Appeal by Chairman

IK2In December 2016, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre (SKMCH&RC), Lahore completed twenty-two years of service to poor cancer patients of the region. The total amount spent on philanthropically supported patient care has now crossed Rs. 27 billion (US$ 319 million) and indeed, this would not have been made possible without your unconditional support.

The importance of SKMCH&RC lies not only in the fact that it is the first specialised cancer centre for the treatment of cancer in Pakistan, but in the hope that it symbolises and in the amazing story of its creation. The Hospital was built as a result of willpower and conviction and continues to be funded by well-wishers who believe in the value of life and in helping those in need. You will be pleased to know that the year 2016 was an eventful year for the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust. SKMCH&RC in Peshawar successfully completed the first year of its operations and services at the Hospital continue to be scaled-up. In 2016, the Trust once again received the prestigious Corporate Excellence Certification of the Management Association of Pakistan (MAP).

Any quality service faces the potential of shortage of capacity, especially when the service being provided is free for the majority of its recipients. This is the reason why the creation of additional physical space has become imperative to meet our increasing workload at the facility in Lahore. Therefore, we are embarking on the largest expansion project the Hospital in Lahore has witnessed since its inception, namely, the new Clinical Tower. This expansion will help to augment all our existing clinical and support services and enable us to treat more cancer patients.

At the same time, thousands of poor cancer patients continue to suffer in Sind and adjoining areas as they cannot afford to make repeated trips to SKMCH&RC in Lahore or Peshawar. The construction of SKMCH&RC in Karachi will thus be of immense importance for such poor cancer patients, who will be able to access comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic cancer facilities under one roof. Recognizing the credibility of the Trust, the DHA City in Karachi has provided 20 acres of prime land to the Trust at highly advantageous rates, for the construction of the new Hospital. It gives me immense pleasure to announce that the groundbreaking of Pakistan’s third Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre in Karachi has already taken place on December 29, 2016 and construction of the project will commence in the next several months.

SKMCH&RC is coming to Karachi, the philanthropic heart of the country, and it is because of my absolute belief in the generosity of the people of Karachi, Sind and Pakistan that I know they will open their hearts once again to help us complete this project. For the year 2017, we need Rs. 10 billion to support our two existing state-of-the-art cancer centres and to commence the construction of the Hospital in Karachi and the Clinical Tower in Lahore. As in the past, we expect about half of this to be met by your generous donations and Zakat. Please continue to help me, as you have always done, and give generously, to bring about a new dawn of hope for people suffering from cancer in Karachi, in Sindh and Balochistan, and in all of Pakistan.

With warmest regards,

Imran Khan
Chairman, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust