Peshawar Project Sponsorships available for Dedication

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC) opened in Lahore in 1994 as Pakistan’s first dedicated cancer centre. The fact that 30 percent of patients seen at our hospital in Lahore hailed from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and surrounding areas, and recognising the physical, emotional and financial obstacles they had to overcome in order to access treatment, we opened our second hospital in Peshawar, in 2015. The covered area of the hospital in Peshawar is even larger than that of the hospital in Lahore.

All the main treatment modalities for cancer, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery, are now available at SKMCH&RC, Peshawar. Patients who previously had to undertake the long and exhausting journey to Lahore can now receive cancer treatment under one roof and closer to home. Both of our hospitals in Lahore and Peshawar are accredited by the Joint Commission International, testament to the high standards of quality of care offered at our facilities to all patients, regardless of their ability to pay.

Project Dedication Menu for SKMCH&RC, Peshawar

You can help create a lasting legacy of hope by sponsoring a room or area in your name or in your loved one’s name or by becoming a Founding Donor. Your name or your loved one’s name will be inscribed on a plaque outside the dedicated room (in case of room dedication) or will be etched on a Founding Donor Monument (in case you choose to become a Founding Donor).

SKMCH&RC, Peshawar is an excellent opportunity to dedicate rooms in honour or memory of loved ones. For further details and guidance on how to donate, you may call us on 0800 11 555, email at or visit your nearest Regional Office.

