Post-RN Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care Nursing

This 1-year Post-RN Diploma in Emergency and Critical Care Nursing is consists of 12 core modules along with 6 supplementary modules. The curriculum of this course fosters critical thinking, decision-making, knowledge-based actions, reflective practice, professional and technical skills.  At completion of diploma the nurses will be able to:

  1. Work professionally as an Emergency & Critical Care Nurse and deliver individualized quality care to the critically ill patient and the family.
  2. Demonstrate responsibility and accountability by using knowledge, skills, expertise and experience within the professional, legal and ethical boundaries in nursing care decision making.
  3. Identify personal, social and environmental factors that affect attitudes towards health and illness.
  4. Apply current nursing developments and techniques in accordance with the Institutional and National Codes of Practice and Policies, and the changing Health Care System.
  5. Develop nursing research skills to utilize research and evidence based findings in Emergency & Critical Care Nursing settings.
  6. Demonstrate reflective skills on knowledge and skills in clinical practice and in situational decision making.


  1. Diploma in General Nursing at least 60 % marks and above.
  2. Must have achieved minimum 50% marks in Matric. Candidates who have completed General Nursing after 1995 will have to be Matriculate with Science Minimum 50% marks in Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics) or equivalent. Intermediate with Science is preferable.
  3. Diploma in General Nursing with minimum 50% and above from a Pakistan Nursing Council recognized institution.
  4. Diploma in Midwifery (Females only) with minimum 50% and above from a Pakistan Nursing Council recognized institution.


  1. Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing (BScN) GPA 2.5 (minimum) from a Pakistan Nursing Council recognized institution
  2. At least 2-years’ experience as a Registered Nurse from any institution or hospital recognized by Pakistan Nursing Council (preferably experience in emergency and critical care unit).
  3. Current registration with Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC).

Why this Course?
In Emergency & Critical Care settings the patients require complex assessment, high-intensity therapies and intervention, and continuous nursing vigilance. Inventions of new technologies and treatment approaches have increased numbers of severely ill patients’ survival with a corresponding need for specialized Emergency & Critical Nursing Care.  This course enables nurses to deal with the issues relating to complexity of patient care in a life threatening situation.


Core Modules:

  1. Foundations of Emergency & Critical Care Nursing
  2. Professional Practice in Emergency & Critical Care Nursing
  3. Special Populations in Emergency & Critical Care Nursing
  4. Leadership & Management in Emergency & Critical Care Nursing
  5. Teaching and Learning in Emergency & Critical Care Nursing
  6. Respiratory System Emergencies & Critical Illness
  7. Cardiovascular System Emergencies & Critical Illness
  8. Hematologic, Lymphatic & Endocrine Emergencies & Critical Illness
  9. Gastro-System Emergencies & Critical Illness
  10. Genito-Urinary System-Emergencies & Critical Illness
  11. Neurological Emergencies & Critical Illness
  12. Integumentary & Musculoskeletal System Emergencies & Critical Illness

Supplementary Modules:

  1. English Language Course
  2. Computer Skills in Nursing
  3. Health Assessment
  4. Research Awareness
  5. Advanced Concepts in Nursing
  6. Developing Emergency & Critical Care Nursing Practice