Pharmacy at SKMCH&RC, Lahore

The Department of Pharmacy provides integrated, cost-effective pharmaceutical care to both inpatients and outpatients. These patient-focused services include medication delivery, therapeutic drug monitoring, and promotion of optimal drug therapy. Our clinical Pharmacists works as an integral member of health care team to achieve desired therapeutic outcomes, prevent or minimize drug-related problems, and improve medication use.

The department consists of a Dispensing Pharmacy, Aseptic Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Inpatient Pharmacy, Drug Information Services and Satellite Pharmacy. With the objective “To Ensure the Optimization of Pharmaceutical Care to all Patients”, the department ensures excellence in quality through high quality medicinal products, qualified and well-trained staff of Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacy Assistants.

Our Inpatient Pharmacy supplies round the clock medication to the hospital’s inpatients as well as the wards. Pharmacy personnel check the patients’ prescriptions for accuracy and appropriateness of treatment at the point of dispensing as well as before the administration of medications. Upon discharge, patients are counseled on their discharged medications before leaving the hospital. In Outpatient Pharmacy, Prescriptions from both internal and external doctors are accepted here. A wide range of medications including our specialty chemo drugs are available at the Outpatient Pharmacy including controlled medications as well as customized preparations including Total Parental Nutrition to those patients who are not on natural diet. Our Aseptic Pharmacy staffed by personnel trained in chemotherapy drug reconstitution techniques. This ensures patients’ chemotherapy drugs are prepared correctly under sterile area and are safe to use by both the patients and the nurses administering the oncology treatment. Clinical Pharmacy provides round the clock services to inpatient and outpatient which include participation in clinical ward rounds, comprehensive medication review for appropriateness of the prescription, therapeutic drug monitoring, adverse drug reactions reporting, drug utilization review(DUR), medication utilization review(MUE), member antibiotic stewardship program (ASP) and so on. Moreover, they are also involved in the education of patient and health care providers

To advance our mission, the department provides a supportive environment for professional training and development.


Department of Pharmacy takes keen interest in providing training and educational services that can be gauged from the periodical Pharmacy Newsletter and the compiled Hospital Formulary. We have a comprehensive Internship program for fresh pharmacy graduate from various Universities of the country as well as foreign Pharmacists. We are also offering a 1 Year Pharmacy Residency Program.


International Pharmacy Practice Residency Program (IPPRP) – SKMCH&RC, Lahore

The SKMCH & RC is the first and only hospital in Pakistan who offers International Pharmacy Practice Residency Program (IPPRP), accredited by American Society of Health-System Pharmacist (ASHP) and designed to train individual resident pharmacists based on interests and future goals. Residents are trained under the leadership of preceptors and have knowledge, attitude, and skills needed to provide pharmaceutical care to the patients.

Pharmacy Internship Program

Department of pharmacy is providing comprehensive internship program for fresh pharmacy graduates from various Universities of the country as well as foreign Pharmacists.

* For Karachi Diagnostic Centre and Clinic only


Pharmacy is actively involved and participated in all clinical research studies conducted at SKMCH&RC. Pharmacy is responsible to manage the drug storage, preparation, dispensing and drug accountability.

Department of Pharmacy also conducted in-house research including medication errors, drug utilization review; clinical efficacy of new drug added in the formulary and headed patient care related research in collaboration with local universities scholars.

Awards, Certifications & Affiliations

The Department of Pharmacy is ISO 9001-2015 certified and accredited with Joint Commission International. In addition to it Lahore site is also accredited with American society of Health System Pharmacist (ASHP).