Sponsor-a-Cancer Patient Programme

Every day, hundreds of cancer patients walk through the doors of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre with hope in their hearts. Hope that they, too, can live to see their dreams come true one day.






Our Sponsor-a-Cancer Patient Programme allows you to assume direct responsibility for the treatment of one or more named cancer patients. This is the treatment that most of our cancer patients could not otherwise afford.

As a potential sponsor, you’ll receive patient profiles and anticipated treatment costs for each case. Your contribution can be made upfront as a lump sum or spread across monthly instalments spanning up to 2 years.

The information provided will help you in selecting a patient for sponsorship.

  • You will receive regular medical updates on the patient you sponsor for the entire treatment period.
  • You will also be able to celebrate milestones in the treatment of patient you choose to support.
  • You can visit them in the hospital after a surgical procedure or write to them.
  • Sending them a birthday card is also an option if you wish to do so.

So please join us as we accompany our patients in their journey of hope and recovery, and help to make their dreams come true.

► Diagnostics: Rs. 250,000
► Chemotherapy: Rs. 500,000
► Surgery: Rs. 350,000
► Radiation: Rs. 300,000
► Total Cost: Rs. 1,400,000

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For home collection, call now at 0800 11 555 or WhatsApp your address to 03000 666 363.

For more details, write to us at fundraising@skm.org.pk