Medical Oncology at SKMCH&RC, Lahore

Department of Medical Oncology at SKMCH&RC proudly serves as the backbone of the institution and plays a central role in the diagnosis, coordination of care, treatment and surveillance of adult cancer patients. The Department of Medical Oncology is comprised of consultant medical oncologists, medical officers and fellows, nursing team leaders and administrative staff that work in unison to provide state of the art, comprehensive and compassionate care in accordance with the established international guidelines and standards of care.


Cancer is a complex and multidimensional illness. In accordance with the international norms of best practices, all patients at SKMCH&RC are assessed in a multidisciplinary conference where a team of medical, radiation and surgical oncologists along with pathologists and radiologists work together to prepare a personalized treatment plan for each individual patient. Patients are then treated in accordance with disease-specific internationally-accepted management guidelines.

There is a broad range of cancer types covering all major cancers that are treated at the department including adult leukaemia cases. Rare types of cancers are also accepted for treatment on a case by case basis. The outpatient state of the art Chemotherapy Bay is functional 24/7 and provides a comfortable and safe area to receive outpatient chemotherapy. Bone marrow transplant program which includes both autologous and allogeneic transplant is offered to patients who are deemed appropriate for this treatment. Our transplant programme is supported by state of the art apheresis equipment, HEPA filtered and negative air pressured isolation rooms and excellent laboratory facilities.

At SKMCH&RC, patients are given up-to-date and understandable information about their disease and treatment process. Our patients are guided and supported by our team of psychologists, trained oncology nurses, social workers and nutritionists.

At SKMCH&RC and the Department of Medical Oncology, Patients’ Rights Advocacy is of paramount importance. The Department is supported by Ethics Committee and QPS Department to deal with any complaints that may arise from the patient and its family and represents and acts in their best interests.

At SKMCH&RC, the Department of Medical Oncology fully conforms to the policy of Full Disclosure whereby if any unintentional harm has come about during the care of the patient, the responsible physician and its team conducts an investigation into the matter and shares its findings with the patient and its family.


Training in Medical Oncology has been established within the Department. The fellowship programme in Medical Oncology provides training in all aspects of medical oncology through a structured training programme recognized by the College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan, leading to FCPS in medical Oncology. The Department also supports a training programme in Clinical Oncology leading to FRCR (Clinical Oncology).