Basic Pharmacology & Drug Calculation Workshop

This workshop is primarily designed for Nursing Staff working at all nursing units of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. The purpose of the workshop is to enhance nurses’ knowledge of Basic Pharmacology and Drug Calculation for safe drug administration. It is intended to develop an attitude of Nursing Staff which would ensure that medications are not given without an understanding of immediate and late side effects, toxicities and nursing implication in that situation. Furthermore it furnishes nurses to meet the International Standards Organization (ISO) and Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA) Standards for medication safety.


At the end of workshop the nurses will be able to:

  1. Describe basic and legal aspects of drugs administration.
  2. Define commonly used terms and abbreviations in medication.
  3. Discuss safe administration of medication through I/V, S/C, I/M, Oral and topical routes.
  4. Discuss institutional policies for the following as per ISO and JCIA Standards for medication safety.
    • Pain management and narcotics administration.
    • Management of Epidural and Patient Control Analgesia (PCA).
    • Storage and administration of High Alert Medications.

Training Methods:

This is an in-service workshop given within first year of employment at Nursing Division of SKMCH&RC and is to be repeated after every 2 years.  The nurses have to complete a competence assessment after successful completion of this workshop. (the workshop can be offered to the external nurses upon institutions request)


  1. Basics of Pharmacology for Nurses
  2. Basic math and Calculations
  3. Standardized Medication Administration Times
  4. Moderate Conscious Sedation Management
  5. Policy on Narcotic Medication
  6. Antibiotics and their use
  7. Medication Management And Use (MMU)
  8. Policies on Pain Management and pharmacological interventions
  9. Management of Epidural Analgesia
  10. Patient Control Analgesia
  11. Safety policy for administration of  High Alert Medications