Management of Intravenous Lines Workshop

This workshop is designed for nurses working in all nursing units at SKMCH&RC. It is aimed to enhance nurses’ knowledge and skills in management peripheral intravenous cannulas and central lines. It is expected to improve intravenous lines management practice in order to achieve safe and quality nursing care in cancer setting.

Specific Objectives:

Management of Peripheral Intravenous (PIV) Lines:

  1. Review the structure of blood vessels of the limbs.
  2. Discuss indications for insertion of a PIV cannula.
  3. Discuss the policy for insertion of a PIV cannula with special consideration for chemotherapy.
  4. Demonstrate insertion of PIV cannula and troubleshooting methods in handling.

Management of Central Intravenous Lines  

  1. Review the anatomy and physiology of central blood vessels.
  2. Discuss different types of vascular access devices and indications for their use.
  3. Demonstrate handling and management of different type of devices; PICC, Broviac line, port- a- cath, and perm-a-cath (dialysis catheter)
  4. Identification and management of complications of central lines.

Training Methods:
In-service workshop given within first year of employment at nursing division of SKMCH&RC and is to be repeated after every 2 years.  The nurses have to complete a competence assessment after successful completion of this workshop. (the workshop can be offered to the external nurses upon institutions request)

Teaching Strategies:
Lectures with discussion and demonstration/ practical skills, return demonstration