Education and Training Programmes at SKMCH&RC, Lahore

Diploma in Perioperative Nursing

The curriculum for Diploma in Perioperative Nursing inculcates in nurses unique knowledge, skills and attitude in order to provide competent and compassionate care to patients and their families and to promote excellence in Perioperative Nursing.

Diploma in Critical Care Nursing

The Diploma in Critical Care Nursing equips nurses with the necessary knowledge to deal with the issues relating to complexity of patient care in life-threatening situations. After this course, nurses should be able to demonstrate responsibility and accountability by using their knowledge, skills and experience within the professional, legal and ethical boundaries in nursing care decision making.

Diploma in Respiratory Therapy

The Post Graduate Diploma in Respiratory Therapy includes didactic teaching and practical on-the-job training. A respiratory therapist is a trained professional who is an integral part of the Intensive Care Unit team and operates and maintains patients on mechanical ventilation.

Diploma in Oncology Nursing

The Diploma in Oncology/Cancer Nursing is a two-year part time modular programme. The course is accredited by Pakistan Nursing Council and affiliated with the Postgraduate College of Nursing of the Punjab, Lahore. It consists of 14 core modules and each module may be taken as a stand-alone module.

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology

The Department of Pathology at SKMCH&RC offers a one-year Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology. The trainees are provided with extensive exposure to all aspects of clinical pathology including molecular pathology.

Overseas Fellowship for Senior Instructors

The Overseas Fellowship for Senior Instructors is a programme designed to allow physicians to increase their knowledge and skills of a particular subspecialty. Through observation, mentorship, and study of the work of senior faculty, physicians will acquire knowledge, experience, and skills to be able to take independent clinical decisions in a skilled and effective manner.

Bachelor of Science in Cancer Nursing

The Bachelor of Science in Cancer Nursing is a step towards providing specialised education to nurses in order to enhance their knowledge and competence while providing quality care to cancer patients and their families. This educational programme is intended to facilitate professional growth of oncology nurses.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

In Pakistan, national nursing education system is shifting from diploma to degree education and therefore, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a programme designed to enhance capacity and facilitate professional growth of nursing staff.

Master of Science in Nursing

The Master of Science in Nursing is offered to the nurses who have completed Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Cancer Nursing and wish to work at leadership level. After completing this degree, nurses can expect further growth in their careers and join as clinical nurse managers.