreaBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 359,500
Reception & Waiting AreaEmergency AssessmentGround1 216,000
MRI Scan RoomRadiologyGround1 216,000
Reception & Waiting AreaNuclear MedicineGround1 216,000
Gamma Camera RoomNuclear MedicineGround4 216,000
Reception & Waiting AreaSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 216,000
Operation Theater RoomSurgical OncologyFirst3 216,000
Reception & Waiting AreaInpatient unitFourth1 216,000
Reception & Waiting AreaInpatient unitFifth1 216,000
Microbiology LabPathologyEighth1 180,000
Virology LabPathologyEighth1 180,000
Signout RoomPathologyEighth1 180,000
Bone Marrow Transplant RoomBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third5 180,000
Ultrasound RoomRadiologyGround5 144,000
Reception & Waiting AreaRadiologyGround1 144,000
Tuberculosis LabPathologyEighth1 108,000
Self Containing Equipment Molecular LabPathologySeventh1 108,000
Fluoroscopy RoomRadiologyGround1 108,000
Mammography RoomRadiologyGround4 108,000
Doctor's LoungeSurgical OncologyFirst1 108,000
Chemotherapy Isolation RoomChemotherapy Bay (Adult)Second2 108,000
Chemotherapy Isolation RoomChemotherapy Bay (Paediatric)Second1 108,000
Endoscopy RoomEndoscopyThird6 108,000
Inpatient RoomInpatient unitFourth21 108,000
Inpatient RoomInpatient unitFifth14 108,000
Inpatient Isolation RoomInpatient unitFourth2 108,000
Inpatient Isolation RoomInpatient unitFifth2 108,000
Cross Match AreaBlood BankSeventh1 86,500
Grossing RoomPathologyEighth1 86,500
Preparation BedSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First7 86,500
Nurse Work AreaSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 86,500
Nurse Work AreaChemotherapy BaySecond1 86,500
Flow Cytometry LabPathologySeventh1 72,000
Tissue Storage RoomPathologyEighth1 72,000
Cytology LabPathologyEighth1 72,000
Reception & Waiting AreaBlood BankEighth1 72,000
Isolation RoomEmergency AssessmentGround2 72,000
Minor Procedure RoomEmergency AssessmentGround1 72,000
Satellite PharmacyEmergency AssessmentGround1 72,000
Examination RoomRadiologyGround2 72,000
Consultant RoomRadiologyGround1 72,000
Exercise Tolerance Test (ETT) RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 72,000
Isolation RoomSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 72,000
Consultant RoomSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 72,000
Consultant RoomSurgical OncologyFirst2 72,000
Central Nursing StationSurgical OncologyFirst1 72,000
Recovery BedSurgical Oncology (Recovery)First12 72,000
Satellite PharmacyChemotherapy BaySecond1 72,000
Examination RoomChemotherapy BaySecond8 72,000
Consultant RoomBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 72,000
Isolation Recovery RoomEndoscopyThird1 72,000
Procedure RoomInpatient unitFourth1 72,000
Procedure RoomInpatient unitFifth1 72,000
Consultant RoomInpatient unitFourth1 72,000
Consultant RoomInpatient unitFifth1 72,000
Accessioning LabPathologyEighth1 57,500
Blood Storage RoomBlood BankSeventh1 57,500
Immunohistochemistry LabPathologyEighth1 57,500
Emergency Assessment BedEmergency AssessmentGround22 57,500
Viewing RoomRadiologyGround1 57,500
Medication Preparation RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 57,500
PET Viewing RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 57,500
Medication Preparation RoomSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 57,500
Medication Preparation RoomSurgical Oncology (Recovery)First1 57,500
Chemotherapy BedChemotherapy Bay (Adult)Second23 57,500
Medication Preparation RoomChemotherapy Bay (Adult)Second4 57,500
Chemotherapy BedChemotherapy Bay (Paediatric)Second22 57,500
Medication Preparation RoomChemotherapy Bay (Paediatric)Second1 57,500
Medication Preparation RoomChemotherapy BaySecond1 57,500
Patient LoungeBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 57,500
Medication Preparation RoomBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 57,500
Preparation Area (Bed)EndoscopyThird6 57,500
Recovery BedEndoscopyThird11 57,500
Medication Preparation RoomEndoscopyThird1 57,500
Nursing StationInpatient unitFourth3 57,500
Nursing StationInpatient unitFifth3 57,500
Medication Preparation RoomInpatient unitFourth2 57,500
Medication Preparation RoomInpatient unitFifth2 57,500
Hot LabNuclear MedicineGround2 50,500
Injection RoomNuclear MedicineGround2 50,500
Manager RoomPathologySeventh2 43,000
Nursing StationEmergency AssessmentGround2 43,000
Nurse Manager RoomEmergency AssessmentGround1 43,000
Post Procedure RoomNuclear MedicineGround2 43,000
Nursing StationNuclear MedicineGround1 43,000
Manager RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 43,000
Nurse Manager RoomSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First2 43,000
Storage RoomSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 43,000
Anesthesia Work AreaSurgical OncologyFirst1 43,000
Nurse Manager RoomSurgical Oncology (Recovery)First1 43,000
Nursing StationChemotherapy Bay (Adult)Second3 43,000
Nursing StationChemotherapy Bay (Paediatric)Second2 43,000
Nurse Manager RoomChemotherapy BaySecond1 43,000
Call Room's LoungeFacility ManagementSixth1 43,000
Nursing StationBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 43,000
Nurse Manager RoomBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 43,000
Nursing StationEndoscopyThird1 43,000
Nurse Manager RoomInpatient unitFourth2 43,000
Nurse Manager RoomInpatient unitFifth2 43,000
Media Preparation RoomPathologyEighth1 36,000
Blood Bank BedBlood BankSeventh8 36,000
Main Lab Support RoomPathologySeventh1 36,000
Record RoomPathologySeventh1 36,000
Main Lab Utility RoomPathologySeventh1 36,000
Lab Support RoomPathologyEighth2 36,000
Histology Lab Support RoomPathologyEighth1 36,000
Post Polymerase Chain Reaction LabPathologySeventh1 36,000
Transcription RoomPathologyEighth1 36,000
Portable X-ray RoomRadiologyGround1 36,000
Preparation AreaNuclear MedicineGround1 36,000
Cytogenetics LabPathologySeventh136,000
History RoomNuclear MedicineGround2 36,000
PET History RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 36,000
PET CT Preparation AreaNuclear MedicineGround3 36,000
Post PET CT Procedure RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 36,000
Sub Waiting AreaNuclear MedicineGround1 36,000
Therapy RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 36,000
PET MRI Preparation AreaNuclear MedicineGround2 36,000
PET MRI History RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 36,000
Induction AreaSurgical OncologyFirst4 36,000
Sub Waiting AreaChemotherapy Bay (Paediatric)Second1 36,000
Sub Waiting AreaChemotherapy Bay (Adult)Second2 36,000
Nurse Work AreaEndoscopyThird1 36,000
Discharge LoungeInpatient unitFourth1 36,000
Discharge LoungeInpatient unitFifth1 36,000
PET Equipment RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 29,000
PET MRI Equipment RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 29,000
Anesthesia Storage RoomSurgical OncologyFirst1 29,000
Histology Archive RoomPathologyEighth1 21,500
Consultant RoomPathologyEighth10 21,500
Cold RoomPathologySeventh1 21,500
Flammable Storage RoomPathologyEighth1 21,500
Nutrition AreaEmergency AssessmentGround2 21,500
Printing RoomRadiologyGround1 21,500
Equipment Storage RoomSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 21,500
Nutrition AreaSurgical Oncology (Preparation)First1 21,500
Storage RoomSurgical Oncology (Recovery)First1 21,500
Nutrition AreaChemotherapy Bay (Adult)Second3 21,500
Nutrition AreaChemotherapy Bay (Paediatric)Second1 21,500
Immunohistochemistry Store RoomPathologyEighth1 14,500
Cytology Store RoomPathologyEighth1 14,500
Flow Cytometry Store RoomPathologySeventh1 14,500
Storage RoomNuclear MedicineGround2 14,500
Support RoomAdministrationSixth1 14,500
Storage RoomBone Marrow (Medical Oncology)Third1 14,500
Scope Store RoomEndoscopyThird1 14,500
Scope Wash AreaEndoscopyThird1 14,500
Call RoomFacility ManagementSixth11 11,000
Founding DonorNew Clinical Tower3,306 5,000

