SKMCH&RC Clinical Research Fund

The aim of the fund is to provide mini-grants to encourage and support budget requirements for research activities at SKMCH&RC.

4.1 Applying for Funds

Eligibility: Any investigator based and conducting research at SKMCH & RC. The research project must have approval from the SRC and IRB.

Eligible expenses: Research equipment (machines), materials (chemicals, glassware), and services, travel grants for specialist training for research. No salary or stipends are allowed.

Application Process: Investigators need to complete an application outlining their requirements with justification. The application must be accompanied by approval documentation from the SRC and IRB, no more than two pages and with an itemized budget.

Review Process: The clinical research office has primary responsibility for reviewing applications and making recommendations to the Medical Director (or designee, in applications where a conflict of interest exists). Awards will be announced within two weeks of the application deadline.

Award Disbursement: Funds remaining at the end of the project will revert back to the Research Fund to be used for subsequent mini-grant awards. Awards cannot be transferred to any other person or project.

Expectations:  After disbursing the award and once the project starts, the investigator will be required to submit periodic budget expenditure reports. Clinical research office will communicate with investigators to collect these reports, which will be reviewed by the medical director.