Stoma Care and Wound Management Workshop

This workshop is offered by Nursing Division of SKMCH&RC in coordination with Alterna. The workshop is marked to enhance knowledge and skills of Registered Nurses working at SKMCH&RC in handling and management of different types of stomas competently. Nurses working in other Hospitals are also encouraged to participate.


  1. Discuss modern methods of stoma and wound management.
  2. Demonstrate management of different types of stomas.
  3. Recognize stoma management products (appliances) and their use.
  4. Demonstrate management of stoma related and skin complications.

Training Methods:
In-service workshop given within first year of employment at nursing division of SKMCH&RC and is to be repeated biannually.


  1. Modern concepts of wound management.
  2. Process of wound healing.
  3. Classification of modern dressings and specification of their use.
  4. Management of complication of stoma and peri-stomal skin.
  5. Different types of wound management products and method of their applications.
  6. Case presentations.