Other Sponsorships & Dedications

BuildingFloorDepartmentRoom/Area Units AvailableSponsorship Price
Per Room/Area
in USD
Hospital BuildingFourthHuman ResourceBoard Room1216,000
Engineering & Maintenance BuildingGroundFacilities ManagementEngineering & Maintenance Building172,000
Hospital Building FirstCentral Sterile SuppliesCentral Sterile Supplies Department150,500
Hospital Building FirstSurgical OncologyConference Room143,000
Administration BlockGroundAdministrationAdministration Block136,000
Hospital Building GroundFacilities ManagementHospital Laundry136,000
Hospital Building GroundMedical RecordsMedical Records Room136,000
Hospital BuildingGroundNuclear Medicine FDG Production Laboratory136,000
Hospital BuildingFirstSurgical OncologyPost Anesthesia Care Unit Bed (PACU)321,500
Hospital Building BasementRadiation OncologySterilization Room121,500
Hospital Building SecondInpatient Unit IIInfection Control Office121,500
Hospital BuildingGroundRadiologyConsultant Office118,000
Hospital Building ThirdDoctor's Lounge218,000

* Sponsorship prices are based on placement value of the room/area.
* All pledges are supposed to be paid within one year from the date of pledge.

No donation is too small. You can donate any amount. A number of expansion projects to increase the capacity are underway at the Hospital. By contributing to these ventures you will enable us to extend state-of-the-art treatment facilities to more cancer patients. For sponsorship/dedication, contact us at

For further information please contact your nearest Regional Office