Room/AreaDepartmentFloorNo. of Units AvailableSponsorship/Dedication Price Per Room/Area (in Pak Rs.)
Mosque (Remaining Amount)AdministrationGround1 12,434,000
Gamma Camera RoomNuclear MedicineGround2 35,000,000
Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD)Surgical OncologyBasement1 35,000,000
Operation Theatre RoomSurgical OncologyThird4 25,000,000
PET CT Scan RoomNuclear MedicineBasement1 20,000,000
Linear Accelerator RoomClinical & Radiation OncologyBasement5 20,000,000
Ultrasound RoomRadiologyGround1 15,000,000
MRI RoomRadiologyGround1 15,000,000
CT Scan RoomRadiologyGround1 15,000,000
Ultrasound RoomWomen's Imaging UnitGround2 15,000,000
CT Scan RoomClinical & Radiation OncologyBasement1 15,000,000
CT Simulator RoomClinical & Radiation OncologyBasement1 15,000,000
DXA RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 15,000,000
Waiting AreaEndoscopyFirst1 10,000,000
Waiting AreaChemotherapy BayFirst1 10,000,000
Procedure RoomChemotherapy BayFirst1 10,000,000
Virology LabPathologyFirst1 10,000,000
Molecular LabPathologyFirst1 10,000,000
KitchenFacilities Management DepartmentGround1 10,000,000
Hot Waiting AreaNuclear MedicineGround1 10,000,000
Cold Waiting AreaNuclear MedicineGround1 10,000,000
Waiting AreaWomen's Imaging UnitGround1 10,000,000
Superficial Radiotherapy RoomClinical & Radiation OncologyBasement1 10,000,000
Medical Records RoomMedical RecordsBasement1 10,000,000
Waiting AreaSurgical OncologyThird1 10,000,000
CSSD Storage RoomSurgical OncologyThird1 10,000,000
Biomedical DepartmentBiomedicalBasement1 10,000,000
GymnasiumFacilities Management DepartmentSecond1 10,000,000
LaundryFacilities Management DepartmentBasement1 10,000,000
Physiotherapy RoomInternal MedicineSecond1 10,000,000
Cross Matching AreaBlood BankFirst1 8,000,000
Satellite PharmacyChemotherapy BayFirst1 7,000,000
Fine Needle Aspiration (FNA) RoomPathologyFirst1 7,000,000
Satellite PharmacyEmergency AssessmentGround1 7,000,000
Preparation Bed (Inpatient)Surgical OncologyThird5 7,000,000
Preparation Bed (Outpatient)Surgical OncologyThird3 7,000,000
Recovery Bed (Inpatient)Surgical OncologyThird12 7,000,000
Recovery Bed (Outpatient)Surgical OncologyThird6 7,000,000
Recovery Room (Step Down Recovery)Surgical OncologyThird8 7,000,000
Brachytherapy RoomClinical & Radiation OncologyBasement1 7,000,000
Preparation BedEndoscopyFirst5 6,000,000
Recovery BedEndoscopyFirst5 6,000,000
Examination RoomEndoscopyFirst1 6,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomIntensive Care UnitThird1 6,000,000
Conference RoomIntensive Care UnitThird1 6,000,000
Nourishment RoomInpatient Unit ISecond1 6,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomInpatient Unit ISecond1 6,000,000
Conference RoomInpatient Unit ISecond1 6,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomInpatient Unit IISecond2 6,000,000
Doctor's RoomInpatient Unit IISecond2 6,000,000
Medication Preparation RoomChemotherapy BayFirst1 6,000,000
Doctor's RoomChemotherapy BayFirst2 6,000,000
Prescreening AreaChemotherapy BayFirst3 6,000,000
Waiting AreaBlood BankFirst1 6,000,000
Media Preparation RoomPathologyFirst1 6,000,000
Specimen Receiving RoomPathologyFirst1 6,000,000
Grossing RoomPathologyFirst1 6,000,000
Consultant's RoomPathologyFirst3 6,000,000
Resident Work AreaPathologyFirst1 6,000,000
Consultant's RoomOutpatientGround2 6,000,000
Consultant's RoomEmergency AssessmentGround1 6,000,000
Injection RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 6,000,000
Radio PharmacyNuclear MedicineGround1 6,000,000
History RoomNuclear MedicineGround1 6,000,000
Reporting RoomNuclear MedicineBasement1 6,000,000
History RoomNuclear MedicineBasement1 6,000,000
Consultant's RoomNuclear MedicineBasement1 6,000,000
Post Scan Waiting AreaNuclear MedicineBasement1 6,000,000
Hot LabNuclear MedicineBasement1 6,000,000
Pre-scan Uptake RoomNuclear MedicineBasement4 6,000,000
Reporting RoomRadiologyGround1 6,000,000
MRI Waiting AreaRadiologyGround1 6,000,000
Consultant's RoomRadiologyGround1 6,000,000
Preparation RoomWomen's Imaging UnitGround1 6,000,000
Radiotherapy Planning RoomClinical & Radiation OncologyBasement1 6,000,000
Lead Mold LabClinical & Radiation OncologyBasement1 6,000,000
Radiation Physicist RoomClinical & Radiation OncologyBasement5 6,000,000
Conference RoomClinical & Radiation OncologyBasement2 6,000,000
Director's RoomClinical & Radiation OncologyBasement1 6,000,000
Medication Preparation Room (Step Down Recovery)Surgical OncologyThird1 6,000,000
Waiting Area (Recovery)Surgical OncologyThird1 6,000,000
Dictation RoomInpatient Unit ISecond14,000,000
Nurse Manager RoomChemotherapy BayFirst14,000,000
Transcription RoomPathologyFirst14,000,000
Nurse Manager RoomEmergency AssessmentGround14,000,000
Nurse Manager RoomSurgical OncologyThird14,000,000
Nursing StationEndoscopyFirst13,000,000
Nurse Work AreaIntensive Care UnitThird23,000,000
Doctor's Work AreaIntensive Care UnitThird13,000,000
Nursing StationInpatient Unit ISecond23,000,000
Nursing StationInpatient Unit IISecond23,000,000
Nutrition RoomInpatient Unit IISecond23,000,000
Doctor's Work AreaInpatient Unit IISecond13,000,000
Nursing StationChemotherapy BayFirst13,000,000
Blood Bank BedBlood BankFirst63,000,000
Manager RoomBlood BankFirst13,000,000
Nursing StationPhlebotomyFirst13,000,000
Pathologist OfficePathologyFirst53,000,000
Cold RoomPathologyFirst13,000,000
Autoclave RoomPathologyFirst13,000,000
Manager RoomPathologyFirst13,000,000
Nursing StationOutpatientGround13,000,000
Manager RoomOutpatientGround13,000,000
Billing RoomOutpatientGround13,000,000
Nursing StationEmergency AssessmentGround13,000,000
Scientist RoomNuclear MedicineGround13,000,000
Manager RoomNuclear MedicineGround13,000,000
Manager RoomRadiologyGround13,000,000
Nursing StationWomen's Imaging UnitGround13,000,000
Nursing Station (Preparation)Surgical OncologyThird13,000,000
Nursing Station (Operation Theatres)Surgical OncologyThird23,000,000
Anesthesia Work RoomSurgical OncologyThird13,000,000
Nurse Work Area (Step Down Recovery)Surgical OncologyThird13,000,000
Doctor's Work Area (Step Down Recovery)Surgical OncologyThird13,000,000
Nursing Station (Recovery)Surgical OncologyThird13,000,000
Manager RoomPharmacyGround13,000,000
Reception AreaEndoscopyFirst1 2,000,000
Staff LoungeEndoscopyFirst1 2,000,000
Staff LoungeIntensive Care UnitThird1 2,000,000
Reception AreaIntensive Care UnitThird1 2,000,000
Nurse's LoungeInpatient Unit ISecond1 2,000,000
Doctor's LoungeInpatient Unit ISecond1 2,000,000
Staff's LoungeInpatient Unit IISecond1 2,000,000
Reception AreaChemotherapy BayFirst2 2,000,000
Blood Storage RoomBlood BankFirst1 2,000,000
Record Storage RoomBlood BankFirst1 2,000,000
Reception AreaBlood BankFirst1 2,000,000
Record Storage RoomPhlebotomyFirst1 2,000,000
Tissue Storage RoomPathologyFirst1 2,000,000
Reception AreaPathologyFirst1 2,000,000
Main ReceptionOutpatientGround1 2,000,000
Reception AreaEmergency AssessmentGround1 2,000,000
Reception AreaNuclear MedicineBasement1 2,000,000
Reception AreaWomen's Imaging UnitGround1 2,000,000
Reception AreaClinical & Radiation OncologyBasement1 2,000,000
Telephone Exchange RoomManagement Information System (MIS)Basement1 2,000,000
Reception AreaSurgical OncologyThird1 2,000,000
Physician's LoungeSurgical OncologyThird1 2,000,000
Instrument Storage RoomSurgical OncologyThird2 2,000,000
Reception Area (Recovery)Surgical OncologyThird1 2,000,000
Storage RoomIntensive Care UnitThird1 1,000,000
Storage RoomNuclear MedicineBasement1 1,000,000
Kitchen's StoreFacilities Management DepartmentBasement1 1,000,000
Staff Changing Room (Male)Facilities Management DepartmentBasement1 1,000,000
Storage RoomSurgical OncologyThird1 1,000,000
Founding Donor24 750,000