Shaukat Khanum Pink Tea Party

As a host, invite your friends or colleagues to your Pink Tea Party at your house or any other convenient place and share information about the importance of early detection of breast cancer with the people you care for.

Registration must be done 10 days before the decided date of Pink Tea Party.

Recommended safety measures:
For your own safety and for the safety of others, we would like you to follow these guidelines:

– We encourage you to organize your Pink Tea Party outdoors to avoid overcrowding in confined spaces. However, if you cannot organize a party outdoors we suggest you invite not more than 15 guests.
– Ensure guests do not have any symptoms of infection from coronavirus.
– All guests must wear a face mask during the event.
– Keep a sanitizer at the Party and ensure all guests sanitize their hands on arrival.
– Avoid shaking hands and minimize contact during the Pink Tea Party.
– Maintain a safe distance of two metres from each other throughout the event.

Share your Pink Tea Party moments with us by using #PinkTeaParty

Stay Safe and Think Pink.