Pathology Test Panels

Test Name and DescriptionDiscounted Price
General Health Screen
(CBC, HBsAg, Anti HCV, Glucose(F), Creatinine, Uric Acid, LFTs, Lipid Profile, Urine Routine)
Rs. 9,900
Initial Antenatal Screen
(CBC, Blood Group + RH Type, HBsAg, Anti HCV, RPR, Glucose(R), Urine Routine)
Rs. 6,400
Bone Health Screen
(Vitamin D, Corrected Calcium, ALP, Phosphorus, Uric Acid)
Rs. 5,800
Metabolic Screen
(Glucose(F), HbA1c, Uric Acid, Lipid Profile, ALT, AST, Urine Alb/Creatinine)
Rs. 8,200
Haemolysis Screen
(CBC, Retic Count, Dir Coombs, LDH, Bilirubin)
Rs. 3,000
Chronic Hepatitis Screen
(LFTs, HBsAg, Anti HCV)
Rs. 5,500
Pregnancy Induced Hypertension Screen
(CBC, LFTs, Uric Acid, Urine Protein/Creatinine, Urine Routine)
Rs. 5,700
Chronic Kidney Disease Screen
(CBC, Glucose(F), ALP, Phosphorus, Corrected Calcium, Urine Routine)
Rs. 4,600
Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Screen
(Anti HIV, Anti HCV, HBsAg, Chlamydia, Trachomatis and Neisseria Gonorrhoeae detection via GeneXpert CT/NG Assay, RPR with titre)
Rs. 19,000
Nephritic Screen
(RA Factor, ANA, ASO, C-ANCA, P-ANCA, C3, C4, IgA, IgM, IgG)
Rs. 18,900
Thyroid Screening (Free T4, TSH)Rs. 2,950
Thyroid Profile (T3, T4, TSH)Rs. 3,700
TB Screen Panel (Culture, mycobacterial and sensitivity testing, Mycobacterium tuberculosis detection via GeneXpert MTB-Rif Assay, LFTs, CO2 Urea ElectrolytesRs. 13,500
Typhoid Panel (Culture - Blood, CBC + Auto Differential (5 Parts) Includes Hb, LFTs)Rs. 4,500
Basic Health Screen
(Glucose (F), Lipid Profile, Creatinine - Serum)
Rs. 2950
Diabetic Health Profile
(HbA1C, Urinary Microalbumin, Lipid Profile)
Rs. 4900