Nursing Risk Management/Quality Assurance Workshop

By the end of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Discuss various policies and procedures available at SKMCH&RC, Nursing Division and departments.
  • Understand hospital Quality Management System
  • Discuss role of International Standardization Organization (ISO) in Quality Management
  • Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA)
  • Punjab Health Commission (PHC)
  • Recognize nursing responsibility related to patients ethics, confidentiality, & legality to informed consent.
  • Identify National & international professional bodies to govern the safety and quality standards.
  • Demonstrate understanding of safety concern & codes used at SKMCH&RC.

Education Strategies:
This is an in-service workshop given within first year of employment at Nursing Division of SKMCH&RC. The workshop can be offered to the external nurses upon institutions request.


  1. Policies & Procedures Manuals & their Location:
    • Standard Operating Procedures (Part of ISO quality Manual).
    • Royal Marsden Hospital Manual as a reference guide for clinical nursing procedures.
  2. Over view of Quality Management System (ISO, PHC & JCIA):
    • Quality Documents
    • Audit process
    • Corrective/Preventive Action Report & effectiveness follow up process.
    • Ethics, confidentiality and legal rights of patient/family & others.
    • Safety Concern (personnel & environment).
    • Emergency Codes used at SKMCH&RC:
    • Code Blue (Medical Emergency& Cardiac arrest)
    • Code Red Fire (Fire & disastrous situation)
    • HIS Codes (Amber, Red & Green).
    • Code yellow (Gas & Chemical Spillage)