A Story of Two Boxes, Determined to Make Pakistan Proud

I am a box. I live in a small grocery shop in Lalkurti in Peshawar in Pakistan. I came to this shop in 2013. The shop owner had recently recovered from cancer. His treatment at Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital was free. Whenever he asked who was paying for his treatment, he was told a box was paying for his treatment. He resolved to have the box in his shop.

Initially I was not happy in the shop. A money box has to have money to feel proud. I doubted if I ever would fill up as the people of the area had little money for food and milk. Why would they worry about a cancer hospital? It is for the government to worry about.

They however did care about cancer. They continue to contribute small denominations mainly because they know that each donated penny at Shaukat Khanum Hospital helps to save lives. Therefore, there is never a day when I am penniless.

I have lived happily in this shop since 2013.  Today the shop owner’s son visited the shop. He told his father he has found a friend for me. I was very excited to learn all about this new box—the online donation box for Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital in Karachi.

The shop owner asked his son who can contribute to the online box. The son replied anyone in the world can contribute anything, even a small amount to the box. The shop owner then asked why the son has set up the box. The son replied that there are millions of people in the world, if those millions can contribute even a pound, a dollar, a rupee, the first Cancer Hospital in Karachi would be constructed.

Karachi has a population of millions and cancer patients in thousands. Every day dozens of people die of Cancer. A Cancer hospital is needed in Karachi. A small box like me cannot generate millions, but an online box can generate millions. Unlike me who has to wait for people to visit, people can reach out to my new friend from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. I love how my new friend can travel to so many cities around the world and then share with me all about his adventures—such as the small boy who donated his pocket money, a professor who donated in the loving memory of his mother. Just one share on Facebook, Twitter, or email, and my friend can travel to so many cities within a few minutes!

The shop owner smiled and replied. For us to construct Cancer Hospital in Karachi, needed is my box and your box and very importantly are needed people to contribute. My box is never empty for no one ever thinks of the smallness of the denomination, what they think is the greatness of the aim to which they are contributing.

They are saving lives. They are giving hope to a mother whose son is dying of cancer. They are fulfilling a dream of a child whose father is dying of cancer.  People will contribute to your box if they believe the same and they should believe the same.

They are educated people, unlike us. They are people with money unlike us. Like us they know cancer kills and a life of regret also kills. If the Cancer Hospital in Karachi is not constructed, will anyone among us ever forgive ourselves?

So contribute anything to online box or a box like me near you. Let us be part of a miraculous milestone! Let us make Pakistan proud again!

Keep donating and sharing my story!

You can donate online for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre or create your own Fundraising page by following this link: https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/imrankhan-cancerappeal/donation-box