Surgical Oncology at SKMCH&RC, Lahore

The Department of Surgical Oncology at SKMCH&RC, Lahore offers comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management services to both adult and paediatric cancer patients at the Hospital. Our surgeons work in close collaboration with medical and radiation oncologists to ensure that a multidisciplinary approach is followed for each patient at the Hospital. Pain management specialists, dieticians and psychologists are also available at the Hospital round the clock to provide multidimensional care to our patients.


The Department offers a range of specialities. Our surgeons are able to provide extensive surgical care in areas of adult and paediatric gastrointestinology, including hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgical oncology. Breast, thoracic, endocrinology, neurology, maxillofacial, orthopaedics, gynaecology and uro-oncology services are also available.

Gastrointestinal Surgery
The speciality of Gastrointestinal Surgery offered at SKMCH&RC, Lahore has established itself nationally and regionally as a renowned area for minimally invasive, otherwise known as laparoscopic or keyhole surgery. Our surgeons are the pioneers of minimally invasive cancer surgery in Pakistan. This speciality currently offers minimally invasive oesophageal and gastric resections, rectal resections and colectomies. We have a fully established, dedicated hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery service. Liver resections, Whipple procedures, distal pancreatic resections, gall bladder and bile duct surgeries are also performed routinely.

Head and Neck Surgery
The speciality of Head and Neck Surgery provides extensive treatment in all areas including the resection of all head and neck cancers as well as free tissue transfer reconstructive procedures. Recent addition of laser has enhanced the skin and mucosal resections. We will be starting implant-retained prosthesis for the patients with surgical loss of dentition.

Breast and Oncoplastic Surgery
Under the umbrella of Breast and Oncoplastic Surgery, we perform more than 120 surgical procedures a month. Our surgeons adeptly perform sentinel lymph node biopsies, wire-localised and sono-marked lumpectomies, oncoplastic surgeries, breast reconstruction (implants as well as flaps) in addition to all conventional surgical procedures.

Gynae-oncological Surgery
The speciality of Gynae-oncological Surgery offers all conventional oncological procedures. In addition, minimally invasive fertility preserving surgeries and hysterectomies are also performed. Complex resections requiring the removal of rectum and bladder along with uterus are also offered to our patients.

Uro-oncology Surgery
The speciality of Uro-oncology Surgery conducts procedures for benign and malignant conditions of the kidney, bladder and prostate. Our surgeons perform endoscopic removal of bladder and prostate tumours as well as stones. Partial and radical nephrectomy and cystectomy is done with open and laparoscopic approach.

The speciality of Orthopaedics provides extensive surgical services for the removal of musculoskeletal tumours and soft tissue sarcomas. Current concepts of limb salvage with free tissue transfer and alloplastic prosthesis is offered to all indicated patients. All the major trauma and pathological fractures are managed on site with great standard of care.

The speciality of Neurosurgery offers surgery for primary and secondary intracranial tumours to adults as well as paediatric patients. With the induction of spinal surgeon, we will be offering all the spinal procedures very soon.

Paediatric Surgery
We have a full time paediatric Senior Instructor and two visiting consultants who cover almost all malignancies in paediatric patients while conducting Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings with our paediatric oncologists.


The Department of Surgical Oncology is the first programme in Pakistan to be accredited by the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Pakistan (CPSP) for subspecialty training in surgical oncology. The training opportunities at SKMCH&RC include:

  1. Four-Year Residency Programme in General Surgery (Accredited by CPSP)
  2. Four-Year Residency Programme in Maxillofacial Surgery (Accredited by CPSP)
  3. Two-Year Fellowship Programme in Surgical Oncology (Accredited by CPSP)
  4. Two-Year Fellowship Programme in Breast Surgery (Accredited by CPSP)
  5. Two-Year Fellowship Programme in Musculo Oncology (Hospital-wide fellowship programme)
  6. Two-Year Fellowship Programme in Uro-oncology (Hospital-wide fellowship programme)
  7. One-year Fellowship Programme in Head & Neck Surgery (Hospital-wide fellowship programme)

Our training programmes feature a strong academic focus with monthly journal clubs and evidence-based sessions. In addition, monthly morbidity and mortality meetings are conducted. Teaching sessions are conducted thrice a week. Our trainees are evaluated every 6 months to discuss their training needs. The fellows work in close collaboration with residents and a supervision-based training model is followed.