Breast Cancer Awareness 2020 – Pakistan



BCA BannerBreast Cancer is the most common cancer in women, worldwide. Pakistan has one of the highest incidences of breast cancer in Asia. You can detect breast cancer in time and start appropriate treatment.

- Women under the age of 40 should carry out monthly self-examination.
- Women over the age of 40 should get yearly mammography screening.

Prevention may not be in your hands, early detection is.

What is Breast Cancer?
What are the signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer?
Who is at risk?
Breast Self-Examination
When should I be breast aware?
How often should I check myself?
How should I carry out Breast Self-Examination?
- Breast Cancers is the most common cancer among women worldwide.
- 1 in every 8 women is diagnosed with breast cancer.
- Breast cancer is the top malignancy seen at Shaukat Khanum Hospital.
- The exact cause of breast cancer is not known with certainty.

Breast Cancer Awareness Leaflet (Urdu Version)
Breast Cancer Awareness Leaflet (English Version)
Think Pink

THINK PINK, ACT PINK: This October, we encourage our well-wishers and supporters to participate in any of the following activities to help us expand the reach of the life-saving message that is breast cancer awareness.
Organise a Shaukat Khanum Pink Tea Party
Share your photos using #PinkTeaParty
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Shaukat Khanum Pink Walkathon
Organize Pink Walkathon with your friends and family.
Share your photos using #PinkWalkathon
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Participate in Pink Cooking and Baking Online Competition
Cook or bake any food of your choice in pink color.
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#IPledgeToCheck Selfie
Take a Pink Selfie while making a pledge. Share your photos using #IPledgeToCheck

You can help our breast cancer patients defeat cancer by taking up complete or partial sponsorship of their life-saving treatment. According to the Shaukat Khanum Cancer Registry, breast cancer remains the most prevalent malignancy amongst all age and gender groups. Therefore, the Hospital depends on your generous support now more than ever in order to continue providing state-of-the-art breast cancer treatment facilities to as many women as possible.

sponsorship programme
Support a Breast Cancer Patient

How to Donate

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